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They are huge dogs. A fun name though big_smile

This is a article about them on Wikipedia. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Mastiff )

A picture of one:

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … rchill.JPG

In both games I am light side F3tt, that sounds fun though big_smile

LOL, I gained the skill but the first time that I used it (to test it) I got a dark side point. I was basking in a light glow due to being so light sided but alas I am glowing not so brightly now. Ahh well if it means that I can have a better time at beating Malak.

Thank you for the tip Mandalore hunter. I did not have that skill but fortunately I have got an old save (I saved at the start of being stranded on the planet near the star forge and I am level 19) so I should be able to get the skill then)

Hehe I made sure that I had plenty of saves from various points in the game big_smile

It would be such a shame to get so close to the end without actually finishing it.

On KOTOR II I am on Nar Shadaa. It is a big place.

I think this is a really funky result, I am so glad that he won big_smile

Thank you Kelborn big_smile it is indeed a really funky game.

Very good Si Titran, how are you getting on?

The graphics still look really good for how old it is, I know what you mean though. It would be nice to see them updated. I really hope they do KOTOR 3.

I have done really well and I am at the final battle (I just loved the romance with Carth) but oh my goodness the last battle is so, so tough. LOL I wonder how long it will take me to find a way of beating Malak.

Edited to add:

I could not get past Malak so for now until I decide to ahve another go at him I have started playing KOTOR II.

I do with that with the final battles in games there could be an option to make it easier for those that do not really want a really tough fight.

I started KOTOR II from the start again. I originally thought that the character in KOTOR II was the same from the first one but now I know that it is not I have created her to look different and of course have a different name.

I am really enjoying it so far.


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It is hard to see with the pictures being so small but from what I can see you look so, so funky, well done big_smile


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I also hope you do not mind me bumping up this as well.

I know it is a long read but I really would appreciate any opinions about what you thought about it.


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I have just seen this. That is really funky, and well written well done. Will you be writing any more to do with this?


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I need more help please.

I am fighting Malak at the moment and the battle is getting to the really tough part. I am near the end and not matter what I do I keep getting killed (what gets me is that he stuns me so much so I am not able to heal myself)

Can you give me some tips on how to finish Malak please? (LOL it seems that I am so close yet so far from the end)


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Motorcycle (better for the environment as well)

Graphic novel or novel?

Wow, now that is a sexy Twi'lek, ooh he is lovely big_smile


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I use Firefox 3 at the moment and I really like it. The only thing I do not like about it is that I have not worked out how to organize the bookmarked pages. So they are a bit of a mess at the moment. I can get to where I organize it but after that it is a little confusing for me (it just will not cooperate with me)

LOL so I am not the only one doing things in a different way wink

LOL I am having fun with KOTOR, I decided that I would go to an earlier save in the game as there was something that I had not managed to do. I got to speak to Gadon and he would not speak to me so after an age of locating where my laptop had put the save files I transfered them to my computer to talk to Gadon before transferring them back to the laptop to compete in the race.

So at least I am able to still play it on my computer to get the advantage of the bigger screen but able to complete the sections that my system does not like big_smile

Edited to add: I am getting on really well with KOTOR and I am so much enjoying it big_smile I decided to do it in a different order this time. After I went to Tatooine I went to Koriban and the to Kashyyyk. I am on Manaan now big_smile It is getting very exciting now big_smile


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Ooh very good big_smile I will look forward to seeing that being made up big_smile


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Sev Fett wrote:

Stands for Turner Classic Movies.  And it's achannel that we get in North America.

Ahhh I understand, thank you. I can get that channel as well.

Yes Jet Li would be a great Jedi along with Jackie Chan for light relief.

Edited to add:

I missed this post.

TCM stands for: Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I had a look on IMDB and he did not have that film in his Filmography.


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It has taken a while but I have finished my second short story (with the first short story now becoming the prologue)

It is the longest thing that I have written. It is to long I think to put in here, so here is a link to it. I have also made some changes to the original story. I have checked the story many times and I think I have gotten as much errors out as possible.

If there is anything that you notice could you let me know please. Any constructive criticism is also welcome.

I hope you enjoy it

Hide and seek


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TCM? what is that?


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Viggo Mortensen and Halle Berry.

That is looking really nice, great detail.


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They all sound really scary. In fact I think I would find them all as scary as each other but for different reasons)

Any weapon that is pointed at you is scary as they all have the power to end your life.

The hooded figure would be scary because you could not see their face.

The helmeted one for the same reason.

The hateful glare as you know that unless there is a miracle, it is the end for you.

The robot is also another very scary one as you know you cannot reason with something that has been programmed to kill.

Sadly no. There has not been any near me.

I do not want to go to London but sadly th4ey do not seem to hold any in Edinburgh or Glasgow which I would be able to get to easily.


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I used to be good at running when I was at school (I was good at both short distance and long distance running) the only downside was that I hated running so never bothered developing my talent and when I started smoking that was the end of that (I have not touched a cigarette for over five years now)

I am not really sure about anything else as I did not really like sports when I was at school and I have never really developed an interest since then.


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Thank you about the racing big_smile It may not be part of the main plot but I had hoped it would be a good way to make some money.

Thank you Karson, that is very helpful big_smile

Thank you Ralin big_smile I have had some funky news though. I can play KOTOR again so that will not be a problem.

Devil boy ordered a laptop without telling me. I have decided to keep it and KOTOR will play on that big_smile It has got past the stage that I was stuck on. I am so happy to be able to play it again as I was really enjoying playing it.


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Thank you big_smile I knew the ship was the Ebon Hawk though big_smile (I think that is a great ship) Now I just need to get the race to work now.