Re: Jango Fett: Ladies Man?

Haha, some of these posts are very interesting.  I think Jango and Zam would have been a cute couple.  In the comics they always seemed to have some chemistry and they almost seemed to flirt.  I think that neither one wanted to make the first move though. 

As for what Jango would get a girl as a gift.... Hmm, he seems like someone to buy either really expensive jewelry or nothing at all.  I do like the idea of the free assination, that would be to funny.  Perhaps he would bring you your ex boyfriend's head? 

Personally I agree with MossNoth that he could just look at a girl and nod.  You'd be crazy not to follow him.

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Re: Jango Fett: Ladies Man?

Something expensive... Wonder... AW! And Jango was cute for Zam. Always has been... I hate They both died. Well... I can just imagine him getting Zam flowers of some kind...

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