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Why thank you. 
I was a member previously if any of you remember,  but the greeting is appreciated.


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I dunno.  If we're talking about Star Wars, I'd like a game that's centered around some unknown Mandalorian soldier.  Probably an FPS, but a TPS would be alright.  Or both, like in Morrowind.
  The Mandalorians are the best aspect of Star Wars.  That and TIE fighters.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Then get a Mossberg 590, perfect for crowd-control situation. 12 gauge, 9 round under-barrel tubular magazine, and of course the natural advantages of any spreadgun against multiple targets at short or medium ranges.

...or maybe you were looking for a less-violent solution.

Ah, I was thinking more along the lines of an USAS-12.  It looks more like an assault rife than a shotgun, but hey.  10 shells a clip, (20 if you use the drum, which I would.)  and, of course, full auto setting.  That thing'll take down ten people per burst! (PPB)

Wait, were we talking about guns that are legal?  Oops.  Oh well, I guess its just me and my USAS, then.

(Mossberg sucks.  Franchi is way cooler.)

On topic, I've been to a couple dances/lessons.  Hated 'em.  I think most guys were just not made to dance.  I am probably one of those guys.

I also hate the new voice.  It reminds me of Jango.  (Shiver) 
If it starts bothering me to much, though, I just take my 12" Boba action figure, club a baby seal with it, and then press the button on it's side and listen to the soothing, menacing tones of Jason Wingreen* emmited from the small speakers hidden somewhere in its chest.  (I'll probably club some annoying people too.  Until they die.  Heh.)

*For those of you who don't know, Jason Wingreen was the actor who did the original voice of Fett.  May his disgraced memory now live on in peace.


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Boba, No contest.  Personally, I'm rather annoyed by Jango, who technically came after Boba, and stole alot of the spotlight.  Kids who had probably never seen the original Star Wars, saw Ep. II and were all: "Jango, Jango!"  It sickens me.
  Jango's armor is all pristine and shiny, like he polishes it every night or something.  (Shows you what kind of 'man' Jango is)  Boba could care less about such trivial things, and all the pits and mars on his armor just show what a bada** he is. 
  Jangos pistols would look better on my coffee table as a centerpeice than in a cool bounty hunter's thigh-holster.  Boba has the EE3 carbine.  'Nuff said. 
  Boba also has a cape.  I mean, come on.  Jango can't touch that.
  Boba didn't get killed by some jedi with a purple lightsaber.
  Boba gets a robotic leg.  Once again.  More awsome than Jango could ever possibly dream of being.

  Green is cool.

  Carbines are cool.

  Boba is cool.

  Jango sucks.

I hope I have made my point.  If I didn't, read it again.  Maybe five more times.