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I hoe you do not mind me double posting this to bump it up again.

I am still doing this (I am on day 309 today)

Here is a Boba Fett motivational poster (you can create your own motivational poster here



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Thank you Terra (hugs) I will make time to send a message tonight big_smile I have got far too much stuff on at the moment. I barely ever get a moment to relax at all. It is a shame my mother in law does not help (LOL I call her the psycho in law) She would not even look after the younglings during the day for a few hours so Devil boy and I could go to the cinema (the last time we went out together was when we went to see Revenge of the Sith.

Awe thank you about the picture (hugs) Getting good, clear is one of the advantages of having a DSLR. You can get some really great pictures with them. It also helps that I am now got used to taking self portraits with a big camera. Lastly taking lots of pictures and editing helps. Lots of pictures mean there is more chance of finding a picture that you are happy with and the editing meant I was able to crop this image to cut out distractions, Converting it to black and white also helped it. I hope that helps.


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Those fires were mad.

I hope that the fires go out completely soon, and that the areas that were damaged are restored as soon as possible.


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Hei big_smile it has been a while since I was last on (I have been so, so busy it is not funny)

Here is a recent picture of me with my daughter:



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That is fantastic Draco big_smile

I have got my festive avatar on now big_smile I think I will have to sort through the decorations soon. Though I have to start making Christmas presents soon. In fact I will have to start tonight as I will have to post some of them. If I get them done now I can send them by slow and inexpensive post (after spending a lot on my step daughter I have to make the rest of our Christmas as inexpensive as possible)


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Oh no that is not good sad thankfully he is stable but hopefully everything works out well and that he is able to get better soon.

I will be thinking of you all (hugs)



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I cannot be bothered with Christmas this year. I will like it when it arrives but it is the present aspect that I cannot get enthusiastic about. I do not want to buy anything for anyone and I do not want anything in return.

I have got some books and I am going to make some decorations with the younglings soon. I will get the decorations out in the next few days.


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Oh no, how scary for you all (hugs)

I have got my fingers crossed that everything goes funkily for him and that he makes a speedy recovery.



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Thank you very much for the tips Ralin and Mandalore big_smile I am facing Malak again at the moment. Is there anything that is good for softening him up?

I am just going to make sure that I save the fight often and do a little bit at a time (I do not like end of game fights) but it seems a shame to get so close to the end without finishing (I also want to see Revan and Carth go off into the sunset together)

Wow that is quite a wait.

I must admit that I like how she has written him and I have enjoyed the books that she has written so far.

Hehe Karson big_smile

I am back to fighting Malak again. Thankfully though after rejecting Bastila's attempt at turning me to the dark side I am now basking in a beam of light in my portrait. I have tried the draining thing. It worked but the fight is still tough. I really do not like the last fight of the game. I wish there was a way of making it easier.


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LOL, I like to be different.


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LOL Fett II big_smile that would be a very funky car to have. It is a shame that there is no room for the twins.

Actually thinking about it I would love the Addams family car.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I hear us DG.  Can't really pile two of them behind you and other on and handle bars....and with Devil Boy in a side-car or somethin    tongue

But bein' single, I think it's a good choice for me.  Was cheap *bought and paid for, cash on the barrel head,* GREAT on gas *40 MPG, not very hot for a bike, but kicks hell out of most any car*, and just makes for instant cool    big_smile

LOL it would be a fun sight big_smile I could put the twins behind me with Devil boy and DS1 in the sidecar wink

The bike is perfect for you though big_smile I used to love how little I used to spend on gas. I do not know about the US but in the UK we pay a road tax and for my motorbike I used to spend £15 a year instead of £145 due to it being a 125 (LOL that used to really annoy some of the car drivers where I worked)

That is an awesome car Revan big_smile I would love to take the younglings around in a car like that big_smile


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Ooh well done Arc big_smile that is really funky. I hope it it going well for you.

It is an unpaid job but I am a stay at home mother. I was told that it is classed as being worth £25,000 a year. That is more money than I ever earned when I was working (in fact over double of anything that I used to earn.

Due to the challenges of childcare, I am hoping to work from home when my youngest two are at school though (I will need to do something as I would like to emigrate and this will make it much more possible)

I am not sure how long it lasted but in film terms it has not lasted too long.

I wish that George Lucas would stop making stuff about the Clone Wars and move onto the next thing regarding Star Wars (I am getting tired of the Clone Wars)


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Sev Fett wrote:
revan07 wrote:



In the description for the game on the site it says that Revan never returned. NO, they have just killed KOTOR.

That was my first reaction.  But there still is hope for KotOR 3.  Somewhere...  I hope.

That is what I thought as well.

I really hope that there will be a KOTOR III.

Revan has become one of my favorite characters as well. Though if Revan is in the third game it will not be as the main character. LOL though after playing KOTOR, I can't help but think of Revan as a woman big_smile

I think that I might get the MMO just to see what it is like. I used to really like playing MMO's and that was where I met Devil Boy (I met him through the game Dark age of Camelot) but I not longer have the time to play them and I have had enough of paying money each month to play a game.


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That is such a funky bike Ralin big_smile

I used to have a 125 years ago but someone set fire to it sad I cannot really get a bike now as they are not really practical with three younglings.


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Wow Ralin you look very funky, you really suit that bike big_smile

LOL Karson big_smile you will have to see if you can get them back then wink


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I have got that now thank you Karson big_smile (I have got many saves from various points in the game) so that meant I was able to go back to when I was level 19 to gain the skill. When I get the chance to play the game next I will see how I get along then.

Hehe I am glad that I am not the only one who cannot play a darksided character big_smile

Hehe, you will have to get a screenshot so we can see your character.


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Fantastic armour, well done, you have done a funky job.

LOL I love the comic, that is awesome big_smile

Nest time I play KOTOR from the start, I will get that skill earlier in the game so I can get my pure lightside character in the end big_smile

LOL Mandal, I do not know why but I can only play dark side for a short time. I just like being nice in that game and I like flirting with Carth so it is worth being a lightsided character.

I have not been able to play them much as I have been so busy but hopefully I will get some time on it tonight.

An interesting topic.

In some ways he was more powerful as he was able to advise and support Luke at times when he may not have been able to have done before.

Not being able to help at Hoth was a way that he was not more powerful, but he could have guided Han there through the force.