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Force Master R wrote:

1. Well, yeah we make mistakes, we are only human.  But, as humans we are sart enough to correct our mistakes.  It all comes down to determining what is a mistake and what is simply a disagreement.  The Chenobel Nucular incedent? Mistake.  Greenpeace running agound on ta reef? Mistake. Us eating hambugars? Disagreement. Global Warming? That is yet to be seen which it is.  And this is again a whole new subject, and best settled on a different form.

Well we are making a huge mistake with the environment (which includes the whales as if they go the impact on the environment would be huge) but there seems to be nothing actually being done to correct what is happening. I do not see why we cannot discuss all things on this thread as well. Discussions inevitably move in different directions during its course, it does not mean that they cannot be discussed as well.

Force Master R wrote:

2. Duh.  That's how you get ahead.  Think about it. A single ant isn't much of a threat, but the strength of a colony is enough to make even an elephant run.  A cobra doesn't use's poison to make it a much greater threat than it would be with out it.  We, while not having strength, poison, armour, wings, gills or claws, make it to the top by using our wits to give us the edge.  Man hasn't always had guns, but even then we were still the top dog.  By an evolutionary perspective, we deserve our spot because of our inteligence.  If the other animals want to get ahead, they need to work smarter, not harder.

Thank you for Duh’ing at me, so nice of you. I am fully aware of that we have used and abused things and that is how we have got ahead. You are right about our intelligence. The human brain has evolved in away that has meant that we have been able to adapt things and use things to our advantage to add strength to us and protect us more. There has to be a point though where there needs to be a balance between getting ahead and going to far. Going to far could end up with our destruction.

I do not think that before man used guns, armour etc we were at the top. We would have been one of the top predators, but I imagine that we still would have had to be more careful than what we can be now. Yes we do deserve our now claimed spot at the top but with that comes a responsibility (especially as of how we got there) I also think that the other animals do get ahead but in their own way and without affecting us.

Though if you want we could start up another thread where we can discuss all things that are not related to whales. I like a good debate, as it is always good seeing different points of view (especially when about emotional subjects such as what has been discussed in this thread)

I think in the interview he was trying to be clever and failing badly.

I also hope he was being sarcastic when he said what he did about Jeremy Bulloch.


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

I am 16,my birthday is April 22.

I hope you don’t mind but that made me big_smile

Hehe you were born on the year that I left school smile (I was 15 when I left)

I post on another forum where I post I am about in the middle age wise so I think it is funny that when I come here I am one of the oldest (not that I think I am old though)


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Force Master R wrote:

1.You can belive that we've screwed up, I'm perfectly happy with the way the world is.  Except for there being no more unicorns.  I heard they were tasty.

2. Well, it sure has putus on top of the food chain and in the lead of the evolutionary chain, if you belive in that kind of stuff.

1, I also believe that we have screwed up on many occasions and will continue to screw up on many occasions. We are not living in harmony with the environment and are taking much more than we are putting back. If we carry on like what we are now we will destroy all that we enjoy. It might be nice at the moment but it will not be long before it gets very ugly.

2, I do understand what you are saying but I think that the only reason that we are as successful as we are is because of the things that we use (though from my point of view we have gone too far and it has led toward a slightly arrogant attitude towards other animals…which lets not forget it we are) there are plenty of top predators that would easily kill us if we are with out the things that we rely on to protect us and increase our attack abilities. We might have made ourselves the top of the chain but I do not believe that we actually belong there.

LOL DMC big_smile

I am not a big fan of the 3D animation but I will see what it is like. I will keep an open mind about it though but I do hope that it is funky (fingers crossed)

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

I strongly believe that the tv series will become one of the greatest of all time! smile

I hope so as well as I am really looking forward to seeing it smile


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I saw this on the BBC website and I thought it was so sweet smile

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/glou … 679315.stm


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cujo wrote:

i find this interesting...

when family guy, also created by seth macfarlane, asked to use fetts likeness in an episode(the one where peter had the birdies in his beard). lucas said they could not use the likeness of fett but not the same colors on the helmet. if you recall the helmet was solid grey.(info was on the dvd commentary).
but in american dad, which i actually think is funnier than family guy-they were given permission to use fetts colors as well.

just an observation.
seems like lucas is really loosening his grip as of late. with robot chicken coming down the pipe and such.

