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I need help please with KOTOR II.

I have not long started so I have got to the asteroid and I am on the planet trying to locate my ship (LOL I have forgotten the name) I went in for the racing in the cantina and even though I did it in 37 seconds he still said that I had not complete it.

I cannot work out if it is a problem in the game or I am doing something wrong.

I have no idea how long I have been a fan for. My mum only liked A new hope so that was the one that I remember most when I was young. I know that I was a fan by the time that they showed the films at the cinema in 1997 (sadly though due to work being so busy I only managed to see A new hope)

I will say it was 97 to make it easy for me. I say that as that was the first time that I bought something to do with Star Wars (I got the trilogy on video) so that is at least 11 years for me big_smile (I have been a fan of the expanded universe since 2004 when Devil Boy got me a book for Christmas)


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MandoGirl0415 wrote:

I hate it when stores push any time of year 6 months before it is even here. Like RIGHT after I got out of school in the summer. A week after school ended for me they were already pushing back to school supplies! I hate it! They rush every season and if you don't buy it then when they FIRST put it out, when that time of year then comes out, there is nothing left to buy cause they  have moved onto the next holiday or whatever.

This used to very much annoy me when I was at school but now I have younglings I understand. They are not advertising to annoy but for the parents who need to get the stuff in ready.

I do not like early Christmas advertising. There is too much pressure for one day of the year.

Thank you Ralin, I agree with you, it is one of the best games that I have played. I am managing to play KOTOR II so that is at least something big_smile


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Devil Girl wrote:

That is a definitely a haircut Fett_II big_smile

That's a pic of Mandalore Hunter, Fett_II just posted it for him     tongue

Ahhh big_smile

Ooh Terra, you look lovely, really funky big_smile

Fett_II wrote:

cool pics. i won't get this game unless they release it on PC. I'll gladly go to my friend's house and play it there, but unless it goes on PC, no buy from me.

I too wish they had released it on the PC. I would have been able to play it without too much troubles (the save problem with the Wii has really put me off sad )

Having said that I cannot play it on the Wii at the moment anyway, as my darling daughter decided to ram a disc into our Wii. And while we have managed to get the extra disc out The force unleashed can not be unleashed from me Wii (sorry I could not resist that one wink ) I will have to take the Wii apart tomorrow to see if I can get it out. Hopefully it has not been damaged.

LOL Ralin only if you will buy it for me wink

Though what with having a Wii and a PS3 we have got enough.

My friend gave me his copy of KOTOR but the save still does not work so I have deleted the save files and I am going to start from the beginning again big_smile (LOL I wish he had done that before I ordered the other copy so I will hopefully be able to sell the one that I am waiting for)

Edited to add: Well we have worked out what is the problem. It is a combination of Vista and our ATI cards (The newer ATI cards do not support open GL) KOTOR I will not get past one stage and I am struggling with KOTOR II.

I am going to contact them to see if they can help us resolve this issue. Either that or as we are planning on building up an inexpensive computer for the younglings. We use that to play the games. I am really not happy about this as I was really enjoying playing the games.

LOL I might even contact Lucasarts to see if they can help me as well.

At least we know what is causing the problem.


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Grrrrr Devil Boy ordered a £700 laptop on my credit card without telling me. Thankfully it is sat still in its wrapping ready to be returned for a refund.


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That is a definitely a haircut Fett_II big_smile

Very good Taetaeightfour big_smile

LOL Ralin that is fantastic big_smile

While it is not of me I could not resist posting this picture of my eldest son.

Yesterday he decided to put on one of my daughters dressing up dresses on and then he got his Darth Vader mask on before declaring himself 'Princess Lord Vader' He was very happy with himself and I thought he looks fantastic big_smile


You sound like you are getting on funkily WV big_smile

I think I am going to set aside a night or two a week where I can hopefully get a level done. (I really wish that the save system was better)


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-F3TT- wrote:

Tom Cruise. tongue

LOL, I think that is funny.

I agree with you MM. I do not see Boba as being Hollywood pretty but being ruggedly handsome with his many battle scars (which will just make him look tougher)

I still think that Hugh Jackman could pull it off as he can look rough and tough as well.

Thank you Si Titran big_smile In Taris you have to go in a race and when you win the race you rescue Bastila. We think it is because my daughter has managed to put a big scratch on it. We have had to get a new copy of it.

I think there is also problems with Vista as well.

LOL I have started playing KOTOR II while waiting for the new copy of KOTOR to arrive big_smile (I have also had problems with this as well due to Vista)

I have got it and while I have really enjoyed laying it on the Wii (The controls are great for this game) I hate how that when you save the game and then exit it puts to you to the start of the level again. I am still on the first level (the first level as starkiller)

I do not have the time to complete a level at a time. It has put me off playing it to be honest. It is totally unfair to those who like me cannot play the game for any length of time.

Also while I have been enjoying the game there is disappointment as well. I feel that this game could have been so much but like Darth Vader it has not reached its full potential. From what I have read about the game so far, there is no thinking involved, just killing. And while this is fun for a bit I was hoping that there would be more to the game than just this.


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While I am really, really enjoying playing The force unleashed I am really annoyed by how the game saves. You can save it at any point but if you leave the game it will take you back to the start of the level. This is not good for me as I do not always have the time to complete a level. LOL at this rate it will take me an age to finish the game.

I also still get not get past one bit in Knights of the old Republic due to one bit not loading up sad

Hugh Jackman or Jason Statham would make a fantastic Boba.

Nicholas cage...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. There is something about his acting that I just do not like.

I do think they should go for an unknown actor though to play Boba.


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The force unleashed arrived today and I have managed to get it to work (it was not at first but I had to update my Wii before it would register it big_smile )

I am just about to start the tutorials and I am really looking forward to playing it big_smile

I have started playing KOTOR again. I decided that it was so long since I last played the game that I was not really sure what my character was doing. I thought that it would be better to start from scratch.

It has been going well and I have even managed to do things that I had not managed before and I even discovered a area on Taris that I had not found before.

All was going well though until I was going to enter the race to secure the release of Bastila. I was about to start the heat when it would not load up. I cannot get it to load up sad I think there are problems due to Vista. I hope we are able to get something resolved about ti though as I have really enjoyed playing it again.


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You will again Terra (hugs)


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That is cute Terra big_smile



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The force unleashed arrived today, a big yay you would think. It would have been a huge yay if it had worked. I put the disc in the Wii and nothing happened sad

Thankfully they are going to send out a replacement that will arrive tomorrow. I was really looking forward to playing that though.

I still would have liked for it to have come out on the PC though.


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LOL Draco big_smile I did not click on that link big_smile

Ooh I have found out another article about Rick rolling big_smile ( Link )


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Oh no, that really sucks MH sad You will have to play it at your friends houses.

I was not happy that it was not released on the PC though sad

Gas prices are high everywhere (LOL it is one reason why it is good that I do not drive)

Having said that, it is not like I am escaping it. The gas for the house and electricity have also gone up sharply in price. This winter will be very challenging keeping the money that we spend on them to a sensible level (I feel for the younglings as their bedroom gets so cold in the winter)


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That would be a good idea big_smile at least you will get to read it soon. I am really looking forward to the last book in the Coruscant nights trilogy to come out big_smile