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draco fett wrote:

In a thong perhaps? tongue

I think he wears one normally but it is just covered with his cloak wink

Maybe he would wear a lilac cod piece http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/teehee.gif


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If I had my way then it would be a bank holiday/public holiday smile

It is just a fan thing though due to the play on words smile


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Fetterthanyou wrote:


The link in Devil Girl's post leads to a site containing a virus. I am sure that you did not mean it, but it does in fact contain a virus. Please do not click the link. Draco's seems to be fine,

I am so sorry about that.

I have no idea how that happened. I have posted links a few times before (on other sites) and it has never happened before.

I will do my best to be careful in future.

Edited to add: I am utterly confused about the problem with the link now. I checked the link before I posted and I have checked my system and there is no viruses.

I will be extra careful next time I post a link.


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Thank you big_smile

LOL I am afraid that you were beaten to the Tauntaun piñata *Removed* (click on the snow part to see the Hoth spoof)


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Thank you big_smile

I am afraid I have not idea what the words mean Cujo. Even in the computer game there is no translation. I am hoping to start drawing again at some point this year but I need to set some time aside for that (which is limited due to having three younglings)

I am currently working on making a Boba Fett soft toy for my eldest son at the moment and when that is finished I will start making the Boba Fett Collage smile )


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Thank you big_smile


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If any of you play star wars galaxies then you should recognise the picture.

When I started playing star wars galaxies I chose a character that could make pictures in the game. I saw some of the other pictures that were available in the game and I thought they looked funky.

The only thing that I thought was sad was that I could not have the pictures in real life in my home. I then thought that if I were able to make them then it would then be possible. I have not drawn anything for so many years that I do not have any confidence in what I can do. But I do have confidence with my sewing abilities so I decided to sew some collages.

I have made quite a few collages now (with the plan of setting up a home business) when I decided to make a collage of one of the pictures that inspired it all.

This is the picture that I based my collage on:


This is the collage that I made:


I am really happy with how it turned out and I think it looks funky on the wall.


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Wow there is some really funky art work Balancesheet smile well done smile


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It depends on the circumstances.

If it were in the open terrain, then it would be Boba.

If it were in the jungle, then it would be the Ewoks.


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No need to apologise smile I am from another country (I live in Scotland)


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Thank you Miba smile

I know about Independence Day smile I just thought Fett_II was meaning that there was a play on word connection with July 4th that I was missing smile


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Fett_II wrote:

but it sounds better with July 4th (at least for US residents)

Can you explain why please? as I have to confess that I have not idea why http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/icon_redface.gif

My favourite is Greedo’s death. Though it is the version where Han shoots first that I prefer.


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I am still not sure about Shrek. I really did not like it to begin with but now I have got to the point where I can tolerate watching it.

I have seen the Star Wars holiday special and I could not stand watching much of it. I did see the bit with Boba Fett. It is shocking animation but most amusing to watch. (I do think it is amusing that he gets to say more in the short animation than he does in the films that he was in)


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Alo Fett wrote:

Male and my friend just sent me this...
http://a251.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/01 … 1250_l.jpg

That is a scary picture http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/scared.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/faint.gif


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I hope you have had a funky day today.

May the fourth be with you http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/DevilGirlyGirl/Smileys/Jedi.gif

Who do you think would win in this battle?

I have to confess that I am not sure. They are both very good. I think I will go for a draw.


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LOL I would hope that you could guess from my user name and title that I am a lady smile


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Alo Fett wrote:

Yah And I'm going to wright a book about how it was oly a CLONE of jango and thats why he didn't jet or use his flame-thrower. What I'm saying is that Boba only lived is cu'z some guy at dark horse liked him and said "I think he should live and get out" I LIKE the fact that he got out and that he is just as cool but it's only cu'z someone wrote a book about it.

That is the same with every fictional character. Someone decides whether they should live or die.

I was also happy that there was an opportunity for Boba to survive what happened to him in return of the Jedi.

LOL I am the one percent (Hehe I like being different) but I like the background story with Boba and him having a family. I am not impressed with him leaving his wife and small child but it is interesting to read and it adds another dimension. Boba has a legacy and someone to pass his skills onto. I am really looking forward to reading more about what Boba and Mirta are up to.


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In real life I have three close friends and one good friend. Three of my friends are from the place that I grew up (one from when I was at school and the other from when I was at college) and one of my close friends stays in the place where I moved.

On here I obviously it is none as I have just joined.


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Alo Fett wrote:

oh and Boba did die a even more pathetic death I mean it's gotta hurt to be killed by a blind smugler who was just your merchandice on accident.

It was never proved that Boba died in the Sarlacc. It was just assumed that he died when he fell into it. We did not actually see him die. This is why he was able to escape in the extended universe books.

If Boba had been seen to have been killed (like Jango was) then it would not have mattered how much liked he was, he would not have been able to have come back for the books. The only times he would have been in the extended universe books would have been pre return of the Jedi.

As for the question, Jango carried on shooting at Mace because he did not realise his jetpack was dead. As it had been mentioned by Fett_II, you see him trying to get it to work shortly before he gets killed.


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I do not think Boba should have killed Mace in episode III, as I just do not think he would have been able to do it.

Maybe if Mace would have survived the Jedi purge, then Boba could have had a chance if they had met up when Boba had perfected his skills.

I am glad that George Lucas did not include a fight between the two of them in the film. I do not think it would have really worked. There is so much in the film already and I think it would have been overboard if Boba would have killed Mace. I also do not think it would have been right (as much as I think Boba is funky)

I do not know if Samuel L Jackson had said that to George but I still think he is a wonderful actor and he is one of my favourite actors.


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It has to be Boba Fett.

Jango was a funky bounty hunter but I just think that Boba has the edge over him.

I think that Boba has the edge because he survived longer than Jango and has then as a result picked up much more experience than Jango.


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Boba Fett

I think that because is lead by being cold and calculating rather than passion.

It is said in the bounty hunter wars that Boba likes to keep his ship surgically clean and scrubs the cargo area after every job that he does. I think this proves how his mind works. He thinks logically and generally is unclouded by emotion.

Another reason why I think he is the most ruthless is the way how he uses others and then discards them without a though when they have no more use to him.