Anyone have a *streaming* link to "Wrath of the Mandalorian"?

I'm running out of HD space tongue

Heh too late so it seems.


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Boba Fett would have to be in his prime, and have plenty of battle experience to so much as give Mace Windu a harried fight. During the prequels, he's too young and inexperienced to kill Mace -- the only way he could win is by using cheap moves. Oh wait, that's how Mace died in Episode III tongue

Robotech, Dragon Warrior ... probably a few others ...


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I definetely like Boba Fett's backstory as presented in Episode II much better than what we saw in a Bounty Hunter book. This was all explained away by saying Boba preferred to have this alternate, wrong backstory. Works fine by me tongue

I LOVE the Boba Fett statue. The Gentle Giant Newsletter says Q3, as I recall. Do we have to pre-order NOW for something in SEPTEMBER?

I don't want to give them money and wait 6 months for something tongue

He survived a very hardcore attack on Taris. That level of resilence is nothing short of monumental even on a Star Wars scale.

Still, Fetts are cooler. I refused to believe he even harmed Cassus Fett tongue

SciFifreak90 wrote:

2)Boba has taken on an entire Imperial Garrison just to get at a single man inside. He succeeded, in the process killing two ATATs, several ATSTs, the base's commander, and a good amount of stormtroopers.

Where is this from?

I'm not doubting you, but it sounds like a very cool story, and I want to read it now tongue

Boba and Jango wink Not even 5 2nd rate bounty hunters could resist the Fetts!


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If Jango Fett was ambidexterous, perhaps using two guns would be easier than it is for those who are not? Perhaps he found a way to fire both guns at the same target, much like how a starfighter links two cannons together to fire at one target? Or, like in Bounty Hunter, he could fire at 2 targets at once, but perhaps in a non game situation, the 2nd target was not as accurately hit, but served as an intimidation/crowd control tactic.

This is early morning, pre-Earl Grey speculation of mine tongue


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The Yautja wrote:

There is no proof whatsoever how many credits either of them got.

In the Bounty Hunter game, Jango Fett gets 5 million credits for Komari Vosa, and "a lot more" for being cloned. Of course, we'll probably never know what Dooku meant by "a lot more" nor will we know about the other jobs of Jango or Boba hmm


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Slave I, trouble no bar!

Figuring out a place to park it, THAT may be a problem hmm

Jabba The Hutt.



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It looks original. The fact that most don't recognize it gives you an added advantage -- people will think it's custom made. Not Star Wars/Fett themed, but neat nonetheless smile

OK, I made my avatar in like 2 minutes so be nice pleeeeeeeeease! tongue

Boba Fett!


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Me and my friend Mazrim tried to destroy Valentine's Day through its source on the evil planet, but we couldn't get past all the robeasts and Invid Shock Troopers. Maybe next year ...


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Boba Fett went through more difficult trials than Jango, I think. When Jango lost his parents, Jaster Mareel was there to show him the ropes and mentor him. When Jango was killed, Boba Fett had to be self-reliant for the most part. The fact that from there he met and exceeded his father's legacy must mean he is 'better'.


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Bucky Covington looks like Guybrush Threepwood.


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Jedi -- I'm so creative tongue

I'd only bother with Boba/Jango if I could make something movie like -- fat chance tongue

I agree with Dervish, just about everyone we've met at con's are really nice:  two non-SW guys that are great, really friendly, and outrageously witty:  Adam West, and Kevin Sorbo.

Oh yeah, I met Adam West too! I think he was the nicest one ever!

Tie between Babylon 5 and Stargate?

Aww, I wanted the Falcon wink

I echo another poster's sediments; I do hope that Fett isn't the main villain against a bunch of dorky Jedi conceived only for the television show. I'd probably root for Fett all the time, much like how I rooted for Vader while reading "The Rise of Darth Vader" tongue

Depending on the timeline offered, it might be nice to see at least a small part of the show showing how he met Sintas Vel -- there's a poor record of Star Wars romance when you think of Anakin and Padme, but then when you think of Leia and Han, there is some glimmer of hope tongue


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* A Bounty Hunter game starring Boba Fett

* A new Republic Commando game (with better multiplayer, and a multiplayer campaign feature)


* A new Star Wars MMORPG (SWG is too messed up now sad )

* A new X-wing/TIE Fighter sim (or simply update the graphics on the old ones)


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Thank you! smile


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I'm a man! And I still play with little Firespray toys!