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Admittedly I do not have love for Boba Fett.  I pretty much think he is an over-rated.  However, whenever I mention Boba's inadequacies, many fan boys are pushing me aside. 

Now I get my Star Wars "Canon" from the official Star Wars Movies, the Official Novels, the Star Wars Muppet episode, and the Star Wars Holiday Special. 

I do not accept the "Expanded Universe" as star wars Canon, basically, those are the only places where Boba looks at all competent in my opinion. 

Lets take a loot a Boba's Canon performance:

Original appearance - The Star Wars Holiday Special, basically Boba doesn't do crap in this, although he is a "major" character.  If you haven't seen it he basically befriends the "good" guys, hangs out with them for a bit, then calls Papa-Vader like a whiny child asking what do do (How about some disintegration you tool).  Boba, who apparently knows nothing about basic encryption when making a g/d telephone call, is found out by non other then rolling trashcan R2-D2 when his "call" is intercepted.  The segment ends with Boba flying away.  We don't really learn much else about this "elite" bounty hunter accept that Chewy thinks he smells weird on and he has a rope gun, wtf people a "rope gun?!?!"...

Second Appearance -   Boba "floats" out with the garbage.  That's basically his only contribution in this movie.  Again, when he tracks down Han he calls his Imperial wet-nurse, Vader, to take care of things.  Boba then runs away with a frozen Han.

Third Appearance - Do I have to recount the total failure of this guy in this Movie?  WTF was this guy even hanging around after he has recieved his money (total JV move).  And how is this elite guy defeated?  With an accidental touch in the back by a vibro-axe handle.  You know if your going to own Mandelorian armor, how about you take care of it.  I doubt the fooking suit comes stock with a jet-booster on/off switch on the back...

Attack of the Clones - Again nothing special in this performance.  Just buried his "clone" father and stole all his sh*t....

I really fail to see why so many fan boys support this guy so hard?

Perhaps you guys can let me in on the secret.  As far as I can tell he is a total failure all around.


Ok, I'm just going to skip all the stuff in between this post and the last, because it's boring and I don't have time to read it all.   Everyone (I'm assuming of course) likes the Fett man because he is not the stereotypical SW lightsaber swinging Jedi/Sith you always see associated with SW.  He is your classic western gunslinger, an anti-hero that you can root for because you know that whatever he does, it's going to be badass.
And just because you don't view the books as canon, does that mean that they aren't canon?  Of course not.  That would be silly.  The books are just as much canon as the movies.  Your opinion does not matter.
For those that don't share these sentiments, I have one question.  Why are you here?  You feel like it?  That's interesting.  Seeing as the name of the website is 'Boba Fett Fan Club' it would be within the realm of reason to assume that everyone here is a 'fan' of Boba, am I right?  Apparently not.


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He does it for the money.  As long as the pay is good, he could care less.

Thats a tough one.  I have to go with Bourne in the end, though, because he has more training and skill as a special operative, than McClane, who is simply a cop who has a lot of bad days.

How about this for an incredible movie:  John McClane, Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, and Sam Fisher team up against all the bad guys ever.  My brain would probably explode from sheer awesomeness.  I may start a topic on this . . .


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Oh, man I forgot a lot of mine.
-Snatch (yours says 'replica' on the side)
-Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels
-Sin City
-Kill Bill V. I and II
-Suicide Kings
-Four Brothers
-The Departed
-Pulp Fiction

-Robot Chicken

I didn't mention Star Wars because that should be a given.
AVP was a serious disappointment for me.  PG-13?  Come on.  The second one will have a different director, and he said that he would bring it back to the roots of the films, i.e., gorier and scarier.  Yes.


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I'm surprised that this topic has not been made before, what with all the other 'favorite' threads around.

Movies: (In no particular order)
-Tombstone (awsome western with Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer)
-Predator (of course)
-True Romance (Gary Oldman is the man.  That's all that needs to be said.  And Christopher Walken too)
-Dog Soldiers (Great Scottish Werewolf flick)
-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (I think me and my friend are the only two people in the world who understand the brilliant hilarity of this movie)
-The Professional (Gary Oldman is still the man)
-300 (tonight we dine in hell, indeed)
-Saw Trilogy (brilliant)
-Crank (I didn't think it was possible to cram so much action into one movie)
-Se7en (Brad Pitt is better than usual in this)
-Fight Club (don't speak of it)

TV shows:  (still not in order)
-24 (what can I say about this?)
-Heroes (probably my favorite right now)
-The Office (Creed is awesome)
-Lost (kinda losing interest, though)
-Monk (funny)
-Stella (why was this canceled!)
-Firefly (This one too!  WTF?)
-Stargate SG-1 (up until the seventh season.  Then O'neill left)
-Family Guy

That's all for now.  I'll post more later as I remember them.  Meanwhile, feel free to post your own favorites.


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Right now I'm listening to the band Mercy Fall a lot; they're a newer band with just the right amount of soft and hard rock to balance it out.  SOiL, Mudvayne, Static-X, and Breaking Benjamin are still at the top of my list, though.

Karson Fett wrote:

And 1971Ford LTD!

Yes.  We know.  You like that car.  Whoo-hoo.  Repeatedly posting the same thing over again is not going to get your point across further, or get you attention.  So just stop.

