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but then revan came and...


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Karson Fett wrote:

Can you explain a little bit more Chosen One?

how exactly?


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there's some new stuff in there if you guys want to check it out smile


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Karson Fett wrote:

Smuggler freestyle morality quiz!

In this quiz, instead of simply giving you a few options to choose from, read the scenario and state what your trooper would do in that situation. Furthermore, state why your agent chose that course of action and where on the light/grey/dark spectrum you believe your decision resides.

Good luck smuggler, you may need it.

1) You are headed through a rough patch of space when you hear a loud crash coming from your cargo hold. After navigationg the hazards of space you go back to investigate if anything has happened to the weapons shipment you were smuggling. However, as you enter the hold you spot an exoticly alluring alien gagged and bound in chains next to an open crate. There are several other similar crates in your hold, and a few of them could contain multiple people if they packed them tight enough. The alien's expression shifts between defiant and pleading. By all appearances you have actually been smuggling slaves instead of blasters. What do you do?

Do you untie the alien and try to learn more, or do you simply stuff them back into the crate and fly on? Seeing as how valuable slaves are do you call back your client and demand more money, or do you simply skim profits off from somewhere else? Do you hand them over to the republic, or do you simply drop them on the nearest habitable world, assuming you're even feeling that generous? What does your smuggler do when faced with deception and the unexpected?

2) You are in a cantina the night before you embark on a dangerous supply run through a heavily blockaded system. Several other smugglers have tried this run without success, and the resistance fighters who need the supplies have offered you a massive sum. However as you are enjoying your drink an attractive stranger takes a seat next to you and out of the blue states that your client cannot pay all of what they offered. The agent next to you offers you a deal; information on the resistance for assurance that you will be permitted to pass through certain imperial checkpoints in the future. The agent leaves with a stunning smile and hands you a room key and contact information. What do you do?

Do you laugh it off and order another round; confident that the agent was full of it, and that nothing in the galaxy could hope to catch you? Do you consider the agent's offer as a helping hand in the right places never hurt anybody? Do you confront your client with this revelation, or do you simply blow the job off? Who can your smuggler trust in a galaxy full of dishonorable sorts?

3) You learn that an evil criminal organization has placed a large bounty on your head after you compleated a job for one of their rivals. The bounty hunter has a fearsome reputation for tenacity and bringing in their targets alive (although considering who they're being given to, death might be preferable.) With the devil's own luck you also manage to learn of a weak spot in the bounty hunter's armor; the bounty hunter's sibling. The slightly younger sibling is sickly, under the criminal organization's thumb, easy on the eyes and largely isolated from their sibling's help. What do you do?

Do you ignore the information you just overheard and lead the bounty hunter on a grand chase, tossing one-liners over your shoulder every step of the way? Do you help free the sick captive, hoping that the bounty hunter will be grateful enough to stop or do you take them hostage yourself and demand that the chase end? Do you try to convince the sibling of your noble intentions and get them on your side? Do you simply confront or kill the bounty hunter with an elaborate trap or head on with blaster pistols at twenty paces? What does honor mean to you character-assuming it means anything to begin with?

4) You are on a highly important top-secret mission for the republic ferrying a headstrong and strangely attractive jedi knight to-er, well you were paid not to talk about that. Along the way your ship picks up a distress signal from a republic cruiser. The cruiser has been ambushed by a large sith task force and are requesting reinforcements from anyone who can hear them.After they announce that their shields are down; the jedi waves their hand in your general direction and states sternly "we will go and assist them." You manage to catch yourself right before you reach for the hyperdrive. The cruiser announces that it's lost the last of it's fighter escort. What do you do?

Do you punch in the coordinates to lightspeed anyway and try to look for survivors; trusting that the force is guiding the jedi and they know what they're doing? Do you ignore the distress signal and try to remind the jedi of that super-duper-tippy-top-maxi-extreme-ultra-secret mission they were supposed to be on? And hey, before that! What about the whole "you tried to violate my mind" thing the jedi just did? Are you going to call your passenger out on that or do you simply write it off as something that all jedi just do? What sort of relationship does your smuggler have with the force-using population?

5) Hah! Paydirt! After a particularly lucrative job you walk away with a substantial amount of cash- maybe not more than you could ever dream of, but still a hefty sum. Any mates you have on board are taking a nice long shore leave to get "aquainted" with the locals. What does your smuggler do with the lion's share of the haul? Do you start paying off the principal on your loan to that hutt crime lord? Do you join your crew and blow through the cash on wine, lovin' and song? Do you buy that shiney new hyperdrive for your baby? Maybe you use it for style, buying a second gold-plated blaster to match your first one, or on some decent threads to impress the high-'n-mighty? Maybe you hand it over to a particularly impovershed orphanage or some other needy group? How important is money to your smuggler and what does freedom ultimately mean for them?

