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Sorry It's gone now http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i207/Lego_photo/MasterFetty.gif


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I like this one.

hmmmm... BEST huh well I'd have to say Boba is what I like best about Boba you his ness (your "ness" is your name + n e s s = youness  as in Aloness)

oh and I like the mask!


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hey I know this is off topic but I just got a new PW (I lost my old one) so I'm back.
And I wanted to say thaat I was talking about the NEW STCG not the old lame one.


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ok sorry.

Oh wait THAT'S off topic as well oh no spammmm!

I am soooooooo booted


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Boba himself would have to be my fave you don't get much more deadly than that smile


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I said I wasn't that was just what came to mind


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Everyone knows Alo Fett is the BESTEST EVER! Just kid'n.

this is so hard cu'z Jango is the origanal and has some life in him (or HAD some life in him).
But I've allways been a boba fan I just wish he had did more in the movie.

BTW check out my for-arm http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 551#p33551  ....I think this is unethical but I want someone to post so...


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Hey!...Wait a sec "Hey" is way over used so I'll start....
HAY! So I was thinking "I want to play STCG (Star Wars Trading Card Game)"  and use my Boba Fett deck
WITH ALL THE BOBA FETTS A-F! but I don't have any one to play with other then my bro but then I thought "Who else plays STCG" so here I am asking you "Who plays/played STCG?"

...No I don't want to know where you live so I can fly out just for one game with someone other then my big bro.


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hey it took me here when I click-ed on the tab so I'm posting now.


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I'm a guy and a noob to this site but its cool! btw I can't get my pic to show up it's not that big and it's a jpg so I don't know whats wrong do I have to sign out and back in or somthing?


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Hey just check'n if my pic show's up...


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fett3393 wrote:

my freind and I got into an argument over who would win between Boba Fett and Goku from DBZ, so I think Boba will win, what about you guys?

Um... I think you all forgot that this is NOT a fist fight and that Boba dose have a SHIP and a flame,rocket,and anything else he wants wrist gauntlet. Not to mention his jet pac...