Well, to be homest, I'd have to say that it would be a tie.

I say Boba all the way.  As good as Buggs is, I think besting people like Solo and a vast multitude of jedi is more of an accomplishment then besting Elmer Fudd.  It would take Boba a very long time to beat him, though, and he'd be very frustrated.


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here is an article that tells everything about Ailyn Vel, or at least its what they say.  Again, I don't believe that Boba would decide to have a daughter, but here it is:

Ailyn Vel
From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

Ailyn Vel
Biographical information
Physical description
Species Near-Human (Human/Kiffar)
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Rebellion era, New Republic era
Affiliation Bounty hunter
Ailyn Vel was the daughter of Boba Fett and Sintas Vel.

By the age of sixteen, she had lost both her parents—her father left the family, and her mother later died. She became a very successful bounty hunter, like her father, and devoted many years to hunting her father down, to avenge her mother's death.

She eventually assumed the role of Boba Fett himself, keeping her real identity unknown.

Contents [hide]
1 Biography
2 Behind the scenes
3 Appearances
4 Sources
5 External Links

The time and place of Ailyn's birth was unknown, though it was believed that she was born on Concord Dawn somewhere between 16 BBY and 12 BBY, when her father was between 17 and 21. Her mother, Sintas Vel, was a Kiffar bounty hunter, while her father, Boba Fett, was believed to be a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn at the time.

For unknown reasons, Ailyn's father walked out on the family while she was still very young. As a result, Ailyn grew to hate her father. She lived with her mother for her child and teenage years.

Tragedy struck Ailyn again on her sixteenth birthday, when her mother was killed in pursuit of a bounty. Sintas had taken the bounty mission for the sole purpose of getting credits to buy a special birthday gift for her daughter. Ailyn was devastated by the loss.

The death of Ailyn's mother fueled the strong hatred she had towards her father, and her ambition in life became to kill Boba, blaming him for the death of her mother.

A holographic image of baby Ailyn with parents Boba Fett and Sintas Vel.Tracking Fett was a difficult task for young Ailyn, so she resorted to becoming a hunt-saboteur in hope of finding Fett in her travels. Unfortunately, her efforts went unrewarded for a long time.

It was not until some years after the reported death of Fett at the Pit of Carkoon that Ailyn felt she could finally move on in life. It was from that point that she began her career as a bounty hunter.

Years later, Ailyn discovered that her father still lived, and so the biggest hunt of her lifetime had resumed. She eventually hunted Fett down in the Extrictarium Nebula. However, on confronting her target, she found a man that was not her father, but was in fact an old clone of Jango Fett known as Alpha-Ø2. Ailyn killed the old ARC clone trooper and took his Mandalorian armor with her, and so her hunt continued.

Ailyn returned to hunting bounties, and on occasion would equip the Mandalorian armor and act as Boba Fett, in order to receive bounties of much larger payouts. She began to truly believe that she was his equal or better.

It wasn't until 15 ABY that Ailyn finally believed her father to be dead (again). She eventually tracked Fett down at Shogun and found evidence of a dead Mandalorian supercommando. She also found Fett's Slave IV and took it as her own, assuming the corpse was that of her father.

From then on she took his identity, taking jobs from Bwahl the Hutt and for Nolaa Tarkona of the Diversity Alliance to find shipping merchant Bornan Thul. She eventually found Thul, discovering what he'd been hiding-the coordinates of a plague storehouse-and then transmitting that data to Tarkona. The Diversity Alliance crumbled in battle with the New Republic.

Ailyn's exploits during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and beyond are heretofore unknown.

All lies, if you ask me.


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Boba Dude wrote:

I can't get it too work.....

I can't get it to work either.  It opens up on media player, but for some reason it only plays the music in the movie, and not the movie itself.  Anyone have advice?


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yeah, I think I'm going to have Darth Vader accompany Boba Fett on his next trip to earth and have the both of them team up against Spidey and Venom.


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Glad that my opinion is generaly shared here as far as Aylin Vel is concerned.  I I'm right, she will eventually meet the same fate Jodo Kast did if she keeps on being a Boba Fett imposter.


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And once again I ask, could Chuck Norris hope to take on Darth Vader and live?  Let's just face it, impressive as Chuck Norris is, he is not up to Boba Fett's league.


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What do you think of Aylin Vel, Boba Fett's supposed daughter, recently explained in Star Wars Insider?  I think that the idea of her is stupid, and that she should never have been invented.  It is totally out of charactar for Boba Fett to have a daghter, he sees attachement to a member of the opposite sex as a weakness remember?  It's just stupid, and I say down with Aylin Vel.


