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Hey guys and sorry for not really keeping up with this community. I've been really super busy lately and I wish I could have longer days (about 35 hours, I'm not picky) to fulfill my millions of hobbies.

For your enjoyment, here's a recap of the stuff I worked on. Some are incomplete, some are scraps...

Clone request work...

http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/R-ta … -119223347

A gift for Degan, a really cool looking Mando lady. You might have met her, she wears gray and yellow.
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Sket … -123930477

Getting all hyped up about The Old Republic.

Avatar work for a dear friend of mine, commander-13
http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Comm … -130503256

Work in progress!

And of course another Bardan, though I know most of you guys don't like him, I don't care! He's been around for so long in my artwork and my fan fiction work that it's practically my own character now (no offense meant towards KT). This picture is to illustrate my daily routine when working on MandoBoard.com

http://daennika.deviantart.com/art/Brea … -125762662

Yeah I would want to see Star Wars made as a purely sci-fi movie... that would be like a dream come true.

I'm psyched! I was a latent Star Trek fan in the 90's until Star Wars resurfaced with the prequels so yeah, this is a big thing and I'll definitely catch that when it comes out.

When is that by the way?

Edit: what the hell! the French release is for May 6th >.<


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Sharra Fett wrote:

I'm in awe of you. In your shoes I probably would not be ABLE to stay awake.

And, to top it off, we didn't have Red Bull at the time tongue

Thanks, I treated myself with a full day of doing nothing afterwards and I know airports like nothing else now. I really wasn't able to stay away on the second day and had to leave when they announced they needed my team for a third round. I felt like crap about it for 2 seconds but I missed my bed too much!


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Okay this is the more serious sleep-related post.

I once had to stay up for two days straight on a Red Cross mission. It consisted of working with Lebanon refugees in an airport and the time lapse between the plane arrivals were of 3 hours. After being up for thirty hours, under pressure and constantly alert you do not function well. I tried getting a 20 minute nap in a corner and some jerk woke me saying I was making the Red Cross look bad.

I didn't want to be all WTF about it but seriously, a Red Cross rescue agent that looked like she just got hammered in front of national TV is supposed to set a good example?



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Yes I like my bed, cause it serves other purposes than sleep, too ;P

NEVER use McAfee or Norton. They are like parasites to your system. To stay safe I have always used anti-viruses like Avast or AVG (both free) and never had major problems. I combine them with SUPERAntiSpyware (also free) to deal with suspicious crawlers and cookies, etc. I had a hard time with McAffee on my mother's new laptop because it caused trouble on the network too and installed the correct drivers and chipset (make sure your computer always has the latest up to date drivers) THEN installed AVG + SUPERAntiSpyware.

Those things are lightweight programs that won't suck the life out of your online experience.

Good luck, I hope this helps, I'm only half-witted when it comes to informatics.

EDIT: links.

#1: Uninstall McAfee
#2: http://www.superantispyware.com
#3: http://free.avg.com
#4: check your firewall settings, make sure Windows Live Messenger/Skype/etc are unblocked.

EDIT again: http://www.ccleaner.com/ This could help you get rid of the registry files leftover from the McAfee installation, since as a self-respecting parasite program it will make it difficult for you to get rid of it and force you to buy it again for some obscure unexplained reasons. CCleaner deals with that kind of crap, also with mallware crawlers and glitches that confuse your anti-viruses and turn your life into a real-world hell.


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And Jason Statham is also pretty awesome. Death Race made me go squeeee...

Ahem, anyway yeah. Edward Cullen is a joke. It's like trying to sell a donkey while saying it's a racing horse.


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No offense but from pictures and random movie excerpts Edward Cullen looks sort of retarded. I don't find him attractive at all because he is not a man.

He's a douche.


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Si Titran wrote:
SciFifreak90 wrote:

I'm an absolute Twilight hater.

This is totally me as well. Its for 'tweens. The darkness and angst... is all of the teenage variety. How can I tell, pray you,  if i have not suffered through it myself? Oh trust me. One does not need to get shot with a bullet to know that hurts.

I can't fathom how adults are fans of it either. Stephanie Myers never wrote anything before Twilight, and it came to her in a dream. Now mind you that alone doesn't make it bad. But when you see her product of sissy vampires... ones even Tom Cruise could beat up.... (heck even Kirsten Dunst could for that matter), well then you know she's just pathetic. The only problem is that a lot of people drank her kool-aid and is laughing all the way to the bank.

