Topic: Steampunk Starwars Rpg

What if we did an Rpg that followed the story arch of star wars, but one one planet in a future-Victorian stage?
Instead of x-wings there would be fancy airships, steam-powered clockwork robots instead of droids, and countries instead of planets? This would be another world, so the different species would still exist, but they are all native. And think of it, Boba fett with a loud steam-powered jet pack (a prototype)! The death star(s) would be giant zeppelins with Tesla Coil doomsday weapons. The force would still be pretty much the same, however. A low-tech star wars. Just feels good.

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Re: Steampunk Starwars Rpg

Though I like Victorian steam-punk quite a bit, this would not really be different than regular Star Wars. I like the idea a lot, though.

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