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Topic: What form of law is practiced?

If their are bounty hunters then there must be some form of legal system right? Any thoughts or opinions on what penal codes their might be in the Star Wars universe, and what form do you think they would be in?
Exe. English common law or the Napoleonic code, innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent?

Also would it vary by planet, species, and religion? On the other hand were their rules laid down by the republic/Empire and then again by the New Republic?

Re: What form of law is practiced?

I have a partial answer to your question. During Imperial times, Martial Law. They put troops on every planet they could and foced them to do whatever they wanted. Other than what the Empire said, I'm pretty sure it was every planet for themselves. Tatooine had barely any laws I'm guessing since you could kill people whenever u wanted and nobody would bat an eye.

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Re: What form of law is practiced?

I believe that in the time of the Republic ( episodes 1,2,3 ) that bounties posted by any republic authority were legal. That's all I think so far.

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