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I can't believe this is being discussed.  Even If they were unarmoured, Boba Fett would still win with relative ease, Although Chuck Norris could easily beat up you or I, he is physicaly nothing special in the world of fiction, especially when in comparrison to Boba Fett.  Boba is very adept physically, he is capable of killing several Jedi with his bare hands, and Chuck Norris, even with his roundhouse kicks, has got nothing on that.  Also, could Chuck Norris ever hope to face Darth Vader and live, and also fight him to a draw, as Boba Fett did twice?  Boba would kill an injured and crying Chuck Norris with one punch.


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here is a story i wrote where Boba Fett battles Spider-man!
tell me what you think.

Boba Fett   V.S Spider-man                   

Tatooine’s orbit:  Boba Fett flies his ship, Slave 1.   He had just finished completing a job for Jabba the Hutt.  “You are receiving a message.” his ship’s computer told him.  “All right, transmit it.”, he replied.  A holographic image of a large, muscular, bald man appeared.  “Greetings, Boba Fett.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am called the Kingpin.  I have been told from off-world contacts that you are the greatest bounty hunter of all.  I am calling because I have a thorn in my side that will not come out.  I want you to get rid of him.”   The Kingpin pressed a button.  A holographic image of a masked man clad in an entirely obscuring, skin-tight, red and blue outfit with what looked like webs stenciled all over appeared.  “His name is Spider-man.  He is very strong, very fast, and has a strange “spider-sense” that can warn him of danger.  I have hired many to take out this man, but all have failed.  But I have heard quite a bit about you, Boba Fett.  You may be my last hope.  If you can take him out, you will be paid an incredible amount.”  “We will see.  I have two questions. One is, exactly how much?” Boba Fett asked in his cold, emotionless tone.  The Kingpin replied, “My currency is different than yours, but I’ll send it to your ship through a transmission, where it will be converted to what, for you, would be 1 million credits.  Boba was amazed.  This was more than Darth Vader had ever paid him.  “Very well”, he said.  “And now my second question.  How would I find this Spider-man?”. “I am from a different galaxy than you.  However, I shall now transmit the secret codes needed for hyperspace to get to my planet, Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy.  Now look at this map. After getting here, go to America.  Then go to New York.  Then to Manhattan.  There you will find Spider-man.  Try to stay near the tops and sides of the buildings in your search, and land your ship where it will not be found.  And be careful.  Spider-man is a vicious fighter.  Oh, yes.  The bounty ill have a bonus if he is delivered alive, but dead will do also.  Good luck.”  Fett looked at the codes, punched them in, and zoomed off into hyperspace.

Milky Way Galaxy: When Boba came into Earth’s orbit, He saw the small, blue planet, as well as many other strange planets.  He flew Slave 1 to the large Island where the Kingpin had directed.  Rather primitive planet, Fett thought to himself as he flew over Manhattan, with his cloaking shadow on.  There were no speeders, ships, or great technology of any kind.  Everyone dressed weird, and piloted strange, ground-bound vehicles.  Occasionally he saw airborne vehicles, but these looked strange, and were uncommon.  The buildings were different too.  They were much smaller, and shaped weird.  Oh, well.  Different galaxy, different civilization, he decided.  He landed his cloaked ship in a nearby garbage dump, disembarked, and began his hunt.

    All was quite.  Suddenly, the silence was broken by gunshots.  Some masked men were gathering up loot from a jewelry store, and pointing guns at the owners.  “Time to say goodbye”, one of the robbers said, and got ready to squeeze the trigger.  “All right, goodbye” a voice said.  The robber turned to his partner.  “You say something?”  What looked like spider webbing shot out and glued the other robber’s mouth shut.  “Does it look like he could?” the strange voice said again.  “Sheesh, criminals these days.”  A flash of red and blue, and both robbers were unconscious.  “Thank you, Spider-man!” The owners shouted as Spider-man shot out two strands of webbing, and swung off into the concrete canyons of the city.

    Spider-man, costumed crime-fighter, a.k.a Peter Parker, leapt and swung through Manhattan with amazing speed and agility.  A couple years ago, he was a nerdy kid always picked on by bullies.  Then, one day, on a class field trip, he had been bitten by a radioactive spider.  This had given him his amazing powers.  First, he had used them for publicity.  But then, he learned one of life’s cruel lessons, with great power comes great responsibility.  This had happened through the death of his uncle Ben.  Overcome with guilt and sadness, he had caught the murderer, and become costumed crime fighter Spider-man.  Now, he had just stopped another crime.  Another typical day, he thought.  Suddenly, a black form seemed to materialize right in front of him, without any warning from his spider-sense.  It grew into a tall, muscular, drooling, white eyed, monstrosity.  Spider-man recognized the apparition immediately.  “Venom!”  He went into a combat stance, ready for action.  Venom chuckled softly.  “Relax, Parker.  We’re not here to kill you.  We have something else to do.  We’re here to make sure no one else gets the chance to kill you before we do.”  “And who would that someone else be?”  “We snuck on in and discovered that the Kingpin’s hired a bounty hunter to gun for you.”   Spider-man gasped in mock horror.  “Oh no! Another bounty hunter!  That‘s the most terrible news I’ve ever heard, even though I’ve whipped the butts of a thousand fruitcake’s like them before!  Oh, woe is me!”  “This is a bit different”, Venom said.  “He’s from another galaxy.  Named Boba Fett.  Just thought we’d warn you.  Don’t worry, we will kill you later.”  And with that, he was gone.  After thinking a bit, Spider-man leapt into the air and continued swinging.

