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Oh dear that is not good WV sad

I have ordered the paperback just because I think it will look more ordered on the bookshelf.

Oh dear MandoGirl sad that is not good at all. It is not right that she should put on such high expectations. Good luck getting through the year.


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I wish the force unleashed was released on the same day in the UK than it is in the US. I do not understand why we have to wait an extra two days. It seems pointless. LOL in the words of angry Anakin 'It's not fair' wink


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Welcome back big_smile


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I have not been Rick Rolled yet big_smile I think it is great fun, just something silly and random big_smile

Edited to add: this is what Wikipedia says about Rickrolling ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_roll )


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

Personally I can remember feeling shell shocked, it was a work day for me. Don't remember much more than that because it felt so surreal.

It was like that for me as well. I will never forget that day.


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Wow Terra, that is wonderful news big_smile I really hope that this works out funkily for you (fingers crossed)

Edited to add:

Ooh I have pre-ordered the force unleashed for the Wii big_smile I think I will get it for the PS3 at some point but it is a shame that it will not support the keyboard and mouse that you can use with the PS3. Thought I still thin the biggest annoyance is that it will not be on PC sad but5 at least I will not miss out on it big_smile I am so, so excited about the game (LOL even if I am confused why we have to wait two extra days for its release, the UK release it the 19th for the sake of two days...what is the point)

But it does not really matter as I am just looking forward to the game being released big_smile


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Good thread MandoGirl and a very moving picture. Such a terrible thing to happen.


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(hugs) for you Terra (hugs)


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Thank you Ralin big_smile I would also love to have a T-Shirt like that big_smile having said that Devil Boy got me a really funky T-Shirt which says on it 'Han shot first'


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LOL can any of you help me find the time to play the game wink (I ave not been able to play it for a while now sad )


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I have to confess that I have not seen any new films this year at all http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/icon_redface.gif

I believe in evolution. I do not believe in God.

BFFC-Mel wrote:

I think the Bible is a moral guide more than anything.

You've also got to remember that people once thought the earth was flat too...

I agree with both of these points.


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Thank you Mando, I will do. That reminds me. I need to put a little something toward the collection that they are having to pay for her to have childcare so she can have a break.

Thank Terra big_smile

Oh dear Ralin (hugs) I hope she is better now.

My gripe is that Devil boy has spent too much money recently so that I will have to delay getting a new printer sad I really needed to print something out as well. Hopefully when I go to Homestart on Thursday I will be able to print it out there.


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Ooh that sounds interesting Val, very good big_smile

I have had some excellent news today big_smile

I have mentioned before that I take part in a monthly photography challenge on another forum. The last month there were two topics due to there being joint winners. The themes were the taste of summer and myths/legends and fairy tales.

I entered a picture for the summer theme and I won big_smile (the second time that I have won now)

This was the picture that I won with:


I am so pleased, as I must admit that I was not expecting this at all. This was because it was such a bleak looking summer picture. But for me that sums up how our summer has been (non existent)

Edited to add:

I went shopping to get my eldest son some new clothes. When I was looking for a shop to get him a winter coat I saw a charity shop and in there I managed to get a lot of clothes for him, it did not cost me much either. So that meant that he got a lot more clothes that I had originally thought I would be able to get him. The best thing was one of the tops. At a bargain of 95 pence I got him a funky top with an AT-AT on it big_smile

Here is my son modeling the top:



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That is really funky, I hope you enjoy playing it big_smile


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Thank you Green and WV big_smile

LOL the Wii will have to wait as well big_smile though I will make the effort when I get the force unleashed big_smile

Ooh very good WV big_smile I am glad that you are enjoying it big_smile

Tomorrow the buckets get emptied and as there was lots of room in it I decided to have a declutter in the room where our junk has been dumped. I made really good progress and the room is looking a lot better big_smile (I need to work on the kitchen again next)


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Thanks Terra big_smile

Eek I dread to think what the third item will be.

Edited to add, Nope after reading something on another forum that I post on (a lovely lady who is really having a challenging time with her autistic son and not getting any help) I have nothing to moan about. I have even met her and her son, it is so sad as he was such a happy wee boy but then she said seemingly overnight he changed and now he is nothing like how he used to be.

It even makes it easier for me to deal with Devil Boys fowl mood that he has been in for the last week.


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I have never been to New Jersey so I cannot comment there wink

You're welcome Terra big_smile we all need the power of the force, then all you would need to do would be wave your hand in front of her and say 'You will leave me alone and be a nice neighbor'

Today has not been good for things breaking. My daughter decided to put somethings in the back of the printer so last night when I tried to print something off the paper got jammed and no matter what I have done it keeps saying something is jammed sad

Then when I was out with my camera I switched it on to see big cracks down the viewfinder sad the camera works but not the viewfinder. I have no idea how it happened. I cannot see any evidence of any damage to it. I will check to see if thee is anything that can be done under warranty about it. The same goes for the printer as well. I wonder what the third thing will be to break.


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You are right Green big_smile it will have to be when the younglings go to school though big_smile

I am enjoying reading the first of the republic commando books big_smile


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Thank you Manji big_smile yup my hair is growing back nicely, the mad curls are back too big_smile there are still some bald patches but thankfully not many and you cannot notice them at all.

Si, it was a self portrait big_smile The competition was for pictures of faces, I thought I would be different by changing the angle of the picture. When I was looking at the picture I realized that it looked like my head was in the clouds so after a bit of cropping and editing that was the end result big_smile

Si, less of that from you as well wink you are lovely as well big_smile

I barely have any time for games but the games that I am looking forward to are:

The force unleashed (Wii)

And if they do make KOTOR3 then I will be looking forward to that (I really do hope they do as I very much doubt that I will be playing the online version as one of the main reasons I enjoyed KOROT is that it is an offline game)


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Sadly green I have got so much on at the moment that I just do not get the time to go on the Wii sad I do my best to set aside half an hour to go on it but before I know it the night is up and at the moment there is no chance of getting on during the day.

I doubt I will really get on with the PS3. I do not like my hands being so close together. Also the buttons are too close for my liking. I am used to using the PC where there is space to move. I will have a go at the demo at some point to see how I get on though. You have got a few games now big_smile


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LOL at the posts on this thread big_smile very funny big_smile

I do wish that there were more hours in the day. I do not have enough time to get what I want done hmm

Edited to add, You neighbor sounds so charming sad I really hope that you can get something sorted out about her as that is not what you need to be living next to sad (hugs)


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That is a great effect on the first picture Alo, I like it big_smile