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Devil Girl wrote:

I do not really see myself as an animal activist but I really do not like seeing animals suffering seeing cruel things being done to animals. I truly will never understand how people can take pleasure from hurting animals. I do not think animals should be used for cosmetic testing. I also do not like the medical testing on animals but I do know that a viable alternative needs to be found before anything is done about that. I also really do not like the fur trade. There is so much cruelty involved it is disgusting. There is such good fake fur to wear that there is no point in wearing real fur (with the exception of those who are living in harsh landscapes like Eskimos etc)

Though I NEVER agree with the extreme activists who in my opinion do so much damage in their attempt to do something that they think is good.

There was a case in England where some animal activists released some animals from a zoo thinking that they were doing good. In reality they released a bunch of sick animals that were not native to this country that would have suffered before dying. I thought that was a stupid thing to do.

I also do not like to see animals suffer from someones malice or carelessness.  I have quite a few pets myself, and I like most animals.  (Except dogs)  I enjoy hunting because it's a challenge, just like many of the other things I do.   When you hunt, you are always taught to kill the animal as quickly as possibly in order to cause it as little discomfort as possible.

Force Master R,  you do have some very good arguments, but what exactly do you mean when you say tweak?  You keep saying it, and I have to admit, it is slightly annoying.


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Yup.  Mine is Warmachine582.  Recently I've been playing the beta, but I will sometimes play Guitar Hero or Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Here's a good article.  It's long, but you can skim through it and see what I mean.

http://www.consumerfreedom.com/news_det … dline/2339

And another.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co … 01777.html

This one is probably the clearest, though.

http://www.animalrights.net/archives/ye … 00370.html


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Oh, I played Gears quite a bit.  So much in fact, that I got tired kinda quickly.  Don't get me wrong, it's a really fun game, especially when playing co-op with a friend.


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They are also practically terrorists.  A bunch of them burned a building down and a important member stated that if people didn't stop 'hurting' animal, then they would start hurting people.
(If you want proof, I'll get it later.  I'm tired right now)


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I just thought it would be a good idea to start a general video game topic, seeing as there are some loose ones floating around, so I started this.  You can discuss anything you wantt hat has to do with video games, but primarily I would like to talk about upcoming games.

Here are some really great looking games that I know of coming in the near future.

The Darkness
(This one is based of an excellent comic series by the same name)

Mass Effect


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Splinter Cell: Conviction
(Holy crap!  Sam Fisher looks like a hobo!  But a hobo that can that can kill you 328 different ways . . . )

(Yeah, Russians!  Cool.)

And of course, Halo 3.
(The Beta is awesome so far)

More to come as I remember them.


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Pretty creative.  I love energy drinks, and monster is one of the good ones.  (Full Throttle being my favorite)

Have you actually tried this yet?  How does it taste?


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Actually, this sounds like a pretty good idea.  Now someone just needs a topic.  I can't really think of any on my own that haven't already been argued quite thoroughly on this site already.  (heh)

  How about . . . animal activists and hunting!  That sounds juicy.  (I do hunt)


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The Rose was actually the Kingpin's son.


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Fyve glanced at the stunned Twi'lek and then back at Kalu.  He raised an eyebrow.

"Nice shot."  He said, only a little enviously.

"I've had better."  The human replied.  She wasn't bragging, it was just a simple fact.

Hmm, she's actually kinda pretty . . .   His male mind had begun to wander, as it usually did when it came to women.
No, can't go getting of track.  He thought to himself.

"She'd probably kill me anyways."


Whoops, said that part out loud.

"Nothing.  Nevermind."

As Fyve tried to get get his brain back on track, he found himself staring at the hyperactive Zeltron.  His face seemed very familiar, but he couldn't quite pin it down.

"Hey, who are you eyeballin', bouncer?"

Arran suddenly imagined Zenth's face as a little more bruised and bloodied and it clicked.

"You're the Gundark-ass who kept trying to get past me aren't you?!"

What is the point of this?  Is it supposed to be funny?  Because it's not.


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Arran Fyve dismissed the arrival of the Governor for now. 

I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances to meet him.  And kill him if I have to.

  Right now, he had to find anyone who knew about the assassination, if indeed there was one.

  Two figures crouched over a third caught his eye.  He recognized the human male as one of the participants in an earlier fight.  From what Fyve had observed, he wasn't too shabby.

  The other beings were a human female who bore a close resemblance to the other human, and a male Zenth, who appeared to be injured.

  Fyve also realized that the human male had been complaining about a Twi'lek girl to his sister.  At least, Fyve guessed she was his sister.  He could be wrong, but he usually wasn't. 

  That was one thing most people didn't know about Arran.  He was extremely observant, and a master eavesdropper.  He could zero in on a conversation that was taking place across a large room, with at least fifty side conversations.  Which is exactly what he had done earlier that night.

  He stopped several feet behind them.  The pair of humans turned and looked him over. 

Fyve knew just how to break the ice.

"I couldn't help but hear you were having some trouble with a Twi'lek girl.  Well, you know what they say about Twi'lek girls.  They have-"

"Who the hell are you?"  The woman interrupted. 

Fyve was not perturbed.  He got that response a lot. 

she's not one to mess with, though.  He  added mentally. 