    Boba Fett crouched on the side of a building, having anchored himself there with a grappling hook.  Waiting for his prey.  He had gotten there using mostly a series of leaps, his jets, and the tracking system built into his helmet.  Now, he watched as Spider-man swung into view.  He aimed his blaster, and focused the crosshairs on Spider-man.  He smiled underneath his helmet, and pressed the firing stud.

After a few minutes, Spidey started muttering to himself. “Boba Fett.  Goofy name.  Another galaxy.  So he’s a space-fruitcake, big deal.”  His spider sense, all of a sudden, screamed a warning.  Spidey dodged out of the way just in time to avoid two laser bolts.  Although he dodged,  the resulting explosion sent him flying. It also tore out a chunk of cement from the nearby Daily Bugle building.  Jameson’s gonna have a fit about that one, he thought.  “Goofy name? Space-fruitcake? I’d choose my last words more carefully.” a flat, toneless, voice said.
A man in a battle-scarred, armored space suit and a helmet covering his face zipped out from behind a building on jetpacks.  That would be the bounty hunter, Spider-man decided.  “Well, you’re not me, fruitcake!”, Spider-man called.  Boba Fett responded by firing off another rapid volley of blaster bolts, some of which came close enough to striking their mark so as to create scorch marks on his costume.  He was a better shot than all the other bounty hunters that had tried to take out Spider-man.  Seeing that this attempt was unsuccessful, Fett lifted his wrist and fired a cling-wire cable from the gauntlet.  Spider-man tried to evade it, but it was to fast, and wrapped itself around his ankle.  Boba then raised his blaster, and prepared to fire.  But Spider-man had both hands free, he was clinging to a wall with his feet.  He used his super strength to, with some difficulty, pry the wire partially off.  Partially.  Just as Fett fired his blaster.  However, Spider-man had good coordination, and moved the wire in front of him just in time for it to take the blast.  “That’s my talent, bunky!” Spider-man shouted, waving the cord angrily.  And with that, he lifted his own wrist, and shot a strand of webbing right into the eye visor on Fett’s faceplate, splattering all over it and blinding him.  Boba barely had time to be surprised as Spider-man jumped over with amazing speed, and delivered a super powerful kick right into Fett’s midsection, knocking the breath out of him with a satisfying oof! and sending the bounty hunter flying at maximum velocity right into a large window in the Daily Bugle with a CRASH!  “Aw, good ol’ Jameson is just gonna love that.  Oh, well.  This bounty hunter’s better than I thought.  Still a fruitcake though.  Better finish him.”  He jumped towards the broken window.

    J. Jonah Jameson was busy screaming for Ms. Brant to get him his coffee, even though he was already sipping at some.  “Where is that Parker?”  He screamed angrily.  “I heard there’s a bounty hunter out to get Spider-man, and Parker’s not getting me PICTURES! He bellowed.  “I want to see that web-headed freak finally get squashed, and I don’t have pictures!  I don’t even know what this bounty hunter looks like!”  That was when the man in the spacesuit and helmet crashed through the window, continued his unwilling voyage from the force of Spidey’s kick across the office, landed right on Jameson’s desk, and slid right into him, ending the trip with some turbulence.  Everyone in the office, except Jameson, who was pinned under Fett, screamed and backed against the wall, knowing that a super-guy against super-guy battle was under way.  “Somebody get Spider-man’s newest partner off me!” Jameson shouted.
    Boba Fett shoved the jabbering loudmouth who had cigar breathe away from him, and painfully got to his feet.  He was hurting. He was dazed.  And he was angry.  Spider-man was a good fighter, he had to admit.  But no one could get the drop on him like that.  No one.  He mentally disciplined himself.  He had not expected what had happened.  But no bounty ever escaped Boba Fett.  He would not fail.  He would be ready.  It was Spider-man, he thought, who would underestimate his foe.

    Spider-man swung into the building just as Boba was staggering to his feet.  He leapt at Fett, fists outstretched, preparing to deliver the final blow.  Then something surprising happened.  Fett did not attempt to dodge.  Instead, just as Spider-man was about to nail him, Boba, with lightning fast speed, grabbed both of Spider-man’s wrists with his own hands, lifted the wall-crawler up, swung him above his head, and smashed him through the wall, throwing him through to the other side.  Spidey landed hard on the ground in the next room.  Spider-man, dazed, battered, and surprised, stumbled to his feet.  Man, not only is this guy a good marksman and loaded down with an arsenal shop, but he just HAS to be a hand-to-hand fistfight combat expert.  Just what I needed, he thought.

