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Last week I turned 26.

I feel old and retarded smile


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Pheonix023 wrote:

Hee hee, no matter how many times I see this pic, it still make sme laugh...

Because it's sexeh


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I think you made an error with the code or something cause all I see is the red X of DOOM.

Are you sure? did you refresh your page? did you check the URL yourself?


Awesome animation, he looked alive there.


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Sharra Fett wrote:

Beautiful dog Daenna, what breed is he? Or is he a mix? He's a good mix if he is one.

It's a Japanese Akita, people often ask me if he's a mix thinking he's a lab or golden retriever mixed with a husky or malamute.... But no, he's a pure breed akita ;D These dogs are headstrong, stubborn, fierce and prone to fighting with other dogs. They also love children, cuddling and "bear-hugging".


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A goofy picture inspired by my own fanfiction ramblings


Sorry if you hate Ahsoka ;P


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Lord Revan wrote:

Wow, great work you have there. Whenever I read Republic Commando, your drawings of Bardan are what I mentally pictured. Seriously, great stuff.

Thanks big_smile /hug (manly hug)


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I hope it's Trooper-centric. Regardless of who's killing who.


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Miba wrote:

Doesn't TFN have fanart galleries too? You could try there if they do. And I'm sure they do, I just don't think I've been there.

They do, but every time I try to browse the art there's an error in the code and the pages don't show. Then there's the Jedi Council forum and I'd have to literally resurrect a semblance of social life there... honestly I can't fit that in my time frame now that I'm back here.

+ I'm starting new website with Mando related stuff and working on doing something more out of it. Eventually I'd want to have an artwork/fan fiction archive with stuff from Boba Fett to Clones and also original characters around the Mandalorian thing.

Edit: here's what I'm currently working on, slapping some colors there but I quite like the black and white ink...


It's all done with a Wacom pen tablet, sketched and "inked" in Photoshop. The result is just like using traditional tools, just goes much faster and it's always clean.

These are two sisters from Republic Commando: Burdens a story by a mando nut friend of mine.


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Thanks everyone. I want to submit some of these to SW fan art galleries but I honestly don't know where to start. BFFC.com is more about the Fetts, isn't it?


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Fett_II wrote:

looks like there's only half a dog.

Then I'd have to feed him half and drag him around on daily walks!

Nope, he's actually pretty big for a chihuahua.


I watch this series for the fights and the colorful settings, they keep my attention. But were it dubbed in Russian or Vietnamese I would actually enjoy it more.

Agree with Lord Revan there, the way the clones are portrayed, completely regardless of all the work K. Traviss has done over the past 4 years, makes me all kinds of pissed. Once again on-screen Star Wars takes a step away from the EU.

However, I think Ahsoka is cute. You do not see teenage characters in the Star Wars (and rightfully so, Anakin in AOTC was about enough of whining), but a female, alien, and smart one is a concept I have to support, as a fan artist and writer. I hate her ambiguous relationship with Anakin though. In fact everything revolving around Anakin in this series is unbearable.

Si Titran wrote:
Daenna wrote:

According to *cough* K. Traviss *cough* clones prefer eating and drinking extra sweet because of their high metabolism and accelerated aging. So, uj cake, candy, ice cream... as long as there's lots of it.

Sorry... my spelling in the AM is not what I would say the best..... I didnt have coffee....

Oh don't worry I wasn't correcting your spelling - I just type in italic all the words in mando'a, out of habit.

The proper name for that cake is Uj'alayi tongue


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Aside from the events towards the end, I thought it was kinda boring...


Etain's death was so dumb. I wanted to see her die... but to go defending (without a frakking weapon!) some RANDOM clone she doesn't even know was just lame. I thought Etain was smarter than that... I mean, who would really do something so rash mere minutes away from escaping?

