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Well guys this isn't a Star Wars story, it's actually from a game that I've started to do a novelisation of. See what you think. It is survival horror.

Cujo - I decided the story was good, even if the game is boring tongue

Haunting Ground

The Beginning…

Darkness and shadow fell in velvet folds across the dark stone room. Debilitas preferred the sunlight, but he was not scared of the darkness. In the darkness he could spend time away from his duties and Debilitas liked that.

Although Debilitas was large and strong, his mind was like that of a child. He understood that he was a servant of Belli Castle and who his masters were. However there were concepts that simply surpassed his understanding.

Debilitas found many simple things fascinating. He enjoyed the way the hedge branches cut so easily and the way he could stomp on them. He also enjoyed that fact that he could slice through a chunk of meat with his cleaver in one smooth motion.

He smiled, his crooked abnormal teeth glinting as he lifted the cleaver and sliced a thick steak from the meat on the table. He cast it aside with a nudge of the blade and the steak plunged into a pail of oil.

It was then that Debilitas remembered he was to feed the dog. But the dog had run away. As Debilitas started for the exit, he paused. In the corner was the newest edition to the castle’s inhabitants, asleep and locked in a cage. She was small and beautiful. Debilitas walked forward and outstretched a hand, wanting to touch the fascinating creature.

She moved slightly and he hesitated. Debilitas then remembered that he was to find the dog. He’d come back to the cage later.


The first thing Fiona Belli felt was the cold that was seeping into her body. She pulled the cover over herself tightly. The flash of memory struck her mind and she woke up with a start. Gasping in fear, Fiona looked around and was touched by panic. Where was she?

Her brow furrowed as she realized she was in a cage and she was naked. There was only a small white satin sheet pooled around her body, which she quickly covered herself with. Thankfully nobody was around to see.

Now modestly covered Fiona touched the bars of the small cage. It was so small that she couldn’t even stand. She reached for the door and found a nice surprise. The lock hanging from the latch was open. Fiona grasped the base of the lock and removed it from the door.

Next Fiona went for the lever that held the door shut, lifted it and pushed the bolt aside. Cautiously she made her way out of the cage.

It was the first time that Fiona actually looked around the room outside of the cage. It was dark, dank and was covered with random blood splatter and chunks of meat hanging from hooks. Fiona’s jaw clenched. She had to get out of here. Clearly the place wasn’t safe.

Fiona walked warily towards the stone staircase when the silence was broken by a dripping sound. She turned and saw that it was coming from the battered looking table in the centre of the room. A chunk of meat sat upon the table and from it ran a weak stream of blood which dripped from the table’s edge.

Suddenly there was a flurry of movement. A white blur of fur hurried by her and Fiona was able to make out that the animal was a dog. It was gone before she could react to its growling departure.

On the floor something glinted. Fiona bent down to pick up a dog collar. On it was a small metal plate with the name “Hewie” engraved into it.

“Hewie,” Fiona said quietly. Before placing the collar back on the ground.

She decided to follow the dog up the stairway. The exit led to a garden, but it was one of the creepiest gardens Fiona had ever been in. A sense of malice seemed to hang in the air, making the fine hairs on the back of Fiona’s neck stand on end.

Fiona pulled the small satin sheet tightly against her body as a slight breeze touched her skin. She tied a knot at the top of the sheet to hold it in place. Allowing her the freedom to use her hands if need be.

There was no sign of the dog, but at least she was out of that horrid room. Fiona walked slowly along the worn grass pathway, feeling more on edge then she’d ever felt in her life. Twisted dark plants lined the edge of the pathway. However they weren’t large enough to overhang the path.

A high stone wall surrounded the garden and Fiona realised that she would not be able to climb over it if she tried. As she reached the corner of the wall, she looked at a large gnarled tree. It was surrounded by a stone stage that encircled it.

Fiona backed away and turned around. Ornate stone steps led up into what appeared to be a castle. Fiona blinked. This couldn’t be happening. It had to be a dream. How on earth had she gotten here?

She shook her head. The memory didn’t want to come to her right now.

Fiona looked to her left and saw that the garden continued on. However she was cold and the possibility of finding clothes in the castle was more probable than outside. She placed a bare foot on the stone step and felt the cold shoot through her body. Goosebumps formed on her pale skin. Fiona increased her pace hoping the exercise would help rid her of the chill.