    Boba Fett was just about to enter the next room to continue the fight, when security flooded the room, evacuated everyone, and surrounded him at gunpoint.  “Drop your weapons!”  Fett did not drop his weapons, nor was he worried. “There is a bounty on that man.  Interfere at your peril.”  They did not heed his warning.  With a deft kick, he knocked out one guard, clubbed another in the back of the neck, and took out another with a toxic dart. Dodging the bullets flying all around him, he had soon brought all the guards into unconsciousness, strewn around the floor.  All this took place in just a few seconds.  He smiled grimly.  His fighting skills were all part of his training, and inherited from his father.  It was a good thing to have them too, especially in a fight like this.  So far, there had been no one, male or female, alien or human, who was his equal in hand-to-hand combat.  Until now.  He entered the room where Spider-man was.

    Spider-man was not ready for Fett’s next attack, which was to jump in and pin him against the wall with his forearm, squeezing the breath out of him.  “Not such a fruitcake anymore,” Spidey said.  “Now you’re just a piece of cake” Spider-man replied.  He punched Fett in the head, knocking him off.  Fett got to his feet and began firing lasers from his wrists.  Spider-man charged through, evading all the bolts and tackling Boba.  The action caused them both to fall to the ground, and they began rolling around in a vicious embrace, delivering and countering lightning fast punches.  Boba threw Spider-man off and threw a fast punch, which Spidey dodged and came back up with a blow to Fett’s chin, which sent him flying up through the ceiling. Spider-man started to go after him but was stopped as Boba jumped back down through the hole, landing on top of Spider-man, bringing him down to the ground, pinning him with both legs. Spidey squirmed out from under him and wrestled him down to the ground.  Boba brought the face plate of his helmet forward and did a schmuckle helmet on Spider-man with a shcmack!,  knocking him back.  It would have either knocked out or broken the nose of an ordinary man, but Spider-man was no ordinary man.   Boba reached into his belt and through a concussion grenade at Spidey.  Spider-man dodged, but the force of the explosion was so powerful that Spider-man was flung back into the wall, back to Jameson’s office.  Boba came after him, but Spider-man shot out a web-line, wrapping him up.  Boba strained and pushed, snapping the webbing with much difficulty.  Spidey shot out several more strands in faster succession, entangling the bounty hunter more.  Boba tried to work his way out, found that he couldn’t, and took several dizzying punches and kicks from Spider-man, which knocked him to the ground.  Boba pushed his upper body forward, knocking the wall crawler off, and managed to free one arm just enough to press a button, which activated a cutting blade that instantly popped out of his right wristlet, and in a slicing motion, freed him from the webbing.  “Aw, that was a shame”, said Spidey. “You looked so ravishing in that beautiful dress.”  “You fight well, but you would also do well to quit your senseless and childish blabbering.” Boba said.  He leapt at Spider-man and swung the blade at him, who back flipped over Boba’s head and kicked him in the back, knocking him to the floor.  Boba got up and did a roundhouse on Spider-man.  Before Spidey could get up, Fett lifted his wrist and fired a strand of cling-wire at Spider-man, wrapping him up much the way Spider-man had done to him.  Spider-man tried to snap it by flexing his muscles, as he had done with chains or ropes, but could not.  Man, this stuff’s strong, he thought.  Boba fired up his jets and leapt out the shattered window of the Daily Bugle, dragging Spidey along with him.  Boba zigzagged between the buildings, not giving Spider-man the same courtesy, but instead smashing him into as many buildings as possible.  As this painful phase of the battle was carried on, Spider-man soon tired of it.  He kicked out his feet so that they clung to the next building they went by.  The adhesive abilities in his hands and feet were amazingly strong, and could not be torn from anything, unless a chunk of that anything came with them.  Such was the case as the sudden resistance caused Boba Fett to jerk sharply, the force of which yanked off both Spider-man and a large chunk of the building, sending both combatants crashing onto a rooftop.  Spider-man still could not break free from the cling wire.  But he was resourceful, even if it meant using someone else’s resources.  He jumped over to Boba Fett, and scraped the wire against the still activated wrist blade.  The wire fell away.  Boba reached into his belt and withdrew a vibro-blade, and began slashing at Spider-man.  “All right, two can play this game”, Spider-man said.  He knew he was not going to be able to dodge Fett’s skilled thrusts for very long, so he spun a large gob of webbing and molded it into a sword, just like he did once in a battle with Mysterio.  “En guard!”  He swung the makeshift sword at Fett, who parried it.  Fett swung as well, but Spidey dodged.  “Impressive”, Boba said. “But not enough.”  He jumped at Spider-man with a flying kick that brought the wall crawler to the ground.  Spidey was barley able to block and withstand the ferocity of the bounty hunter’s  next attack.  He then threw a punch that knocked Fett off of him, saving his life.  He went for Boba and the duel went on.  Finally, both men clashed their blades together with such force that the weapons went flying out of each others hands in opposite directions.  Boba tried to lunge after his weapon, but Spider-man caught him by the ankle and yanked him back.  He hammered Fett to the ground and jerked to his feet.  Boba tried to squirm away, but it was no use.  The grip of Spider-man, who had the proportionate strength of a spider and then some, was too strong.  “End of the line for you now, bud.  Nice getting to know you.”  He drew back his fist.