That is interesting. He must have just changed his mind. May be like you he prefers American Dad to Family guy smile

I have not seen American dad yet but I think I will have to catch it at some point (LOL if it is actually being shown over here yet) if it is better than Family guy as I really do not like that.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:
Thylacine wrote:

It doesn't happen to have a really scary V as it logo does it? big_smile

???? Isn't it owned by Google now?

Yes. Thank you for typing that as I have got such an irrational hatred for that stupid name that I cannot even type it


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Thylacine wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

No I missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone post it on youtube NOW!!!!!!!

It'll just get pulled for "Copyright Infringment." They're really cracking down on that lately.

You tube used to be funky until the company that I hate naming took it over.


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LOL I had never hear of that programme until I saw this lol


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IG-88 wrote:

Urr you can re-load the weapons in his gauntlets. Plus the stuff about leading the Mandalorians jango should have been a much better leader since he grew up with them, Boba was obviosly not going to be a great Mandalore because he knew almost nothing of there culture. But atleast Boba thinks logically about there future.

I think it will be really interesting to see what kind of a Mandalore he will become now that Mirta is in his life.

What I like best about Jango and Boba is dispite their armor, weapons,and sometimes unusual background...They're human,basic average joes.No super human powers just their two hands and some clever thinking.

I agree. That is also why I think that Jango is worthy of being a Fett.

Edited to correct the text that I pasted in wrong.


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I have no idea about the different types of weapons (I have almost no experience of weapons and I have been clay pigeon shooting once) so I will give my rather unspecific opinion.

I think it would be fun to see what Boba would think of earth weapons smile

He would defiantly go for a flame thrower (I have seen pictures of those)
I also think he would go for the weapon that is the most accurate and does the most damage.

As for the vehicle he would go for something that would have room for merchandise, is fast manoeuvrable and of course would be something that he would heavily modify.


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I like that. It has the tribal look that the Mythosaur skull on Fett’s armour has smile


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Alo Fett wrote:

here are some of those links Devil Girl.

p.s I like what Devil Girl is saying she seems to know what she's talkng about.

Thank you for the links and thank you smile

I have managed to have a quick look though them.

I agree with Thylacine. It is more likely that human history is around 10000 years but earth itself is a lot older than that.

I always think that when there is a debate like this one there is always the potential for heated posts.


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Alo Fett wrote:

The earth is only 10,000 years old or less this has been proven just recently. so if they could evolve they would have to do it way way faster then.

Can you give a link to anywhere where it says that please?

That does not seem to make sense though. Humans have had a lot of history but then where would all of the things that happened before we appeared fit in.

Personally I think humans could be in a really good position. We are aware of the damage that we are causing and the consequences of our actions. We could use that do something really good and of course we can learn from our past mistakes.


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I personally hate whaling. It is disgusting and barbaric and should never be allowed. The way in which they suffer when they are slaughtered is not acceptable.

I know that the people that do this need jobs but there are other ways and there should be an alternative found for them.

Sadly though Alo trades do come to an end and the people that did those must adapt with the changes. There must be help available so that they can do that. Changes in trades can happen for lots of reasons. It has reminded me of the changes in the mining industry in the UK in the 80’s (I do not really remember much about it but there has been a few programmes about it) I will try another link as the last one I posted had a problem with it. It is a link to Wikipedia if you want to read about what happened to the miners. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_miners% … %931985%29

I am sorry but I will never see a way of justifying whaling.


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That is funky smile LOL when I was at school I never even used a computer. They had some computers (I am not sure what type but I do not think they were PC’s) but I sadly never got to use them.


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draco fett wrote:

I'd hate if that happened.

Me too. It would not be right for Boba to have force abilities.


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Thank you IG-88 big_smile

I think your avatar is cute Alo Fett smile 8/10


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I really like your avatar IG-88 smile 10/10


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I like your avatar Corran Fett J It is dark and very funky. It would be perfect if it were more symmetrical though. 9/10

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I think that is a good idea.

I agree with you Miba, if you just want to lurk and read the post then that is fine but if you want to register you should post.


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I would love to have an I-Pod but I cannot afford it at the moment. I will defiantly get one at some point though smile