Don't know what it's worth, but Skirata taught the clones some mando balls games with weird rules and lots of violence. Oh and there's the Dha Wherda thing. And the drinking songs... that probably means they enjoy celebrating together and getting hammered.

And if you don't like farming or hunting, there's engineering, blacksmithing (how do you think they make beskar? Mandalorian iron), all sorts of manufacturing for homes and furnitures, I heard they built Keldabe out of mythosaur skeletons... Running markets and various economies... Doing merc jobs.... And finally politics: a planet doesn't run itself.

There's lots to do.


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Nice! Although the wings and legs could some texture work... A bit of feather and scale shaping with the shade work.


(118 replies, posted in Creative)

That chicken is so cool big_smile reminds me of the giant chicken in Family Guy, if you know what I mean. You plan to color it?

I miss SWG so much!!! I used to be a complete addict before the gameplay upgrade, then real life came into place, then WoW, and now work... I can barely keep up with my current guild and I'm thinking of quitting MMORPG's for now. Tho I still want to play Tabula Rasa, hm.... I tried SWG again last week, and I got so disappointed of not finding my old fun again that I deleted it completely sad

Your screenshots are brilliant! I especially like that panoramic one where you guys are walking into a cave... EPIC! It's awesome what you did with your city, love the furniture smile

I'm looking forward to a new Star Wars MMORPG one day!


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Thanks all! Much appreciated big_smile

RC-3222 wrote:

Oh, and did Jusik just chuck someone off the cliff? Just curious! smile

I was pacing myself about that! But in the end I decided to let it hang for people to wonder...

Since I'm currently writing fiction about "Bounty Hunter Jusik" there is this unavoidable thing that I want to bring up:  the Jedi hunt! The spoon benders always get in the way of bounty hunters (or the other way around) and I want to picture that kind of confrontation. The main problem is that Bard'ika is a truly moral person, even as a merc, but I can't see him stepping away from a fight if it meant saving his own life.... Difficult to describe in a still picture, so that's definitely something to look into!

RC-3222 wrote:

I do have a question about Jusik keeping his lightsaber, however. I thought that when jedi left the Order they were required to relinquish them? I thought that I read that somewhere. But even if they were s'posed to, I guess that Zey was just, er, allowing him to keep some of his identity as a jedi? I don't know, I'm just musing. smile

I thought the same; and it seems that Zey has this practical sense to him in the military fashion. He may not be an exemplary Jedi Master but he's a good general, he cares about his soldiers so I guess he values kit as much as they do. To me it just makes sense that you can keep what you built, too.

And on a completely different note, what was your favorite, humorous part in TC? I think mine was when Omega was eating the stew and Atin asked what was in it. And as he was lurching for the bushes Niner said to no one in particular, "He's throwing up." *heeee* big_smile big_smile

Niner: Sergeant Obvious.

Hehe, yeah I laughed out loud a few times because of what a clone or Skirata said, but couldn't find the lines again. Oh, I remember a moment when Vau, Skirata and Ordo are in the sub, and Mird is watching something funny outside the viewport, rubbing it's snotty nose against the transparisteel ;P Then Skirata pulls it back and wipes the glass clean tongue

A lot of described situations would look hilarious if it were made in a movie big_smile

It's Rav Bralor's niece, and her name is Parja.

If I remember well, he's described as "at peace" and no longer sighing in desperation for a life he can never have as a trooper in the GAR. If he's going to hook up with a local Mando woman it was barely implied. But the idea of retirement is there.

Yeah Etain was growing into a real pain, in TZ. Now she's the same pain in the rear with a purpose as a mother tongue I didn't like her chapters with Darman, too corny for me - even in Traviss style. It annoys me when she tries to be mandokarla.

There's no word like "hero" that could qualify any character, but my favorite is still Jusik. The events hits hard on him throughout the book but we barely witness it. That got me all anxious for him until the end... The chapter when Etain and him report to Zey really moved me. I was SO relieved!

First because we might finally get a chance to know him better as an individual, not running around the galaxy trying to fix things for others.

Secondly, I drew fan art of him going mando'ad, you saw it I think..... So you can imagine my emotion when he asked to keep his lightsaber :')

I wrote a very fangirly email to Karen just to thank her for that special moment.

I always thought the jetpack+rocket launcher was a little too much. Unless he had to destroy bunkers and jack convoys daily, that heavy backpack looks like overkill.

I kind of liked Ko Sai big_smile I don't care if she has no heart, thinking every other race is inferior, and considers everyone like a genetic databank.... It's a shame she had to go the way she did but it was the most sensible thing I guess. A waste of talent, I say.

Sev's a good soldier, 'nuff said. He's a bit obsessive about not letting Vau down but that comes with Delta's training. The rest of the squad probably think the same since they're a real pod from day 1.

Fi will be all right, I'm sure tongue The good thing about his situation now is that he can live the life he always wanted.


