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From the red carpet at the MT&R (Museum of Television & Radio) event on 3/3/07.

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Q: Will we see Boba Fett?
A: Umm.. (Looks up and left.) That is possible. (Eye contact.) ...But he's still a little kid. Remember that. (Smile.)

Re: Video: Lucas Asked about Fett in TV Series

So.......... We'll see some little kid pretending to be all growned up and doing growned up things that little kids would never really do? And of course it'll play to the kids so Boba will have to have a handful of friends and in the end his friends are what's most important, because as the little bounty hunter who happens to be bounty hunting in a totally kid-happy enviroment (meaning no blood, no real gore, and they put little happy bunnies over the blaster wounds, either that or Boba has a blaster permenantly set for stun) goes along on his happy little way he'll find out that friends are what makes his day better or something? And of course there'll be a thing where the adults don't take him seriously and despite that he overcomes it and becomes more than what they thought he was worth or something? pfft, I hate this already. Always have.

Or if, since GL is in his 60s now, "little kid" means 17 or so (almost 20 maybe, since DL's almost 20), it'll be what, just showing Boba on his many hunts, then he'll find Han and will be forever after him with Han always outsmarting him at the last moment and Boba whirling away on an explosion cursing Han out or something? And of course we have to give Han a GF, and maybe Boba too. So that they can have dramatic scenes of angst/love/whatever. Maybe we can have one of the GFs start liking the other guy. Just to mix things up. Hate this idea too.

Either that or GL's getting funnier. He did recently do that ESB=awful joke. So if this was a joke, it's not really funny.

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