        Boba Fett had never been in a fight like this before.  Spider-man was a very worthy opponent, perhaps as much so as the Dark Lord Vader himself.  And now, here this Spider-man was, on the thresh hold of defeating him, with his fist about to bring the final judgment.  No.  I have not been defeated, and I will not start now.  Spider-man may have been faster, stronger, and equipped with a strange spider-sense and webbing, but Fett’s skill, coordination, and experience was greater in hand to hand combat than that of Spider-man, and he was equipped with a wide variety of weapons in his mandalorian armor, which, like his deadly physical strength and fighting skills, and his ship, had come from his father, Jango Fett.  He remembered his father now.  Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett, who was, at the time holding the position that Boba now held as the greatest bounty hunter.  Being a clone, Boba had therefore genetically inherited all of his father’s traits and abilities.  His father was the one being in the universe with whom Boba Fett had ever felt any emotion for.  He had loved Boba, taught him to be as great a bounty hunter as himself, and had protected him.  Even now, he thought he could see Jango holding back the punishing arm of Spider-man, to give his son time to think up his next actions.  Yes, his father had always been there for him.  And then, when Boba was only ten, his father had been cruelly taken away from him.  He could still see vividly the lifeless, decapitated body of Jango Fett slowly, mournfully, fall to the ground, still see the ravaged battle helmet, which he now wore, roll away from the body.  And strongest of all, he could still feel the shock, and the hatred directed towards the culprit, Mace Windu, the Jedi Knight.  He remembered the cruel man taking advantage of his father’s weakness after he was  trampled by an execution beast.  The saber had sizzled through the air and ended the life of Jango Fett quickly and brutally.  And Boba had been left alone.  There could be nothing more terrible than seeing your father slaughtered in a battle arena.  This fact, the memory of his father, and the hatred for the murderer, had driven him to don the armor and follow in his father’s footsteps.  But Mace Windu, the only man who Boba had really hated (since then, Boba had decided that nearly all emotions, including hate, were useless and should be discarded)  was no more now, and he was about to be beaten to a pulp.  The mental image of his father was still there, slowing the punch of the wall crawler.  Fight for me now, Boba.  Do not let him win.  I am with you.  Now!   Boba, with a speed he had not known he had possessed, jerked away not enough to evade the punch, but to keep from taking the complete effect.  He still got most of it though, which was enough to knock him flying fifty feet, into a  flagpole to come to rest on the rooftop.  The punch would have broken his jaw if not for the helmet, and came pretty close to doing so anyway.  His father had saved him again, by means of his helmet.  Boba was aching quite badly, and his armor had gotten several new dents, but other than that he was mostly unharmed.  Spider-man didn’t know that, though.  Boba would use this to his advantage.  Thank you, Dad.  I will not fail you.  I will defeat him.  Spider-man, believing his foe unconscious, leapt over and seized Fett, preparing to deliver him to the authorities.  But Fett surprised him by rising, punching him in the stomach, and flinging him to the ground with a thud.  Spider-man got to his feet, but then Boba jumped into the air, fired up his jets, and charged into Spider-man, knocking him off his feet.  Boba flew at amazing speed, the momentum carrying Spider-man along with him, pressed against Fett’s forearm.  Boba flew to the next building and slammed the wall crawler into its side, making a large dent.  He jerked Spidey out of the wall, and resumed his flight.  Spider-man still struggled.  “Doesn’t seem to be able to take a hint, this guy.”  Fett said to himself.  He prepared to slam Spider-man into another building.

