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This RPG may seem a little soft for certain people, and I'm not soft or hard.......anyway, it's about you making an animal and playing along in the RPG with it. I just thought it would be a good idea for an RPG, and sort of, a challenge.......sound simple? Class!

Let's begin.....

Name: Moth
Power: 0
Weapon: none
Abilities: Pollinating and flying.
Colour: White, with a tint of Grey.

The Moth flew from one flower to another. It flapped it's small wings quickly and landed on a flower. It sucked the pollen from it with caution. There could be many things in the flower that could swallow the moth whole. The moth shivered. It sucked out the remaining pollen and moved on the the next 30 flowers nearby...........

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Name:Tony(don't ask why)
Age:3 months
Weapon:strong teeth
Colour:Green and Black

Tony went into big park.There was thousands of flowers.Tony is really,really hungry.Tony saw Moth and tries to catch him.

How's that? This is my first time. :I

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Name: adult Mayfly
Age: None of your BEESness.
Power: who cares
Weapons: None

The adult mayfly was flying around.  After an hour of flying around and living life to its fullest by eating a pile of dog crap the fly died.  Because Mayflies only have a 30 minute to 1 day lifespan.  End of story.

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The Moth flew then into the park the next day, and saw a large dog. The Moth looked curiously at it and flew round and round. Tormenting the dog. THIS IS FUN! The Moth thought.

Then it stopped and saw another flower to pollinate.......

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Is this....real?

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Yes. It is in the real world, if that's what you meant.

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arnt moth's nocturnal creatures? :S

this RPG is a bit....strange to see the least
enjoy (Y)

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If you didn't like it, why did you post? neutral big_smile

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He wanted to post...

Let's get back in topic.

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The Moth continued to sleep under a large sunflower. It was tired. It woke up, a few minutes later and started stretching it's small wings, then pollinating the other 70 flowers in the park.

It was very hungry, so maybe some nectar would be good.

He didn't understand this, but kept it in mind.


The Moth sucked out the nectar from the flower.

It saw the large, colourful alive object prancing about the garden's, with it's tall owner.

The Moth sighed. He was lonely. He needed a friend to cheer him up. Unfortunately , he couldn't speak so he resumed in his daily life, sucking the nectar out of flowers and flying.

He woke up. It was midnight!

He got up and stretched his small wings with ease.

he got up and sang his Mothing Call to his mate, which was out there somewhere.

He sang for a long time, and one came.

The Moth shed a single tear, which dropped onto the grass.

It was sad..........

It sang all night, but still no one came. He sang, and sang for about 10 hours. But still, no one. Came............

The Moth cried and went back into his little flower bud and slept for a day and a half.

It got up and did the daily basis...........

It played with the furry object, and enjoyed spending time with it. It was very warm and furry. The Moth liked that. It snuggled deep down into the furry object's furry hide and yawned...........

He was happy. He had, at LEAST a friend to play with forever.............................

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