1. i untie them and try to learn more. After i learn that i've been severely mislead, i put them all back on coruscant where they cant  be enslaved. Then i put on a VERY pissed off look, and go to my hirer and flash my blaster and ask him " WHAT THE FRAK IS GOING ON?!!?"
2. i take the agent up on her offer,( of course first finishing my drink) i walk down to said adress, knock on door, go inside, and ask about said topic.
3. i help the sick dude in hopes the hnter will give up the chase
4. i remind the jedi of said primary directive, plus, if we march straight into a sith attack, we're liable to get blasted to smithereens by the sith flagship.
5. i use it to pimp mah starship yo!


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but boba pwned all of them, he was saddened to kill his brethren, but the republic paid him VERY well, so then...


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Karson Fett wrote:

I don't think so, I only know of one member that has been baned

oh? and who? btw Vader would win


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Terra wrote:
Fettmatic wrote:

I still feel pretty immature for my age lol

You too? tongue

i second that notion. btw i'm gonna be 14 on the 19th


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Not too bad; your scale is pretty good, and you're on the right track with your shading.  Try not to begin with stuff straight from your head but try to use good solid references to look at as you draw.  Stand back once and a while and get a good overview of your overall picture; helps me a lot

wow, thanks so much for the tips! Its good to know i'm at least in the right direction!

Karson Fett wrote:

I found this on the swtor forums, and I thought that it would be cool to bring it here.

Before I go on I would like to give the credit to MrMoto of the SWTOR forums for creating this quiz.

In this quiz, instead of simply giving you a few options to choose from, read the scenario and state what your trooper would do in that situation. Furthermore, state why your agent chose that course of action and where on the light/grey/dark spectrum you believe your decision resides.

Choose carefully trooper, and give 'em hell.

1) You are in command of a long range reconaissance squad that has been operating deep within sith territory for an extended period of time. After being cut off from your extraction point, your squad has been surviving off the land, and has done so long enough for your supplies to run dangerously low, especially food and medicine. Your squad comes across a small village of unknown loyalty in the middle of it's harvest season. Your second in command jokingly states that you should simply steal what you need from the villiage and a few hungry soldiers chuckle and nod in agreement. You and your men are not carrying much in the way of material possessions but might be able to scrounge up enough to barter some supplies from them. You and your men hear a sharp rustling sound nearby and see several youngsters dashing towards the small hamlet. Time to choose.

What do you do? Do you haggle with the villagers, and hope you can afford some supplies to keep you and your men going or do you shashay up, fire a few rounds into the sky and start demanding food, and drink? (and song! and wenches! mustn't forget the wenches!) What do you do about the fact that several of your own troops seem fine about raiding a small defenseless village? Do you chastise or encourage them? What value does your trooper place on the lives of non-combatants?

2) Congratulations, You have a love intrest! Bad news, your Love interest is missing inside a fortified sith town. A town you and an entire republic division will be assaulting in 24 hours; possibly enough time for you to infiltrate the town, find your LI and get back to republic lines before the assault begins. You also shudder to think about the consequences if you're discovered missing during the night. Thankfully, you and your paramour carry tracking devices should you get seperated, but the effective range is fairly limited, and doesn't stretch outside the city walls. There is no time to waste trooper. What do you do?

Do you brave the wrath of your enemies and your superiors to save your beloved, or do you hold position and wait until you are ordered to move into the town? Do you voluteer to be the first group making the assault and make a beeline to your target as soon as you're inside the city walls? Do you remain and have faith in your LI's abilities to stay alive? What happens when your personal life conflicts with your duty?

3) You and your men have been placed under the command of a jedi padawan. After a mission together it has become painfully clear that the padawan (while a skillful personal combatant) has no real understanding of how to fight alongside others. Bounded fire, center peel, counter ambushing drills and other things that are as natural to you as breathing have so far mystifyed the youngster. Although the kid is eager to learn as much as possible, you are a bit skeptical about how much the now-unpopular padawan is actually absorbing. What do you do?

Do you continue to try and teach unit tactics to the young padawan? If you do how many soldiers are you willing to let suffer until what you've taught begins to sink in? Do you try to get the padawan relieved of their comission? If so, how? Do you go through official channels, offending your officers, the jedi order, and possibly the force itself? Or do you take matters a bit more into your own hands, leaving them stranded on the battlefield the next time you're on a mission? How does your trooper view the force-using population?

4)You and your command have been ordered to organize and assist a resistance movement in occupied sith territory. After linking up with the rag-tag band of freedom fighters you are shocked to learn of several unsavory activities the resistance has engaged in to aquire resources. Selling captured imperials into slavery, narcotic making and distribution, and lynching of suspected imperial sympathizers are the tip of the iceberg. However they are remarkably disciplined and skilled fighters with intimate knowledge of the planet and it's inhabitants and would be invaluable in retaking the planet. What do you do?