Spider-man shook his head to clear the dizziness. This was amazing.  That punch shoulda knocked Fett out, at the least.  Then, just as it had seemed that Fett was totally out of it, he had just come back to life.  He could not afford to take to many more slams into walls.  “I’m sick of you not playing nice in this game!” he said. He punched Fett in the jaw and used the momentary distraction to wrap his arms around Boba’s helmet, blocking his view.  Unable to see, Fett began to fly out of control.  Both combatants began to fly towards the ground.  “Oops” Spidey said.  The impact was hard.  Really hard.  They had landed right in the middle of a traffic jam.  Fortunately for both of them, the street was so packed that no cars were moving, otherwise they would probably both be dead.  They had landed with such force that half of a car was caved downward from the impact.  Spider-man painfully got to his feet to turn and face an equally messed up Boba Fett.  Spectators gathered expectantly around the contestants.  “Fight!  Fight!  Fight!” some of them began chanting.  Well, their gonna get what they want, Spidey thought to himself.  Boba and Spidey simultaneously charged at each other with a flurry of punches and kicks.  Boba kicked Spider-man into a fish market truck.  Spider-man lifted both wrists and shot out two strands of webbing.  They attached themselves to Boba Fett, who was yanked off his feet and towards Spider-man.  Spider-man snapped his head back from the impact of the blow Fett through at him upon being reeled in, grabbed Boba and slammed him headfirst into an abandoned car’s windshield.  “I hope you know that you’re gonna pay for that, not me,” Spider-man said.  “Over your dead body” Boba replied.  He threw a kick that caught Spidey in the jaw and jumped on him.  The two began to wrestle each other into the pavement. Spidey grabbed Boba and slammed him into a lamppost, and was rewarded by being smacked into a stop sign.

Boba Fett continued to battle.  He broke free of Spidey’s grasp, took several steps backward and raised his wrist to use one of his deadliest weapons.  The rocket dart launcher.  He aimed and fired at Spider-man, still in the truck, careful not to hit any civilians.  He was a bounty hunter, not a murderer.  That meant that he only caused grief to those that he had been hired to do so, not innocent bystanders.  The explosion from the rocket was huge.  Although it did not catch any bystanders, it did fling several of them off to one side.  When it had finally died down, everyone gasped and watched wide eyed as Fett strode towards the wreckage of the truck to collect his prize.  He felt triumph.  Then he felt the sensation that someone had just thrown a dead fish at him. Spider-man, having mostly dodged the explosion, limped out from the smoke, small sections of his costume burned away.  “Gotta give more than that to take me down, fish brain,” he said.  Boba nodded his approval.  “Good.  Few have been able to survive that part of my arsenal, however you did it.  But you will pay for that fish.”  With that he charged towards Spider-man, grabbed him, and blasted upward with his jets as onlookers watched as the fight was taken to the sky.  Spider-man broke free, fired a web line, and swung out of the way of a concussion grenade thrown by Fett.  It exploded harmlessly behind Spidey.  Spider-man delivered to Fett a punch which knocked him for a loop.  Unfortunately, just as Fett was being thrown backward from the punch, he managed to grab the web line which Spidey was swinging on, causing them both to crash into a Star Wars movie advertisement billboard.  What a ridiculous and pointless looking form of entertainment, Fett thought to himself.  Spider-man and Boba both flew out the other side, covered in dust.  Boba knocked Spider-man off him, and was sent spiraling out of control from a kick from Spidey.  After Fett recovered Spider-man dodged several laser blasts that came uncomfortably close to hitting him, latched himself to a nearby flagpole, and fired a line of webbing, which snagged Fett, who struggled without success.  “Time to round up the cattle!”  Spider-man called.  He began twirling the web which imprisoned Boba around in a circle like a lasso, pulling him closer and closer until he had him in his grip.  Spidey then twirled Fett around above his head, and threw the bounty hunter.  Then, he swung the web line in an arch which slammed Boba into the side of a building, then onto a rooftop.  Spider-man jumped off the flagpole towards the roughed up Boba Fett, but in a desperate move Fett drew his blaster in the blink of an eye, and fired a well aimed laser bolt at Spidey, blasting off one of his web shooters.  A surprised Spider-man fell to roof, and regained his speed just in time for his spider sense to warn him to avoid another laser-beam, then a grenade, which blew off a chunk of the building.  “All right, that’s it, you made me mad!”  Spider-man shouted.  The web slinger brought Fett down with a flying kick.  But suddenly, Boba moved his arms with lightning swiftness, one straight up and one down, a motion which flipped Spidey into the air and landed him hard on his back.  “For all the good it shall do you”  Fett said, and attempted to take advantage of Spider-man’s situation, but was kicked in the stomach and sent flying over Spider-man’s head.  He hit the ground with a roll that instantly brought him back to his feet to face Spider-man.  Boba threw a haymaker punch at Spider-man, but Spider-man back flipped over Boba’s head, avoiding it.  Fett this time tackled Spidey and pummeled him with his fists.  Spider-man managed to slide out from under Fett, who rocketed into the air and began to fire blaster bolts at Spidey.  Spider-man likewise leapt off after Fett, fired a web line, then prepared to fire another one and slam into Boba.  But he remembered to late that one web shooter had been damaged.  “Oh, #@*$” he muttered.  His surprise cost him big time.  “I would watch my language if I were in your position.” Fett raised his blaster, squeezed the trigger, and caused it to emit a deadly beam of red light.  His aim was good.  Spider-man’s spider sense was to late.  The web slinger’s mind and vocal chords both screamed out in pain as the blaster bolt nailed him full on the side.  Spider-man had never been hit with a laser.  He hung there on his single web line, writhing from a pain unlike anything he could have formerly imagined.  Boba charged forward on his jets, fists held out in front, and slammed into the injured super hero, propelling him forward to crash land him back inside the Daily Bugle building.  Boba lifted Spider-man up and smashed his fist into his face, knocking Spidey to the floor eliciting a pained moan.  Spider-man, clutching his smoking, injured side, staggered to his feet and threw a punch at Boba, but the bounty hunter easily dodged the weakened wall crawler’s attack, and threw him back to the floor.  He raised his wrist, and got ready to fire a laser at his foe.  “You have fought well, but now it is time for it to end.”  But the fight was not out of Spidey yet.  “Don’t...count...on it.”  He rolled to the side, avoiding the beam, and quickly spun a small shield out of webbing, threw it into the air, causing it to block Fett’s next laser blasts.  Not only did it do that, but it also deflected them right back at the startled bounty hunter, who could not avoid them.  They nailed him full on with a cloud of smoke, a crackling sound, a small explosion of sparks, and sent him flying back into an overturned desk with a grunt of surprise and pain.  Gotcha! Spidey thought.  He stumbled toward the felled bounty hunter, who must have been dead.  Suddenly, two gloved hands reached out from the smoke and grabbed the wall crawler.  Boba Fett pulled himself from the haze.  Smoke was coming from his now super heated chest plate.  “I congratulate you.  Hardly anyone has been able to deflect my projectile weapons. But my mandalorian combat armor was designed to deflect projectile weapon blasts of nearly any kind, although that still did hurt.”  “Let’s...see...what your armor...can do for this!”  Spider-man shot back, and delivered an unexpected powerful uppercut at Fett’s chin.  It knocked Boba off his feet.  It also knocked the man’s helmet off to reveal the man underneath.  His dark hair was cut not unlike J. Jonah Jameson’s, Spider-man saw, but there the similarity ended.  Boba Fett’s face was as tough looking, battle scarred, and intimidating as the mask was.  The first expression on Fett’s face was surprise at being unmasked.  The second was anger, then a firm resolve.  “All right,” Fett said in that toneless voice.  “Time to end this.” Fett flung Spider-man away from him, and jumped after his opponent.  Spider-man tried to block it, lashing out with an ineffectual kick to Boba’s side, but Fett would not be stopped.  He landed on top of Spider-man and began a merciless pounding.  Spidey broke free from him, but between his painful injury, his exhaustion, and Boba Fett’s rage, He did not think he could prevail now.  Boba again knocked him to the floor, turned, picked up a chair, and brought it down with devastating force upon Spidey, grim determination on his hardened features.  Can’t win…must keep going! Spider-man thought.  He batted Fett away from him, splitting the bounty hunter’s lip.  As Spidey backed away, he thought to himself: ...might still be able to beat him...have a chance!  Then Fett withdrew his blaster from its holster.  His bruised and battered face showed no emotion.  ”You proved yourself to be an adequate fighter.  But now, you must die.”  In his weakened condition, there was no way Spider-man could dodge the shot now.  I love you, Mary Jane.  Sorry Aunt May.  And Uncle Ben.  I failed you...  Fett squeezed the trigger.  The bright energy beam flashed out.  A searing pain.  All went black.

