You guys sure are hardcore Fett fans, the only Fett things I have are a few pictures of me and Bobba at a Star Wars con next to my pope J. Paul postcard. lol

What I like most about Boba Fett is that he survived the Sarlacc, it takes a real beast to do that, or... well a hutt...


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A new Hope is what pulled me into the series.


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Welcome stranger!

Have a nice stay here!


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Were they both unarmed, and unarmored, Chuck Norris would without doubt emerge victorious. Were they given weapons...I dunno. After all, Chuck Norris can wield 5 Uzis effectively.

I'm going to sit on both sides of the fence (ouch) and say it'd be a draw.

Now that I think about it... I guess it would be a draw, they are both great fighters.


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The Old trilogy, you can't beat the classics.

Thats pretty sweet!


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Miba wrote:

Those are really cool pics! smile I like the posing on them. Did you have a full Sith costume or just the robe?

Just a robe, I with I had the full costume!


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draco fett wrote:

It is spelled Boba, with one "b."

Sorry, my bad, just a typo, it happens to the best of us i'm sure.


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What does mine get!! XD

I have never heard of this story...


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Well, thats because he is not Mandleorian...

Perhaps after Jango's death Boba found it hard to get in contact with other Mandelorians, so he couldn't get his hands on a full set.


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I am a male, what kind of self-respecting female would photoshop a Lando/Bobba creation.:)


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Ever since my first viewing of Fett's vette.


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I liked Rocko's modern life, that was good stuff.

The Merchant from RE: 4, in the mysteriousness.


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I think he would have been to young and lacking the strength to take on a fully grown man, and a Jedi at that.


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I really hope they do a third Battlefront, I would also like to see a game like Galaxies on the Ps2.


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Can't... comprehend... awesomeness...*head explodes*


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Lol, but Mr. T and Chuck work together. Just look at the quote in my sig!:)

Boba couldn't handle T and Norris at the same time, Boba would have P.I.M.P indented on his forhead from Mr. T's pimp rings.


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I can't wait for the character edit! then I can make my Lando Fett!

It would be cool if they took all the Lego people parts for the edit mode, then you could make a pirate!


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Thanks... I think!;)

Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome everbody!

I like the pocket theory, it makes a lot of sense because Boba does have those big pockets.

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