"The name's Arran Fyve, but you can just call me Fyve.  I'm an ex-bouncer here and-"

"Leave us alone."  She turned away.

"Uh, wait.  do you know anything about the Governor here?  Say, oh, I dunno, a bounty?  I coulda sworn I heard you guys talking about something like that."  It was a little too direct for his liking, but the Kiffar had to do something to grab their attention.

He gave them a one-sided grin and waited.


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Here's what I think should have happened.  Sidey should have stopped Brock from jumping after the pumpkin bomb, (how hard could it have been?  He's freakin Spider-man!) and Eddie would have been put in the super-villian prison (I think it's called the Vault) because that's what happened in the comics.  That's also where he met Cletus Cassidy. (aka Carnage)  He could have been re-united with the symbiote piece that Dr. Conners had, (Which is just what happened in the comics) and gotten free.  If they wanted Carnage at any point, Voila.  Perfect synchronization with the comics.


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Good idea, thanks.  I'll start writing it now.


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Miba wrote:

But I don't get how answering the question is whining? Maybe it was the wording?

Huh, I think you're right.  It was the wording.

The Chosen One wrote:
The Yautja wrote:

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't comment on this . . .

why don't ya?

I really don't know what to say.  It's an interesting concept though.


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Sol Gonsar wrote:

There was no "boohoo" in mine. When I said I didn't have friends I was simply stating the truth. If I wanted them, I'd probably go get some.
big_smile Didn't expect that.

I added the boohoo for dramatic effect.  And if what you say is true fine.  I'm just telling you it sounds kind of whiny and attention-grabby to post it.


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Alo Fett wrote:

The Yautja wrote:
Because he had no tactical mindset, probably freaked out, (which would never happen to Boba) and got killed for it.  Case-in-point, Jango's an idiot.

NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!  Listen here is why jango died: Lucas didn't want jango in EP3 and had to get rid of him and mace didn't do much yet in EP2 so Lucas had him kill jango.
Yes jango's jet pack wasn't working you can see (if you look close) that he trys to jet but it falters and his head gets knoct off.

THe real qustion should be "Why dosn't jango jest flame mace INSTED of shooting at him!"
Which I have an answer for too: same as above + he used it once in EP3 allredy and no one likes to see something cool twice in a movie (just watch a action film and you'll see what I mean).

Case-in-point, Jango's an idiot... STOP picking on JANGO!!!!!!!
As I've said he's not all that bad and w/out Jango THERE IS NO BOBA!
(I don't cair if lucas made boba first)
oh and Boba did die a even more pathetic death I mean it's gotta hurt to be killed by a blind smugler who was just your merchandice on accident.

don't get me wrong I like boba better than jango but jango's no "Idiot" Yautja.

*Sigh*  Okay, first of all, you can't use behind the scenes explanations as an excuse.  We are supposed to talk about it as if it was real, or there's no point to it at all.  If you want to though, fine.  We'll blame Lucas.  He never should have introduced Jango in the first place.  I was fine with not knowing Boba's backstory.  No, I was more than fine.  It made his character much better.  Seeing episode II, and seeing Boba as an annoying kid, and a clone, a freaking clone!  What the hell George!  Why!?!  Why do that to your fans, who have been nothing but loyal?  Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, all the kids that went to see it and hadn't witnessed Boba's coolness in the originals, thought Jango was the man.  'Oh, look at the cool guy with the armor!  He's so  cool! We love Jango!'  What about Boba?  'Boba? You mean that dumb kid?' 
  See where I'm going with this?   
Jango completely stole the spotlight from Boba.  Now there is not one Fett to rule the bounty trade, but two.  And one of them should definitely not be there.
I'll let you figure out who.

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't comment on this . . .

Gustavo_Perez wrote:

Here's a suggestion: put Venom/Eddie Brock instead of Venom III. I mean seriously, Mac Gargan? Venom would kick his @$$. Also, Venom is a much more......inspirational character than some background character like "Venom III". There is only 1 Venom. And that's Venom.

Hear, hear!  It's only a matter of time before Eddie and the symbiote are reunited.  I need the real Venom.  Not some retarded Mac Gargan imitation.


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Fett_II wrote:

I agree, Stuart Townsend definitely would have made a better Anakin. If you've seen Queen of the Damned, him being the vampire Lestat (sure the movie didn't have squat to do with the book, but it still kicks ***!) is awesome. Did anyone see the ROTS parody with Jimmy Fallon?

I did.  That was some funny crap.  'A-flippyflippyflippyflippy-lavalavalavalava!'


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The Chosen One wrote:

who do you think would win in a fight, boba fett or darth maul?

Okay, this might just be me, but are you trying to make topics on every subject imaginable?  You should seriously try to cut down on the topic posting.  I'ts getting worse than regular spamming.  Besides, this should be a new topic, not a sub-topic.


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I would like to think that Boba would be way to smart to even try to go after Superman, unless he had a really good chance of succeeding.


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Because he had no tactical mindset, probably freaked out, (which would never happen to Boba) and got killed for it.  Case-in-point, Jango's an idiot.

Or How to quit smoking with Grievous.  That, I would watch.