Topic: friends of the trade enemys of the jedi- Chapter 3

ok part three,

                                   Chapter 3

Saf spun around quick and watched, registering every movement of the small starfighter, as it landed over the hill in the village Boba and jango had been in the day before. It's small engines blazed against the pink and yellow morning sky. "There'll be more of those" She mummbled, gritting her teeth. "What?" Boba asked jumping to her side, he two had been studing the small star fighter, but couldn't quite recognize it from there distance. "Small jedi star fighter, no hyperdrive, that means there's a capital ship up there somewhere, R3 droid..."
She paused, "guns instead of navigation... these jedi mean buisness" Boba frowned, she must have had better vision than him, and she knew her mechanics, how interesting that someone considerably young knew so much. "think we'd better hide, unless you think they'll help you. Chances are thats not gonna happen, beleive me...I know alot about jedi"
"How many you think they are?"Asked Boba, he didn't want confrontations, his father didn't like jedi, so he didn't either. "Force says twenty of so" Saf replied biting her lip. "thats a-alot, especially for jedi" Boba looked up and then turned back to Saf "force?"
"Ya I'm force sensitive" Boba frowned "doesn't that make you a jedi?"  Saf shook her head,"nope, to many rules for being a jedi, you have to be force sensitive to be a jedi, but not all force sensitive people are jedi, I hate jedi, they killed my parents and tried to force there stupid code upon me" Boba nodded "My father hates jedi, so I hate jedi" Saf lifted on eyebrow ,father? He had admited he was a clone, but how interesting that he should have, a father.
  "where do we go?" he asked trying to get an idea of where they were. Saf looked around " um...well lets see, they never send more than two after me, and they probably aren't after you, so if we just walk far enough in one direction, we should be fine." Boba nodded and Saf began a more hurried clensing of the camp area.
  "I hat jedi, they're always getting in the way, thats what my father says"
"some of them aren't that bad, atleast when they aren't going on about the code or trying to arest you, it all realy depends on what your doing when you meet one"
She began walking in a odd diagonall direction, like she was content just wandering off with no particular way at all."Come on, I'll take you to my ship and you can contact your father, its this way... I think" she spoke with content and happily kept wandering along. Boba caught up to her "Why would you walk in such a random direction?" he asked, not understanding Saf quite as much as he thought he should. "because i saw...well heard that explosion and I was pretty sure that anyone would be over here instead of where I was".
    They walked along a while, with very little conversation, Boba saw no ship "Where is it?" He asked frantically looking around."you know" began saf "people don't think I'm very smart and it always comes back and gets them, they just don't see it comin, I mean me being smart and all" Boba stared as she jerked left all of a sudden, and momentarilly was face flat against what felt like metal, but could not be seen. Saf laughed histericaly and dug into her pocket, an instant later a starship was visible in front of him."welcome" said Saf "to the Star Avenger"

ok thats c3 for now, next time you'll hear about the ship.

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