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Re: Ipods anybody?

I've got an iPod mini, pink of course.  And my brother has had two of the regular iPods.

I really want to get one with video capability, so I can actually watch the shows that I download from iTMS.....

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Re: Ipods anybody?

My Re-Clyed -Yuppie -Son saw me mowning the Lawn and saw my Tape=Recorder getting around
my throat,,so for Mum's day he gave me this Ipod ,half the size of my Thumb,,Meltinic Blue
I have 50 CD's of David Bowie in it already,,I just love it I call him ..Thorn.. as for the tape-Player
it's GONE I just love my TINY little Ipod

Re: Ipods anybody?

Ipod Shuffle I presume.

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Re: Ipods anybody?

I got a shuffle for christmas.  I'm planning on getting a Video though.

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Re: Ipods anybody?

I would love to have an I-Pod but I cannot afford it at the moment. I will defiantly get one at some point though smile

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Re: Ipods anybody?

I was one of the first to run out and get a first gen iPod back in the day lol.  Loved it then, loved it now. (Key word loved.)  I quit using my iPod after the screen got all scratched.  Now I use my phone or my Zune. (Which I hate, but better then my phone.) 

Btw: Sorry for being gone so long.  Get caught up in work and my free time is far and few between!

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