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Topic: Favorite WWE diva?

Hey, Its me, GLOPINO wanting to know, Who is your favorite WWE Diva?

                 My favorite is Kelly Kelly.

               THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Favorite WWE diva?

Torrie Wilson,hands down. tongue

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Re: Favorite WWE diva?

Theyre both hot.

Re: Favorite WWE diva?

I don't give much for WWE.  All staged.  I don't say fake because I know a guy who used to do it and you have to be trained how to do that stuff.  But as I've said many times before I much prefer UFC.

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Re: Favorite WWE diva?

finally a thread that appeals to my sophisticated interests tongue
...yeah tori is smoldering- that girl that used to roll w/ the hardy boys was "verrry nice"(borat voice) as well.

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