And the winners are?


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bats wrote:

The other day I was cleaning all my Little People around my Computer and really
had a good look at Boba Fett,!!!,Mr Lucas really didn't go into much detale in Boba's outfit
sort of made from  Bits and Pieces,but the Helmet is the Eye-Catcher,,but the Outfit put together
I know makes Boba and the Cloak finishes it off.

Try making it for yourself and you will realise just how much effort/detail there is in this costume lol

Believe me, its widley accepted as the most detailed and difficult costume to recreate. Just ask anyone over at the TDH. smile


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Its a great country, and despite what some sites may say the natives are very freindly. Its not just Sta Wars that was filmed there either. Indiana Jones was made there as was The English Patient and The Life of Brian ( tunisia that is, not Matmata ) smile

If anyone wants any more pics just drop me a PM smile


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Sev Fett wrote:

He's probably saying that from personal experiences as well.

Yes, I'am.

And for the rest of you doubters  tongue … egion.html


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Miba wrote:

I think it's blasphemous. To build a hotel where just anyone can come in and do anything to such a special place is awful. Not to mention the destruction they had to have done to it in order to transform it into a hotel is unbelievable.

You misunderstand my friend .

These places have been the traditional homes of the Berber tribes in Tunisia for many hundreds of years.
Lucas merely " borrowed" the architecture for his movies.  :

Read the last line of the wikipedia entry closely! wink

Sharra:-  I've done a bit.  Besides I live in the UK so its just a couple of hours on a plane to Tunisia.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Was the first picture taken at the set of Tatooine?  Does such a place even exist?

Yep! Its the hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia, it was the location used for the Lars homestead ( Lukes home in the ground).

Remember the famous Meal scene with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru / Well the weird painting on the ceiling is still there.


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JasterMereel wrote:

I've got a Don Post '97 that I got for free b/c it had no rangefinder antenna and a cracked visor.  I could just make a rangefinder and replace the visor, but I know you can buy good kits that have movie-accurate parts in them, and you're supposed to cut the visor out and reshape the helmet b/c its too wide.  Also, being the '97 and not the '95, its sorta flat-topped, so I may wanna try to add some material to the top then sand it into the proper dome shape.  I'm trying to wait until I can do it right, vs. just getting little things done so I can get it off my chest, haha.

Heres my DP 97: ( can you guess where the pic was taken?  )

and a slightly better view of the side.

Revan: Nice bucket mate big_smile


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Here ya go: … ling.shtml … ture.shtml


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Thanks BD  big_smile

There's pics of the rest of the armour in the gallery.


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It was free to download from his site so I can't see how he could have been making money hmm
Must have been because he was using footage from Battlefront II


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That money grabbing b4$t4rd Lucas has had them pulled due to copyright infringment. mad


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ARC Fett wrote:

thats cool, you son is a cutie pie.

Thank you. He's gonna be a lady killer when he's older. wink


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Fetterthanyou wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

yeah might not be bossk. If it is though, how could he be alive in expanded universe if the sailbarge exploded? oh also why didn't bossk join the battle during the sarlacc scene?

I don't see why Bossk would be in on the barge in the first place... Boba returned to Jabba to get the bounty (for a second payday) and he was asked to stay on by him as a bodyguard. He knew stuff was gunna go down, he was a pretty awesome crimelord after all. Bossk on the other hand had no reason to be there, if memory serves me, he wasn't on Jabba's payrole... at least not usually.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Bossk got a major grudge against Chewie?  If so , him hanging around the one place Chewie is going to show up ( Jabbas palace to rescue Han ) kinda makes sense.

If he could control his blood lust for a bit ( unlikely I know) he could have seen that they were about to go into the Sarlacc , thought" Job done" and left before the barge went boom.

Just an idea.


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virtualbettie wrote:

Old my arse dude! I'm about to turn 39 and my older brother is leaning hard on the half a century mark. I've seen him lift up the end of a car, ain't nobody callin' him old,LOL.

Cheers........needed that smile


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Her's an old one of me : … CN0196.jpg

and a recent one of me and my son Lucas. … Image2.jpg


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Dageen Fett wrote:

nice pic smile

Thanks smile


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Male...........and getting old  neutral


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Had the great plearsure of workig with Jeremy at a BBC Children in Need  charity function here in the Uk a couple of years back. When he had finished the charity appearance he had a signing stint in the local memorabilia store whilst I trooped outside to entertain the crowds. big_smile … ture.shtml


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He was always my favourite figure as a kid, and when my wife bought me a Boba Fett helmet as an engagement gift the obsession realy took hold.


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Who said complaining doesn't work!!!

Many thanks to the kind folks at the BFFC whom have graciously admitted me to their Costume Gallery.

Gentlemen I doff my bucket to you.  smile



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Aw shucks, you know how to make a guy blush :-p

Seriously tho' its still a work in progress. I won't even show you the pics of the first version (real sheet metal armor, I sounded like a medieval knight when I walked)!!! Its taken me about 4 years to get it to this stage on a tight budget  (thats married life for you ) and the jetpack needs replacing as its about 20% oversize and damn heavy.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback.


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What do you guys think? Its not the best out there but I think its good enough.


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Thanks mate, I feared I would be fire bombed for my first post!!
I really didn't want to come over as a whinger but I had to try something.

Just a polite suggestion but could you PLEASE either remove the "submit your photo" bit from the Fans costume gallery or actually start to update it!! I have tried for nearly 2 YEARS to try and have my pic posted in this area ( and have heard from at least 2 others whom have tried) and despite several emails promising that it would soon be updated ( replies normally taking a minimum of six months and repeated emails) nothing has changed since I first started visiting the site 3 years ago.

If you deem that my costume is not up to scratch then at least have the decency to email me back and say so.

I can understand that you guys are busy but this is getting tedious.