Topic: Boba Fett: Your Own Movie

Ok, if you had a chance to direct a movie about one of the GREATEST charecters the world has ever known, tell us the part of Boba's life you'd make a movie about, describe what would be in it, who the actors would be for what roll, and what the title would be. big_smile

Mine would be the simple.................

Boba Fett

because YOU ALL KNOW...............when you name something after an oldschool superhero or a comeback has to have a simple name............for example when I saw the words "TRANSFORMERS" I just knew it was going to be COOL! big_smile

Ill give more info on my movie later. Now tell me abnout yours.


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Re: Boba Fett: Your Own Movie

TW, we have several of these threads already:

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When you've written, shot and/or premiered your project, feel free to start a thread of its own, like some of the Fett fan films have here. For example:

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