At the top of the stairs she found another staircase leading higher up. She saw a large window to her left and started towards it. Pressing her hands to the glass, Fiona tried to look inside but it was too dark.

It was the first time that Fiona was able to look at her reflection. Her heart-shaped face looked back at her with fearful sky-blue eyes. Her fair blonde hair was stilled pulled back into a neat ponytail.

Leaving the first window, she wandered around the side to find another dark window, but no door. Fiona realised that if she wanted to get inside that she would have to go up the next flight of stairs.

Once at the top of the stairs, she smiled slightly, there was a door. Fiona glanced around as she approached the door. There was nothing but silence, yet she felt anything but safe.

As her fingers touched the cold door knob Fiona wondered what would happen if the door was locked. Thankfully the door knob turned freely in her grasp. Fiona pushed the door open slowly and peered inside.

Warmth wafted from the room and Fiona was immediately drawn inside by it. The room was furnished with items from another age. Yet like the rest of place it was dark as though it held some terrible secret.

There were portraits on the walls, all painted in murky colours. Fiona noticed a bed on a higher level of the room. It seemed she was in a bedroom. Surely there would be some clothing here. As Fiona approached the bed, the door beside it opened.

A tall willowy woman entered the room. Her face a thing of beauty, yet it held no emotion. Fiona blinked and noticed that the woman was sporting a rather bizarre hair style and her clothes seemed to be from another era. She didn’t seem quite real.

Daniella stared at Fiona. What the master wanted with her, she did not care. Nevertheless she would do her duty.

Fiona watched as the willowy woman passed her and walked to a chest. She removed some clothing and placed it on the bed.
“The clothes are for you. I’ll leave you to get dressed.” Daniella stated blandly.

Fiona blinked, “Please, don’t go.”

Daniella paused to look past Fiona to the powerful portrait on the wall behind her. “Yes Master. I will.”

Fiona’s mouth dropped open slightly at the strange behaviour. Daniella turned and left the room as silently as she had entered it.

She acted as though I wasn’t even here, Fiona thought to herself. Somewhat confused and dazed, Fiona walked to the bed to examine the clothing left for her. It was like nothing she’d seen before. The top was white with decorative lace at the edges and an elegant pattern across the neckline. The cuffs and shoulders were also decorated with the pattern.

There was a skirt, no a kilt, that had a lace edging that seem too fragile to be worn. Yet it was the only clothing left for her and Fiona preferred something a little more practical than her satin sheet.

Since she was alone, Fiona let the sheet drop to her feet in a smooth flowing motion. She then donned the unique outfit. She was a little disappointed as there was no bra and only the flimsiest pair of under pants. The outfit linked together and seemed to be almost one garment.

As Fiona finished slipping on the knee-high stockings and proceeded to step into the equally high boots she had a feeling of being watched. Looking around, Fiona saw no one. Yet she almost felt as though the portrait on the wall was watching her. It was the one the willowy woman had spoken to. Fiona stared at it for a moment then decided that it was only a trick of the light.

The last touch to her new outfit was the delicate choker with a narrow pendant. Fiona adjusted it into place and decided to see what lay behind the door beside the bed.

The faint creak of the door made Fiona cringe slightly. She walked out into area that held two different directions to go. On the right was a staircase leading down, while on the left was a passage way.

Fiona decided to avoid the stairs, knowing the last lot that had led downward had been to the area where she’s woken up in the cage. So Fiona turned left and walked to the corridor end. Once again there was a door to open. This time it opened onto a balcony. Stone columns stood proudly along the way. As Fiona walked she admired them. Then her heart pounded and her chest tightened.

There was blood on one of the pillars, lots of blood. Fiona bit her lip and wanted to run. Yet she felt giddy with fear and revulsion. Increasing her pace, Fiona quickly passed the blood smear and walked into a better lit area.

There was another doorway leading back inside. Fiona tried the door knob in a fluster. But it was locked. Quickly she made her way along the balcony, determined to avoid the blood pool.

She found another door, this one thankfully was unlocked. Fiona stepped inside and let out a sigh of relief. The room was empty and looked more normal. It was clearly a large study, even perhaps a library. A large book sat open on its own podium and Fiona walked over to examine it.

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...

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The game name is Haunting Ground, here's a link:

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...