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IG-88 wrote:

Wow impressive i would never be able to make somthing as good as that smile.

Thanks alot, I appreciate that. You probably could make a song. People are alot more creative than they give themselves credit for usually.


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Karson Fett wrote:

What are the things I put in bold?
Why don't you try March forth for honor?

Those are the musical notes. It's a pretty simple song so every syllable has one note to it.
Do you mean 'March forth for Honor' as the title of the song? Nah, I like 'Kandosii Kar'rtase'. The song's more about perserverance than honor.


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Volk-Ordo wrote:

Oooooh,mind if I print it out so me and my Vod can practice it?(we like singing war chants at Mc Donalds,it drives em crazy lol)

Heh, sure. If you can record yourselves that'd be awesome. I'd love to hear someone else sing it.


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Fett_II wrote:

wait, this is for vocals only? do u think an instrumental part could be made? i.e. brass, woodwinds, percussion.

Heh are you kidding? It took me forever just to pick out the keys on the piano. And the only reason I knew any of that was because I took two years of piano when I was 10.

I really wish I could come up with more. It would be awesome to hear a bunch of guys sing it with an entire orchestra behind them like 'Vode An'.


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This is the first topic I've started so don't yell at me too much if I did this wrong in any way.

I've had this tune in my head for a couple months now and finally decided it would make a good Mandalorian Battle Hymn. I have yet to translate into Mando'a but here's the english version with the notes below the lines. BTW It's in the key of 'F' and I'm not exactly sure how to write it but the first 'F' in the chorus is actually in the next highest scale from the one you start out from

Anyway I'd appreciate any critiques and was wondering if anyone else has wrote any songs of their own.

KANDOSII KAR'RTASE (Indomitable Hearts)

<Verse 1>

Our Blood May Run
F     A#    C     C#
Our Bo-dies Fail
D#    A#_C   A#
Our Flesh May Turn To Du-u-ust
G#     F     G#   A#  C  A#_C_C#
But Ne-ver Shall Our Hearts Give In
F   A#_C     C#   D#   A#     C    A#
For They Be-long To Us
G#    F    G#_A#  C  A#


We March Fo-or Ho-o-onor
A#   F^   C#_C   C#_C_A#
We March Fo-or Vic-to-ry
A#    D#  C_A#  C_A#_G#
We March A-as Bro-o-others
G#   C#  A#_G#   A#_G#_F#
To-ge-ther All As One
A#_A_F     C  C#  A#

<Verse 2 same notes as 1>

Through Col-dest Nights
Through Bur-ning Days
Through All That Hell May Bri-i-ing
Our Bat-tle-cries Will Ne-ver Cease
Our Voi-ces All Shall Ring

<Chorus with the word 'Sing' in place of 'March'>

<Verse 3 same notes as 1& 2>

We Bat-tle In
A Thou-sand Worlds
In Wars That Are Not O-o-ours
Yet Man-do-'ade We Re-main
Though Scat-tered Through The Stars

<Chorus with the word 'Fight' in place of 'March'>


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Here are links to all the Mando/trooper fanart I've submitted so far to DeviantArt.
Goes from oldest to newest. 
$= Boba Art   #=Trooper Art  *=Mando Art

$ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48098103/
# http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/50851220/
# http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/51075409/
# http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/53293233/
# http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/53295244/
* http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57608072/
$ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58119459/

As side arms Jango's WESTAR-34 blaster pistols or Fordo's DC-17 repeater hand blasters. As for big guns Boba's EE-3 or one of those insane repeating blaster's the ARC lieutenants had in the Clone Wars cartoon.

I usually don't like having music on when I'm reading. Whenever I listen to music I always have my own music video running through my head. Thus I have to be paying attention to one or the other.


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I was bored and typed in bobafett.com to see what kind of site came up and viola.


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Light: Bardan Jusik because he's more Mando than Jedi and I like his character.

Dark: Darth Maul because he's just so visually entertaining with his fluidity and tatoos. Plus your coolness level is inversely proportionate to how much you say making him totally badass.

If he was in the field, no. He'd need the HUD to warn him of incoming danger. Darman does this in 'Republic Commando: Hard Contact'. Plus soldiers are infamous for being able to sleep in the most uncomfortale conditions so I'm sure he'd be fine with it on.

If he's aboard the Slave 1 though, or somewhere else where he felt secure he probably wouldn't. There's actually a comic in one of the Star Wars Tales series that has him sleeping with his gear next to his bed.


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Not nearly enough as I should.
I like to go its just I'm not a morning person unless you count 3 am.
The services are actually interesting and the people are really nice.
A month or so back the pastor actually used the Mos Eisley Bar scene in one of his semons.
It was the best church service ever.

Ph34r wrote:
Mando'ade wrote:

Honestly? He probably has a ton of child support bills. You know he gets around.
Plus any money grubbing slut who got knocked up by a clone could pin the kid on him through genetic testing.

Wouldn't those tests indicate the child's dad is not just Boba, but alot of clone troopers? I'd like to hear her explain that one...
"Ma'am, these results show your baby has approximately 10,000 fathers. Would you care to expound on this?"

The woman's not gonna get all the clones tested, it would come up positive everytime. And considering the troopers don't get paid she wouldn't bother.
She's going to want to go for the clone with the most cash and that would be Boba.


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After Boba, Fi and Fordo are the next in line.
Though if I had to spend a day with one of the three I'd pick Fi.
He's the least likely to shoot me for being stupid.


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Surely you can prove it....?If Sev could beat 38,then Sev would be squad leader.

Being the leader of a squad doesn't mean you can beat out your men in a fight. It means you can keep your unit together, and make intelligent decisions. Sev may in fact be a better fighter than Boss, but it doesn't mean he has the best leadership skills.

Honestly? He probably has a ton of child support bills. You know he gets around.
Plus any money grubbing slut who got knocked up by a clone could pin the kid on him through genetic testing.

Heh, I just got a mental image of Boba on the Jerry Springer show. That'd be hilarious.


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Gotta go with my childhood favorite, Batman.

He doesn't have special powers yet he kicks as much *** (if not more) than everyone else. His 'powers' are his arsenal, his money, and his skills. Plus I like that he worked to obtain his abilities. He wasn't born with laser vision or accidentally mutated by science. He trained hard to get as badass as he is.

That's why I like Fett too. No force-powers, just hard earned skill. 

They'd probably get along well......or kill each other.

Either way it'd be freaking awesome.

About two seconds...