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When you said you needed practice in digital painting, I came to check your stuff... Wow!!! I really like your artistic sense for lighting and sceneries, you certainly have more imagination than I do for these things tongue

I especially like your trandoshen, that latest portrait, the dark spider person and the lighthouse "watercolor". It looks OK to me with those high contrast, that's just part of your style so don't let anyone tell you that it's garbage smile

But the Sith Lord is awesome! The proportions, the pose and the lighting... Most impressive big_smile


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BalanceSheet wrote:
Daenna wrote:

Speaking of colors, today I learned how to do "digital painting" with a pen tablet and Photoshop.

Ya didn't know how to do that before?  O_o
(...Ima need to practice more.... ) 

What kind of tablet you got?

This one:

Yes I'm really new at painting. So far all I did with Photoshop was using the mouse for strokes and it looks awful (and it hurts on larger pics) so I use paths instead. Here for the digital painting the only "artificial" thing is the background gradient and laser blade smile The rest is manual brushing, "inks" included.


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No problem, cujo! I had lots of fun with your ink art - since I didn't need to draw anything I could focus 100% on the colors...

Speaking of colors, today I learned how to do "digital painting" with a pen tablet and Photoshop. This took me all day but I kinda like the result:


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Corran_Fett wrote:

Since a single smiley post is probably not allow...


Say hi to Mr Tite...

It was a lot of fun big_smile


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Hey thanks a lot for the replies big_smile

I got more stuff! CorranFett commissioned me with more Mando art, so I'm working on one of his characters: Gladus Tite: … h-68972515

And here I have another Mando drawing you might like smile … m-69001999



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Thanks so much guys! I know it's a pretty ambitious work there... and I had printer issues so I decided to skip the whole inking part and just do it entirely in Photoshop.

Which gives this nice cartoony style!

Ok, sorry for splashing it all over the screen and I hope I didn't spoil it for any of you (I sure hope everybody here has read the RC novels! big_smile)


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Thanks very much everybody! big_smile

It is good to be back indeed... There's so much I could have done to improve my skills but I'm glad it's still there, hehe! About that RC: it was originally a small doodle on my sketch book and I didn't really think of a character while doing it. Could be anybody, really... I also wanted to practice backlights, not knowing exactly how to place the shadow on him.

Here's a work in progress I'd like to show off, because I'm a huge fan of him, a sketch of Bardan Jusik (from Republic Commando: Triple Zero that I'm reading again) in full armor this time. By the way, don't look if this is spoilers for you tongue

[SPOILER ALERT] > Bardan Jusik #2  sketch<

It is set sometime in future aboard a ship, hypothetically when all the Jedi have gone to hiding and Bardan had to make a choice in his life as a Jedi or Mando.... Here I thought it would be cool if making this "choice" was totally optional for Bard'ika big_smile Anyway I'll soon print this baby in larger size to work on some real line-art. And then add some colors!


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Hello again - after ages of inactivity - and wow! This site has changed so much since I've last seen it... it's amazing big_smile

Some of you know of me from this heavy topic: "Mando & Trooper fan art" and I want to apologize for "disappearing" without explanation; there have been some ups and downs on my side of things so the creativity was kind of lost...

The good news is that I'm back with productions and I just couldn't keep them to myself! Here they are - clone stuff, I know you guys like'em - so enjoy!
Republic Commando "portrait"
Galactic Marine


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Adult... and I'd tell him to beware of blind men with wookies

Another Clone Wars series...?

As much as I liked the first one (I really did) I think they covered the subject enough...


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So many new faces! welcome here and enjoy your time smile

*breathes in* Hmmm... The Force is wrrrrronnnnnng with youuuuuu!!!


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I'm old Ben Kenobi, lecturing people, alone and geeky and talking about "the good old days"... tongue I enjoy a drink but you shouldn't mess with me in a pub if you like to have 2 arms!


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Mel is right. And in your case you can be confident that you've "done your job" as a boyfriend and there's nothing you should be blaming yourself for. It's that girl who should be feeling terrible for not being totally honest with you, or not having the courage to tell you her feelings when it mattered.

You've taken a step forward at least since you're here asking for help smile

But no: alcohol is not a solution. It does not "help"... It's a hide-away. You just have to move on. And when you'll be ready for it, you'll find someone else.

If you want to be more like Boba, just think like this: you have a problem going on. What should you do to solve it as efficiently as possible? Is it going to affect your work? What experience can you earn from this?.... These 3 questions, I guess, have worked wonders for me so far wink

Sarin Kerivor wrote:

In my fics Fett has two faces: one is the helmet, the hunter, the Angel of Death. The other is the face of the man, the morals, the weaknesses, and everything he doesn't want the galaxy to see. But Fett never sees things this way. To him, he's all one person. And why do I portray him like this? Because it seems to be how he functions. He lets everyone see how scary he is, but it takes a bit of digging to figure out just how the gears in his head work.

As for unmasking Fett, I have the ultimate answer to what he look like! I know how to de-age people in Photoshop, you see. I took a picture of Jango Fett, changed his armor color, and took away all the wrinkles and scars and voila: Boba Fett, 20-odd years old. I'll see if I can figure out how to post it if anyone's interested. Then again, some people just want to wonder.

I would like to see that big_smile

You know you can use or for free.

Honestly, after reading most of the posts on this thread, I just think that a seventy year-old man trying act like he's in his thirties would be unrealistic.