I am finally getting closer to something approaching life sized. For our 14th wedding aniversary the old man scored me this Fett statue - Its almost 2 feet tall. I asked him for next year can it be taller, and alive?????

Well, just saw RC: Star Wars.
Including the Fett scene.

Uh, enjoyed most of it (Fett's part), right up until the end. Then I kinda thought: Hmmm, someone's mind's a little twisted... then again, it IS Robot Chicken and twisted IS the point.

However, the George Lucas scene with the stampeding fans and the taun taun in the elevator - that was priceless.
I think that was the best scene they had in the whole production.
Gave me new appreciation for the Flanneled One.

I'm thinking modified Dodge charger.

Bat man.

Met Jeremy once - he is very sweet, polite and kewl!
But you know, I think I'm taller than Morrison, so it might spoil the illusion if I met him in person.
Not sure about Logan. Fett as a kid is sort of a nebulous concept to me, like the Tooth Fairy, or, the Boogey Man.

Manji_Ninja wrote:

Well, I've already said how I feel about this in the other topic... Daniel Logan is good looking and will make Boba Fett attractive in all the wrong ways... that is, if they do unmask Boba Fett.
But they most likely will.

Hey, maybe it'll show Boba and Sintas Vel together... when will the auditions be? LOL.

Seriously, my brother would make a pretty good Han Solo in my opinion. smile

How would he make Fett attractive in all the wrong ways? I have not seen a recent Logan photo. Is he too pretty, or something? Just curious.


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I saw the flick last week. It was great! At least I thought so. I heard the critics didn't care for it, but then again, what do they know?

Finally, Boba Fett mini has come into my life. The old man purchased him for Valentines day. Devil take your diamonds, Fett's far more valuable to me!


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Gustavo, you crack me up! Mado cage fights! No holds barred, pins count anywhere.


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Let me know if you need some contributions for prizes.
(email me off loop: EDITED: Please don't post personal e-mail addresses. Public message boards are prone to spambots.).


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As to shows: For a while I was into Stargate (both), and Battle Star Galactica. Not so much this year. Eureka's been a fun watch. I don't know if these guys count: but The Venture Brothers.

For books: THe Lost fleet, following that series. I've been getting into paranoid conspiracy sci fi / space opera, and hard boiled dective sci fi (if that makes any sense)

Started Full Metal Alchemist a few weeks back, working through the episodes.
Kind of a mixed bag.

I am SOOO excited! I can't wait.
Thanks Aaron!


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Obi Wan.

I can't decide between true mando and Boba's gang.

I'm just excited they're continuing the saga. And come on, more Fett can't be bad.

Boba would go for Metal, and Beethoven. Hard guitar, and intense, tormented classical. Yes. Without a doubt.

I have a helmet, it's molded plastic and you can't see out of it, but it freaks the cat out if you wear it. Probably would scare the neighbors as well.

A month or so ago, the old man confessed to me that if we're going to Dragon Con, it has to be in Mandalorian armor. I believe I'd just walked into my kitchen after coming home from a long day at the office. No "hi dear, how was your day." Just that fierce declaration, as if I would say "no way. Totally out of the question. I will NOT have mandalorian armor in MY house." I'm not sure where he's going with this, but he's checking out the Dented Helmet so I have to think he's serious.

The old man picked up some decals for my civic, a.k.a. Happy. Then, the four story elm in the back yard dropped a branch on my ride, and now, with the new paint job, I must wait an agonizing 80 days before I can apply my car tattoos. Cruel fate...

In the mean time, I hung an Open sign over the door to my office: It features a fierce Boba Fett, blast rife aimed and ready. It's not exactly welcoming, but hey, I guess that's as warm and fuzzy as our Fett gets.


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Nice! Total helmet nod for that one, Mandalorian!

Cool! A chat room.
But Qui-Gon's Chin? That scares me. Really. smile

Wouldn't they have considered Montross for duplication?


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Not like I don't dig Boba and all, but guys, come on: The Flanneled One is the creator of the Saga, and without him, and his maniacal plot to take over moviemaking and have his way with his films, there would be no Boba Fett.

True, he had no plans for Fett to survive the Sarlaac, but in the end, we fans had our way, and George gave us the nod, including Fett in EU.

Doesn't he at least deserve props for that?


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I used to have Lotus Notes at work before the conversion to outlook, and my password was JasterMereel. This IT guy came to my cube one day to ask me if I was a big fan of the French Connection. I was a little wierded out by it, and confused. No, why would you think that? I say. Well, 'cause isn't your Lotus password the name of someone from the french connection? (so now I realize I have my own personal stalker) I hold up my little action figure and explain: some people thought mistakenly this guy was Jaster, but he was a prime example of Mandalorain warrior and cut down in his prime. This, by the way, is Boba Fett, the most infamous and deadly bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen. So I freaked out my stalker, who gave me a wide berth after that.  I never checked to see if that was really true, though, about Jaster and that movie.

We've been focused on obtaining the Bounty Hunters. Man, I have a tub of these suckers, and yet to land Boba Fett or Jango. I refuse to play until we've aquired the father and son. We just got our usual DM hyped about it: he's into wargaming and minatures games, so I think it should be good fun.


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I'm totally stoked for the release of this movie. I keep seeing clips of it when we watch UFC. I think Cage is a good choice. He does that 'eternally tormented' thing really well.