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Topic: Here we go Imperial Prey part one.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense OK.

Background info, Captain Jerrol Sarkili Human male from Coruscant, he was a TIE fighter ace before the battle of Endor where with the loss of so many officers he was given a field promotion and sent an a raid to the Mon Calamari system as a reprisal for their involvement in the rebellion after the raid their escape went badly after the first leg of their hyperspace jump they ran into a rebel convoy and escort though a superb pilot himself he did not know how to command a capitol ship so leaving his second in command he went to the hangers boarded his own TIE and fought from their. With the loss of his ship others still loyal to the Empire viewed his actions as cowardliness. With no hyper-drive in the TIE he was forced to land on the planet that his star destroyer crashed on.

Twilight that is all their seemed to be on this planet, whatever it was called as a former Imperial officer you came and went from so many who cared about the name, no one cared about all the troops lost at Endor especially those rebel terrorists who had destroyed the second Death Star and killed the Emperor.  As for why I  was on that back water mining planet, that is where one of the star destroyers under my command had crashed after being attacked by the rebellion a few standard weeks ago.
         That was bad enough but to then find that a war lord had put a price on your head for that was entirely something else.  The first bounty hunter who crossed my path found that I was not that easy to kill, but the worrisome part is one of my former trusted spies said that Fett had taken an interest in me, that was enough to almost make my heart stop.  But I wondered why would Fett be after me the bounty wasn’t that much only a few thousand, so why?  As an officer we only crushed the vile aliens and some humans who supported them, I didn’t allow spice runners through my territory.  Anyway thinking of what you might have done to upset him wasn’t going to save your life.

        Onward to the crash site there should be a speeder or something left in the wreckage that could be useful, with Fett after you only thing really useful would be to get back in command of about a 1,000 troops. Then again was that enough?  Who knew anyway keep moving and focus, the hunter after you was. 

        Finally the superstructer came into view it had been a long walk from where the spaceport was after all,”The fewer people who know where I am the better off I will be.” I thought. 

          Damn there is a group of locals pilfering from the crash, I am going to have to put an end to this. Removing my blaster from my holster I tucked it under my overcoat at the ready, walking up towards the closest one who looked startled at my presence. I took it he was the leader giving orders on how to load the repulsorsled.
    “What do you want?” he said
    “My property back!” With those words barely out of my mouth I swung the blaster out from under my coat firing as soon as it was clear, the first shot hit him square in the chest sending burning pieces of his clothing and flesh into the air, the other dim-witted locals were slow so picking them off one by one was fairly easy.
    That was nice most of the hard work was done blasters power units and food rations all loaded up, so the only thing to go in and look for would be some Storm trooper armor and some night vision goggles, some armor is better than no armor.  Working my way through the damaged hull I came to the forward barracks area hopefully the surviving troopers didn’t take it all when they left. Ah a plastoid breast plate, now if their were only some goggles I would be a happy man.  After a brief search nothing.  Their were a few helmets around but I didn’t really want to look to muck like a storm trooper but in this case it will have to do. Putting the helmet on the polarized lenses compensated for the dying emergency lights revealed that I was not alone, a small face that of a child.
    “Sorry but no one can know I’m here.” with that I fired.
    A yelp and the kid was down. Oh well instead of learning to steal they should have learned respect for the Empire.

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not bad, a name for the planet would be nice. keep it up!

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nice, i dig tie fighter drama...

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