Boba Fett held his blaster before the fallen form of his enemy and bounty.  This had been one of the greatest battles of his life.  And somehow, he did not feel to good about winning.  The man had fought very hard for his life.  And he had lost.  It was almost a pity to have to had killed him.  Fett shook his head to clear his thoughts.  He’d won and business was business.  You got paid to take someone out; you did it and got paid.  That was how it worked.  Plus, this one had unmasked him.  He kicked the body to make sure it was dead, picked his helmet up off the ground and put it on.  He slung the body of Spider-man over his shoulder, fired up his jets, and flew off into the horizon to where he had left Slave 1.

    Spider-man woke up.  He looked around and was able to discern with unclear vision that he was in a cage.  He saw unfamiliar scenery, and had the sensation that he was moving.  He realized he was in a vehicle of some sort.  His side ached and stung badly, and when he looked at it, he saw a wound which, through the aid of his super-human healing system, had already commenced healing.  The he saw the man in the pilots seat.  It all came back to him now.  “I have defeated Spider-man” Fett was saying into a com device.  “Good.” A familiar voice said.  “I will now send you your pay, and the address in which you are to deliver him to.”  Fett switched the com unit off.  Spidey had pretty much woken up entirely, so he quietly bent the bars of his cage, got ready, and tackled the unsuspecting Boba Fett.  “Your alive!”  he gasped.  “Never count your chickens before they hatch!”  Spidey said.  He was fully refreshed now, and ready to fight, save for the ache in his side.  He punched Fett, knocking him against the ship’s control console.  The ship spun wildly, throwing the combatants all around the ship.                     

