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Topic: SCUBA diving?

Me and ARC are going to learn to Scuba dive over the summer!!!
Does anyone else here like SCUBA diving?
SCUBA = Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Its going to cost around $$550$$ per person!  That will get us certified and everything.

Fun stuff!


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Re: SCUBA diving?

I'm thinking about doing that this summer also. We did go out to a reef in Key Largo last year, but I buddy-breathed. That's the closest thing I've done to Scuba diving. It was still fun though. big_smile

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Re: SCUBA diving?

I'm a scuba diver, i've got my certification, and I tell you, it's the awsomest thing to do ever.  I'm proabably gonna do it in Florida this summer.  My main purpose?  To get up close to sharks.  Some call it crazy, but hey, its me.


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