Spam-hunting aside, I would say that Fett would pick something extremely customizable, and not too noticeable. 

This topic is called "What's Boba's favorite car"  Not "Just say what your favorite car is because you want Boba to drive that."  Try to think of what Boba would actually use, and give your reasoning.  Otherwise this topic is just stating what your personal favorite car is.  Make a new topic, if you must.

Plus, those sticks coming out of his shoulders are lightsaber-like swords.  A giant robot with two laser swords?  'Nuff said

The Boba Fett vs MC was argued earlier, so I'm not going to do it again.  As for Freeman, I liked the HL games, but I really don't understand whats up with him.  Sure, his suit can inject him with stuff, but is that really going to help a bullet wound? They make him into a super hero, without actually making him a super hero.  If that makes any sense.

The tech in the Halo universe is not as advanced as the Star Wars universe. (except for the energy shields and armor)  MastercChief can take several rocket hits unless their dead-on, and that would be fairly hard to do. 

Let's do this simply.  If you took away all external help, (weapons, armor, vehicles, etc.) Chief would win by a long shot.  He's the only one who has super-human strength and reflexes, and has a tactical mind to rival, if not surpass Fett. 

And why is everyone mis-spelling Chief?  I before e, people.

Right, The only Guandam I ever watched was Wing, The rest were not as good.  So, I'm not sure wich one Full Vernian is, but if it's as powerful as some of the othe 'hero' mobile suits, I don't know if the Slave could do it. 
However, if Fett had his own MS . . . there would be an ass-kicking of biblical proportions.  That would just be awesome.


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Wolverine is invincible.  That's all there is to it.  No-one, including The Fett Man, can beat him.  The only way I can see Logan dying is by suffocation.  But you'd have to get past his claws . . .


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I don't feel like trying to remember what books I like, but here are the ones that spring to mind.  (In no specific order)

All the Halo novels, the forth being the best so far.

The Eisenhorn trilogy.  It is based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but I never played it or knew anything about when I read these books.  They were still incredible.  Very epic.

Dark Tower series.

Snow Crash.

The Dresden Files.


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Cats,cats,cats...sometimes I trully believe they're smarter than they look.

Oh, definitely.


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Exactly.  Lucas started off great.  The entire trilogy was first made with about 15-20% CGI.  They used minitures alot, which is a much better way to do it.  Lord of the rings used mostly prosthetics and minitures, and it looked great.  Then he redid them again and again, with more and more SFX, and made them worse.  See where I'm going with this?


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Yeah, actually, I think you have a point.  The fact that GL is a special FX whore, must have had something to do with it.  I mean, come on.  Every clone trooper in the new trilogy was digital. Every one.  They had zero armor made for the films.  Someone needs to punch that man in the throat.


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I'm pretty sure that it's because they would rather accidentally kill an animal than a human.   Unless they can figure out a way to test procedures or what have you, I don't see how you can make any progress in any scientific or medical fields.


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Karson Fett wrote:


Does his mean you think he did a good job?  Or somethings else?  It's kind of hard to understand what your point is when you only use one word.


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So, Revan . . . Did you actually get in?  or were you unable to?  Cause that would suck.

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Hah,sometimes I like the way Yautja points out even the simplest things.... tongue

Um, thanks, I guess?  is that a compliment?

green helmeted fett wrote:

blah, blah

Now look here.  You are really starting to **** me off.  Everyone here has been extremely patient with you and your spamming, and has tried to help you.  If you're not going to learn, you'd better leave the site now, because it's only going to go downhill from here.


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Obviously.  He cleverly censored it so that it wouldn't be as harsh, but you still get what he's saying.

Now come on.  You're making me get off topic.  That makes me angry . . .


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:
The Yautja wrote:

Yup.  Mine is Warmachine582.  Recently I've been playing the beta, but I will sometimes play Guitar Hero or Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Guitar Hero you say?Hmmm....what impression did it leave you Yautja?

I think it's a fun game, definately worth the buy, but it can get frustrating at times.


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green helmeted fett wrote:

because  lord revan did!

If you have something personal to tell someone that nobody else cares about, for the care of everyone elses sanity, send them a personal message.  If you don't know how to do that, ask in the general section.


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This sounded like great fun, but I generally don't like huge crowds like that.  I would have gone though, given the chance.  You really have to hand it to Bulloch.  While not having a big role, and probably being very busy, he still finds time to come to every convention because he knows that his fans love him. 

green helmeted fett wrote:

i dont know how to spell the word  , g-d!!

Well, that is obviously what they are trying to help you with.  If you dont know how to spell a word correctly, take a second out of your oh-so-valuable time and find out, instead of just guessing.  After a while, it gets easier.


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Yeah, but you'd have to be a damn good shot to knock out a small animal with something like that.

  If you want to go small game hunting, a .22 cal rifle is probably the best thing to use.  anything larger is overkill, and anything smaller would not have a good enough chance of killing it. 

A BB gun is generally thought of as the 4.3 mm variety, like the type used in the 'Red Rider' air guns.

BB's are commonly mistaken as pellets, and vice versa, but pellets  guns use C02, and are considerably more powerful.  Pellet guns can be used for hunting, while BB and airsoft guns are mostly recreational.