              Fett was amazed.  The wall crawler could not have survived.  Unless...He vaguely remembered being kicked in the side, where his weapons belt was.  He checked his blaster.  It was set on stun!  That blasted Spider-man must have moved the setting switch with that desperate kick.  He cursed himself for not checking it before he fired.  But now he had more immediate concerns.  He resumed the fight. 

    Spider-man shot out a strand of webbing, attempting to snag Fett, but Boba grabbed it with both hands, tugging with such force that Spidey was yanked to Fett’s feet.  Boba delivered a double fisted blow, knocking the web slinger to the ground.  Spider-man got to his feet and began to grapple with Fett, as they were both thrown all around by the out of control ship.  Neither of them noticed it, but a storm was brewing outside.  “You know what I like about you, Bubba?  Unlike most dudes I fight, you don’t scream ‘die, insect!’ at every second.  You loose gracefully!”  “It is Boba, not Bubba.”, the bounty hunter snarled back.  “You yourself fight well, save for your pointless and childish wise cracking.  When you kicked me in the side, my blaster was changed form kill to stun.  That is how you survived.  You shall not be so lucky this time.”  He blasted about six feet up into the air on his jets, kicking Spider-man away form him to the floor, then landed.   By now the fight had progressed from the cockpit to the cargo hold to the entry way.  The hatch way was hanging open from a random button pressed in the struggle.  Spidey leapt over Fett’s back, throwing a punch as he did.  But the action triggered the emergency ignition switch on the jets, the action causing them both to blast out of the hatch, onto the top of the erratically flying ship itself.  Thunder and lighting sounded all around them.  They were still in earth’s atmosphere, about two thousand feet above the ground.  Only Spidey’s adhesive abilities, and wristlet activated suction cups on Fett’s boots, kept them attached to the ship.  Spidey tried to kick Boba loose, and was countered by a backhanded swipe.  The difficult fight continued.

    Boba Fett could barely keep his footing, even with the suction cups.  His balance was also an issue.  He could see that Spider-man was having some trouble as well.  The wind rushed all around them with amazing force, and the crazily spiraling Slave 1 would have caused most men to empty the contents of their stomach.  But neither of these two men was most men, so they kept fighting.  Inside the ship, Boba had dared not use his blaster for fear of damaging the ship.  Now, outside, the conditions would make it difficult but very possible.  After making sure it was on the right setting, he withdrew it and began to fire.  Spider-man dodged.  The conditions made it very difficult to get a good shot.  The wall crawler reached Fett and grabbed him.  Boba thrust his knee into Spider-man’s stomach.  They both tried to wrestle each other to the ground.  Suddenly, an explosion was heard.  A bright light flashed, and Slave 1 rocked convulsively, so that both combatants were nearly thrown off.  Burning metal scented the air.  Fett broke away from Spider-man and turned around, fearing the worst.  There was a large, messy hole burned into the hull of the ship.  The explosion and bright light came again, making another hole.  It all dawned on him in one, horrible second.  “Blast it!”  He had not turned on the shields of the ship when he took off.  Now, lighting bolts were peppering Slave 1 full force!  The ship would be destroyed if not immediately attended to.  Spider-man apparently grasped this as well.  He turned, ran, and made as if he was about to jump from the ship.  Fett had a choice.  He could go after his bounty, and loose the ship that had once been his father’s, or save the ship and loose the bounty.  Spider-man jumped from the ship and disappeared.  Another lightning bolt struck the ship.  Fett hesitated for a second, and jumped back into the hatchway of his ship, and got into the pilot’s seat.

    Spider-man was falling extremely fast.  If he did not do something, he would be turned into a pancake, and have escaped Slave 1 for nothing.  He lifted his remaining web shooter, and began to spin a special little life saver.  Soon, he had a parachute.  He slowly floated down to safety.  As he did, he looked up, and saw, for the last time, the damaged and nearly destroyed Slave 1, with Boba Fett, disappear into the clouds.  He could not help but feel some sadness for the doomed bounty hunter.  He continued his descent.

    Boba Fett made the jump into hyperspace with Slave 1.  There was barely had enough power left to do so.  He had failed his mission.  No.  He hadn’t.  He hadn’t lost the fight, and he had caught Spider-man.  There was a chance that Spider-man had not managed to survive his jump from the ship.  He probably had, he was a very worthy fighter.    Plus, his credits had still been sent to him.  He had completed the assignment.  Then the assignment had undone itself.  It was pretty much a tie, he supposed.  It was enough for him.  This battle had proved that high paying bounties could be found on this planet, and would even present a decent challenge for him.  He might even return someday, he thought to himself.  According to his databanks on the planet, there was currently a high paying bounty on a superhuman by the name of Venom.  Very interesting. After he returned to his own galaxy and gotten sufficient repairs done on his ship, he might look into it.  He might even meet Spider-man again…

                  THE END!