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i would like to add to that-the empire would not have been toppled by a bunch of muppets...i mean ewoks.
and more cowbell...

i would like to second the cowbell motion...and maybe make C3-POs personality a lot more like Christopher Walken's... I also wouldn't mind some scenes with more personality. like Luke goes into a nervous breakdown after Ben's death. Or Yoda goes through a large stage of serious depression when he becomes selfconscious about his appearance. maybe Jabba could have become anorexic causing him to have a dramatic weight change... Chewie could have unspoken feelings for Leia... just a few ideas...


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what would you guys (or girls) say is an appropriate age to start dating? what is the age where someone can have a  meaningful and long lasting relationship? and why...


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I honestly don't think that relationships are all they have been cracked up to be. I don't see the use of them.

No matter how antisocial you are, you will need someone at some point in time. Trust me. I might very well be the least social person on the planet (to the point of garnering shrink attention), but I realized the aforementioned point and got to making myself more talkative. It's important. Besides, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is mad fun.

absolutely. In my opinion having a bf or gf isnt a bad or good thing. a relationship just like everything else is measured differently by the quality and the people involved. im in one and i enjoy it very much. but if i wasnt then i would be happy being single as well.

yea I guess I'm new too? I am still trying to figure out how this site runs...

if jar jar died then that would be my favorite death. it is my belief that jar jar dying was the ultimate solution to bring balance to the force. not anakin...