I DID want her to die... but I was hoping Niner or someone else would obey Order 66 and kill her on the spot, and Darman would have to choose between his brothers and Etain. THAT would have been epic. Talk about the ultmiate star crossed lovers! I just wish it had been more dramatic. It was so brief and random in my opinion.

Indeed. I felt cheated that things went down the way they did because I was hoping for some real questioning to happen around obedience and loyalty. One thing's for sure though; Etain certainly acted loyal until the very end. The poor di'kut didn't have it coming, she ran right into it.


Wasn't it for the Bardan-focalized chapters I'd say this wasn't my favorite book of the series. Triple Zero and True Colors share the top shelf for my personal tastes.

According to *cough* K. Traviss *cough* clones prefer eating and drinking extra sweet because of their high metabolism and accelerated aging. So, uj cake, candy, ice cream... as long as there's lots of it.


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For this kind of topic I say:

if God wants us to believe in science, then we probably should!



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Me and mah dog



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Phoenix has evolved soooo much since the first time I saw her stuff on these boards. On some levels she's even better than I am!

Rawr. Go girl!


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Nice side-angle of Boba with the red background, it would make a cool entry!


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I like the "real life" picture and then the snapshot from SWG. Love that game, been dreaming to have my virtual set of beskar'gam for years but I just can't be bothered...


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Guys, between the end of last year and last month I had some kind of "inspiration burst" that made me draw sooo much stuff, as if I was on liquid Schwarz the whole time!

So this is a bulk update, to show (off) the cool Mandalorian-related art I made! There's a lot of Bardan Jusik, so bear with me tongue

(click on the thumbs to enlarge)


The last one is a commission for a devArt buddy and I'm currently working up a list of other Mandalorian characters people have requested, but I'm slooow.

And while passing time (aka. procrastinating) I figured I'd pop by in the old bobafett club and see how you're all doing.


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FettFan79 wrote:

OHHH I like your "Another Mandalorian" drawing--gotta get that lady a name wink (if it doesn't take away from the mystery, anyway) That's very nice, and of course I love seeing Bardan pictures!  You do such awesome work big_smile

Thanks FF79! I don't have names for my characters before I draw them. Writing is a huge pain for me so I just bother with drawing ;D

I totally forgot to post this one:


A quick sketch on Photoshop to see how a smart looking black human female would be in mando armor!


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Hey there everyone!

I know it's been ages since I last updated with anything but I got busy with stuff and kind of forgot about this place sad Inspiration has been rare lately but for all of you who aren't on deviantArt.com you probably haven't seen these.

The latest portrayal of my favorite Republic Commando character, Bardan Jusik: (though I might have already posted it)
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Gene … k-71193025

Another Mandalorian
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Fear … s-84359693

Darth Maul, using the "speed painting" technique.

Completion of a Jusik sketch from a while back
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Mand … e-88959289

Aaaand a female Scout Trooper!
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Fema … r-96682081

At the moment I'm reading Order 66 by Karen Traviss, and of course watching the Clone Wars series. They make me want to draw more Star Wars so you can expect more to come soon! big_smile


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Really cool! That "mummy" kind of character is scary... and he has this ethereal thing going on, too. The contrasted shading works well on  him!

I'm curious about the other two: love the expression on the man's face... do you have a story about him? And that is one badass alien, I wouldn't want to stand near that mouth big_smile

sola-lor wrote:

Here's a Mando'a Language Dictionary I've been working on. The first part, mostely complete, is the alphabet and grammar. The second part is the dictionary, not even close to being finished.

What do you think?

The link for it is


Nice, well written and simple guide. Thanks.

Only major problem with it: you wrote the mando'a words and phrases in the mandalorian font! You should add the  pronunciation underneath so that we can actually read all that without the mando font transcription. If any of us will want to write in mando (fanfics, forums...) we'll be using english fonts, not mandalorian fonts.

Remember mando'a is a spoken language and spelling may changes from a person to another, and that'd be OK as long as the pronunciation is right.