Do you put a stop to their dirty dealings and possibly hamper your continued partnership? Do you turn a blind eye to their illicit activities for the sake of having skilled assistance? Do you inform your superiors, assuming they didn't know before they sent you in? Do you join them and hope to get in on some of the profits? How does your trooper react when being forced to work with some of the less pleasant elements in the galaxy?

5) You and your men have been fighting a holding action for the past two weeks while the bulk of a republic army falls back to regroup and (hopefully) mount a counter-offensive. They are several days behind schedule, and the morale of your men and your ammunition reserves are drying up fast. After a lull in the fighting two figures walk calmly towards your lines under a sign of truce. You recognize one of them as a famous Imperial general well known for his professionalism and a distinct LACK of sadism and brutality. You can't tell, but you also think the other person is carrying a lightsaber. The general states loudly that you are currently surrounded, and that he would like to hear your surrender terms. What do you do?

Do you give them a very strongly worded "no," or do you order your designated marksman to give them an even stronger objection and hold to the last extremity? Do you pretend to consider their offer, and try to drag out negotiations as long as possible and get you and your men some breathing space? What happens if the cavalry isn't coming? Do you try to see if you can punch through sith lines and escape, or do you surrender and sit out the rest of the war in a prison camp and spare you and your men? How hard and for how long will you oppose the sith, even in your darkest hour?

If you feel you need more information to make your decision, I will gladly provide it. I will also give you an individualized outcome for your decisions based on what your course of action was, and a quick roll of the dice -after all, the moment the choice becomes a sure thing is when it stops being fun, right?

#1, i reprimand my troops, then ask the villagers if they can afford to resupply us.for #2 i take the second option. for #3, my trooper has a mutual respect for the jedi, so i continue to teach group tactics. for #4, you gotta do what you gotta do, so i pay the rather unsavory details no attention and continue to do my job. for #5, i stall for time as much as possible in hopes that the republic bulk will show up right when we need them to ( hey, it worked in Star Wars: The Clone Wars!).


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Karson Fett wrote:

Bounty Hunter freestyle morality quiz!

In this quiz, instead of simply giving you a few options to choose from, read the scenario and state what your trooper would do in that situation. Furthermore, state why your agent chose that course of action and where on the light/grey/dark spectrum you believe your decision resides.

Good luck, Bounty hunter. Show us what you're made of!

1) After turning in your freshest catch to your client, a much older and experienced bounty hunter meets you in the street and states boldly that he don't care for "wet-behind-the-ears upstarts" poaching on his territory. This planet being anyone's territory is news to you, but judging by the reactions of bystanders it might just be true. You also notice the old timer's hand slowly and subtly inching towards his gun as he demands a cut of the take from your hunt- an act that could permanently destroy any reputation that you've managed to build up. The old timer's hand is now resting on his gun and a crowd has formed around the two of you. What do you do?

Do you go for your blaster and hope to mow him down Wild Bill style? Do you to negotiate in hopes of convincing him that you simply didn't know or do you drag it out and try to move slowly to a more advantageous position? Do you simply hand over what he's demanding in an attempt to diffuse the situation? Do you try and get this old dog to mentor you and see what tricks of the trade he can teach you? How does your bounty hunter relate to others in a violent and uncertain profession?

2) You have been hired by an aging crimelord to capture the up and coming successor to a different crime family. You eliminate the young turk's guards with practiced ease and drag the sucessor to your ship in chains. Every step of the way the kid is shouting -not obsceneties, but accusations. He is declaring as loudly as possible that your client is setting you up. He states that the crimelord will kill him, and then kill you to "avenge" the sucessor's murder. He also states that he can match (-no, double! No, triple!) whatever the crimelord is currently paying you. As his accuasations and promises get more and more outlandish and unreasonable you fly within visual range of the dropoff. You also notice that the crimelord has brought an awful lot of guards and firepower for a simple pick-up. Make your move bounty hunter.

Do you drop the kid off as intended, positive that he's full of it and would say anything to save his skin? Do you call ahead and try to work things out with the client and determine the situation? Maybe you refuse to play the patsy and let the kid go. How far does your professional obligation as a bounty hunter extend?

3) You learn than an open bounty has been placed on an ex-partner of yours -who at your discretion you may have been romantically involved with. The two of you parted amicably.(Genuine "So long! Best of luck!" amicably, not "I only emptied HALF the clip in their general direction" amicably.) Your memories with this person while not warm and fuzzy are at least tepid and woolly. The bounty is quite sizable but quite likely to increase if they aren't found soon, and your former collegue is wanted dead or alive. Other hunters are getting the same message you are. Time to get a move on, hunter.