OKAY! This settles it, I won't check this out. Ever. Many have voiced their disapproval of this show/movie and I had a feeling it would be terrible... but you definitely stated the best argument. It's a horny girl's diary fantasy with lots of editing and TV production. Aka, crap.


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I never thought about checking out Twilight until I started reading this. Now am curious to know what's so hilarious about it LOL!!!!


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Another request work...



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I like the "Mouse Droids" in the Death Star, I want one in real life! big_smile


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First rule of art-showing: if even you think it's crap, do not show it. Doing so will destroy your spirit.

If you want to become better - and if you know you can do better - then work your butt off. Use self-criticism, imagine you NEVER saw what you just made and look at the details and aspects that need improvement.

When I was your age I copied all the pictures I thought were cool (using transparent paper and the likes) and hardly ever "created" my own stuff. I was far too ashamed of my crappy skills (although all the other kids at school asked me to do their art assignments). Being totally unable to draw things without reference I waited until my twenties to actually teach myself real drawing lessons.

And now I'm a fan art producing machine. I still lack the drive and ego to create a comic book (who am I kidding? I'm just LAZY). But you have the ideas and the material, and obviously you're not ashamed to let us know that.

Get your skills boosted up, then use a scanner to get decent pictures online. This might take time but it's for the best.

Good luck.


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Terra wrote:
Regimas wrote:

lol, no i meant masterchief

i know you are girls

did it just for the sake of the quote

Is that from Watchmen? sorry if it should be obvious I didn't see the movie.

Woah, you should never had typed that. It means you never saw STAR WARS.

*runs off*


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Miba wrote:

And then there's people who give negative karma for absolutely no reason. *cough*

That minus was intended towards me, Miba. He rectified his shot later on smile


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Masterchief wrote:

lol, no, it's not my hobby Daenna. Stop critisicing me when you know nothing about me.

I was criticizing this topic and at best I was making fun of your style. Seems like there's a few lessons you could learn from this episode today.

Aaaaand scene.

I would want to be Stan Smith, the cartoon character from American Dad. He just seems to have everything going smoothly for him even in his freak family. And who wouldn't want to have a drunk alien as a friend? (or a speaking German goldfish).

Oh and working for the CIA. Dream life.


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[Masterchief mode]

guys, stay on topic please!



Sorry, had to smile

And for the record: I only eat dry fruits. I prefer veggies over fruit. But I'll prefer cereals above either of them.

And I hate this topic, just thought I'd honor it with my post and say that it's useless now. Masterchief: get a hobby ;P


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Terra wrote:

Deanna, after our little conversation I had to look at the stuff you do. At the risk of repeating what everyone else said, you're awesome. I love your style.

Wish I had something as good to share. I got a little online portfolio of my school things, that I made with Flash in my Multimedia class. Got a few pieces there, some hand-made that I really like. It's nothing compared to you, and most of it is in french, but if you'd still like to check it out, here's the link:


Talk to you later,

Thanks for reviving this thread smile I made a new one to show my current updates while we should have kept it all in one place: http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopic.php?id=1901


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tachyonblade wrote:

Nice stuff but have you ever tried to actually paint something the old school way? I mean, you have the eye and the talent it would be cool to see what you can do with "real" materials. There is nothing wrong with digital art it's just that there is a weight to traditional techniques that the digitization process does not translate very well.

A lot of it depends on the content though.

Too much hassling, too expensive materials, too long time to wait between layers, too much mess around it and being a perfectionist it's just not a suitable medium for me. If something takes too long for me to finish I will dump it. I like my ideas to spur on the moment and seeing my work quickly come into shape is important. Without this "spontaneous" aspect there's not much left.

And again it would be expensive. I'm not a "real" artist and don't intend to make a living out of my art.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

LOL looks like the "Vin Diesel - don't mess with me" look tongue

http://videogames.techfresh.net/wp-cont … k-game.jpg

Vin Diesel! om nomnomnomnomnomnom


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

Deanna that looks great. Do you do any comission work?

I'm actually swamped with requests right now, but you can always send me a PM with your stuff.

But I decided to skip the basic "Mandalorian OC of mister or miss X for their roleplaying game", I don't care about character stories and I'm only interested in cool visual ideas. I refuse to copy or update old art and I preserve my right to alter, add or remove any detail as I see fit during the process. Those are my rules.

I also refuse to get paid for art; people think they can get me to work faster for them by luring money at my nose and such. But facts show that I get very lazy when I'm forced to do anything tongue


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Finally finished the request thingie.



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Sharra Fett wrote:

You are a spring chicken compared to me. I'm forty and REALLY feel out of the loop sometimes, especially around here.