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then the zombies turned into evil robots controlled by.........


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Then Mars exploded!!!! And then alien life forms took over MC Hammers ded body, and then they invented a super loud speaker that cood be heard from all over the world ( and MC Hammer was wearing a speedo like the zombies) And then everyone died and then came back to life and MC was singing agen


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This movie was awesome... 'Nuff sed..


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i spin in a circle until a pass out..


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i love it....
why couldnt u write star wars instead of Lucas?


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and then MC Hammer started singing Can't Touch This!
Ooops I mean Boba started singing that... yeah


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I have a Nokia 1650. 
Great little phone!


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Hi all!!

I have finally returned after months (maybe a year)  and i will stay more active on the site tongue


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I personally do not believe in God, but I can see why other people may believe in God.  I think that the reason I don't believe in god is because there is so much evidence that evolution could be true,  but nobody has proven that their is some kind of higher power that created us.  I am atheist, and I do not mean to and am sorry if I have offended any of you.  But I don't have a lot of faith, and it is hard for me to believe something that no one has proven right.


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My best friends are;
Ralin Drakus
and everyone else!!!
I like everyone because we all like Boba Fett.


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Hey guys!!
I'm back now.
Sorry I haven't ben on in like, forever....
I pledge to be on for at least 15 minutes everyday, if I can....
So anyway, good to be back!!!


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Im by far light side.
If someone gets on my nerves, im usually just a softy and let them get on my nerves.
LOL tongue


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I couldn't make Star Wars.  George Lucas did too good of a job for me to make it.  And honestly, if I made it, it would be horrible


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He definitley can!!!!!!


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What he said smile


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Im 5'


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I'm lactose intolerant


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Hi friends!!!  I just put this post down to see what you like better, giving or receiving
Personally, I like receiving because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! tongue smile

Good point.  It was ur best work


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Everythings good!!!  I'll be on the site much more now.


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Hey terra!!!  This site is lacking a bit of color, so I think it would be a good idea for you to covince Admin (i will help) to add some color to this site.  I don't care which color, but anything but grey or black.  Thanx!!!


Good point C_V.  ANd welcome to the site.  Hope u like it!!! smile



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Hey guyz!!!  I've been gone for a very long time now, but i'm back!!!  I just want to know what has gone on in the site since i've been gone.  So plz update me!!!!  Thanx!!! tongue



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hey guys!  sorry I havent been on in a while. sad Ive been traveling a lot.  but I promise I will be on a lot more! smile


Hey!!!!  I'm going to make a character, but i need to get everything set up so i will have one soon!!!  Thanx!!