Do you use your experience working together to predict your ex collegue's tactics and bring them in before anyone else? If so will they still be breathing when it's over? Do you contact your friend and inform them of the situation to warn them about the bounty, and that this call might be the last favor you're willing to do for old time's sake? Do you try and protect your ex from all comers, hoping to work side-by side again?

4) A sith warrior has hired you to assist him in taking out a republic outpost. After forcing the garrison into surrender, the sith has started killing several of the prisoners as part of a dark side ritual. You recognize several of the prisoners slated for the sacrifice as having a sizable bounty on their heads, enough to keep you in business for a long time. Unfortunately these bounties are of the "alive or don't bother" variety. On the other hand it seems the sith need them for their own ends and trying to take them for yourself could damage your reputation with the empire as a whole. The sith warrior just carved up the equivalent of a new starship, and is about to sink his lightsaber into another. What do you do?

Do you try and put a stop to the ritual? If so is it because you need the cash or you find the idea of executing defenseless prisoners abhorrent? Do you negotiate and try to reason with the sith to possibly find a substitute? Maybe you sit back and do nothing, as it wouldn't be wise to annoy a well-paying client and an even worse idea to get between a sith and it's kill? What does your bounty hunter do when the bloodlust of the sith conflicts with your bottom line?

5) After paying a hefty sum (still a pittance compared to what your target is worth) to learn the location of a mark's safehouse you move into position, kick open the door and level your blaster at...nothing? The apartment is currently abandoned. After a quick search of the safehouse it appears that it hasn't been used for at least three months and you are unable to find any clues to where your prey moved to. After ransacking the apartment you start making your way back to your "oh-so-reliable" informant.

While you are most certainly going to demand your money back, what sort of shape is the weasel going to be in once you are done? Are you going to have to stuff what's left of them into a dumpster, or will you take the high road and leave without harming a hair on their head? Maybe you split the difference and let them know that double-crossing you in the future will cause you to shoot out their other kneecap? Maybe you don't even ask for your money back, but demand accurate intel this time- or else? Maybe you drop hints that screwing with you will not only land them in trouble with yourself, but certain hutts who employ you? How does your bounty hunter react to setbacks in a profession that demands nothing less than absolute relentlessness and unyielding tenacity?

Bonus question!

No consequences here. What-if anything, won't your bounty hunter hunt for any price? "Innocents?" Women? Pregnant women? Children? Cute fuzzy animals? Endangered species? Your own grandmother? Inanimate objects? Clowns?

for #1 i definitely stall and wait for a more advantageous opputunity. i choose this because it momentarily distract him from his blaster, allowing ME to go for MY blaster and THEN mow him down. for #2 i DO giv over the kid, BUT... i then (having anticipated a double-cross) gun down my hirer+ the armed guards then make my getaway. For #3 i take the last option. for #4 i kill the sith then take the bounties to my hirer. MORE CREDS FOR ME! #5 i flash my blaster to scare him, then demand my creds back AND the location of the target. Bonus Answer: to my hunter, a job is a job. he sees nothing particularly good or bad, a true merc, he's only in it for the credits.of course, certain...er...circumstances ( such as in question 3), may vary his decisions.


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Mandalore, the Mandalorians ( hearing the explosion, and then getting pelted by cheese puffs) mistook this for an attack on the republics part, so they declared war on them, and thus is how the Mandalorian Wars TRULY started...


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a gallery of some fan art i drew smile
http://picasaweb.google.com/djjentink/F … directlink

Terra wrote:

It's pretty fresh. Give people time to read it well, sink it in, think it out. They might give you their deep thoughts about it soon.

Gee, thanks Terra!

erm...no comments? anyone?


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spreads it's cheesy goodness to all, and then blows up. causing...


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but then an imperial heavy trooper shot a rocket at him so he died...


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he got 6 headshots so he was awarded the upgraded rifle you get for doing that ( forget waht it's called ), finally he had enough points to play as himself so he respawned as boba fett and then... ( don't say 'eat some cheese puffs' )


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but unfortunately he didn't have enough points to spawn as a hero ( himself, on this level), so he chose clone sniper, and proceeded to...


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but as he was buying the 90 bjillion credits worth of cheese puffs, a local swoop gang ran him down and killed him with their swoop bikes


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well... i have too much anger  fluxing in and out of at any given moment, so i'd probably succumb to the darkside sooner or later.


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but then boba got a message on his comlink about a bounty on cad bane for 90 bjillion credits...


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but was resurrected by boba cuz they're homies, and then...


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and recieved a million credits because the person he killed was...


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turn into cheese puffs


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mace used the force to...