I'd have to say just about everyone I've met has been really really cool. Mark Hamill, Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, Jan Duursema, Michael Sheard (rest in peace), and Kenneth Colley -- they were all really cool people to meet (apologies if I forgot anyone). I wish I could meet more Star Wars people (Temuera Morrison, etc) tongue


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What's a good Slave I collectible that's not OVERLY priced? So far, I have the Hallmark ornament, and a boxed Kenner one from the old days.  But I want something I can display and occasionally pick up and make really bad engine noise impersonations. tongue

Wrist lasers are pretty cool, as well.


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I want to make a Boba Fett helmet out of a Costco sized oatmeal box, then put pictures of me on this message board, LAWL!


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My favorite part of SWG was unpacking my Firespray for the first time. It was such a sweet ride. I'm almost tempted to re-subscribe now wink

I'm a Starsider SWG, btw. Anyone else from there?


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I'm 27 ... oooooooold tongue

Happy belated birthday, Jeremy Bulloch! I met Jeremy Bulloch 2 years ago at a convention in New Jersey. I got his autograph and picture, he seemed like a cool fellow.

BFFC Admin wrote:

Dervish, welcome to The Boba Fett Fan Club boards. I think you bring up some great points. About preserving the pre-SE Fett, that's what we're here for. You can find video clips of the pre-DVD SE here at BobaFett.com.

That's a relief, thanks smile


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Supposedly, decapitation was reserved for the most dangerous of enemies. Jango Fett was probably the most dangerous non Force user of the galaxy. He effortlessly killed Jedi Council (Master) Coleman Trebor, and if you count EU, he killed Komari Vosa with little problem either (I hardly lost any health bars when killing Komari Vosa in the "Bounty Hunter" game). Mace almost got immolated by Jango's flamethrower.

I doubt there was any way to capture him, either. If Mace had not killed him, what would the next move be? Flamethrower? Wrapping Mace up with the cord shot from the Mandalorian wrist armor? It took Luke a bit of time to get out of it when Boba Fett used it on him in ROTJ.

I'm not saying I liked what happened, heck, I think they killed off Jango and Qui Gon way too soon. However, I don't think Mace's move would call for immediate dark side point.

I joined today. tongue All you have to do is register for the boards, right?

I think one of the biggest things that sold Boba Fett as a popular Star Wars character was the voice. That chilling voice from the original Empire Strikes Back was a large part of what made Boba Fett such an interesting character.

That being said, one of the prequelcasting decisions that I happened to agree with was Temuera Morrison as Jango Fett.

Did the voice have to change? Certainly not. Look at Republic Commando, as others have said. Only Boss sounded like Jango Fett.

One can argue that Daniel Logan as Boba Fett already had the Concord Dawn (aka New Zealand) accent. Well, I have a friend who left Australia when he was approximately 10 years old. Now, he sounds like a typical American.

Bottom Line? I don't care either way, I like both voices.

However, I do think Lucas should have preserved pre-SE Star Wars. I think it was a big mistake to try and wipe it away.


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Jango -- easily.


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I liked how "Bounty Hunter" painted Jango to be an honorable individual (despite 1-2 ruthless kills). I would be inclined to think that Boba would take after Jango in many ways. I agree with several people that Boba Fett is not good or evil. There were only a few exceptional people who really saw the Empire as something that needed to be stopped. Some like aliens had good motivations, thus, you saw a lot of Wookiees or Mon Calamari go Rebel.

However, one can't take Fett's lack of empathy or affinity for the Rebel Alliance to be instant evil. He was simply a human being who saw the Empire as authority. The first thing the Empire did was hunt down the Jedi ruthlessly. The 2nd most powerful and prominent Jedi Master in the galaxy decapitated his father. So he must have seen the Empire as a good thing.