AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Darn Wii. I have played tfu on the x-box/ps3 (I like the ps3 best) but I only own a Wii so I have it for that. I soooooooo want to play as Fett! you do get a bounty hunter disguise but you can see his face.
I soooooo want  to get a PS3 but cost among other thing are prohibiting that. oh well. I get it sometime.


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It should be on the consoles I just read the PC gamer preview and it looks great!


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Holy Crap man??  You're in AZ?!?

I wish I was closer to ya, we could get together and hang or somethin'.  But unfortunately I'm in Yuma...  Almost never go to Phoenix either...  sad

I might be making a trip up there soon for personal reasons though... and I'm hoping to have my armor at least passable for CactusCon up there, so I might be making the trip more often in the future.  Would be great to meet one of the old BFFC hands *If you're reading this Cujo, sorry we couldn't get together for Halloween... I pretty much got screwed on that damn trip.  Maybe I'll catch ya at next year's ComicCon  smile *

And Alo, are you familiar with the Mandalorian Mercs branch up there there, the Dune Sea Garrison?  There's a BUNCH of Mandos in Phoenix, as well as a 501's garrison *most of the Mandos are 501's who had their Mando's rejected for that club and are making their own branch of the Mercs.*  I've talked to the leader of the Mercs branch up there; seems to be a good guy.  If you're interested in getting together with them I can hook you up with the dude's email

sure why not?
oh, and tell when you go to comic con I never seem to get the dates right and miss it yikes.


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Link is broken.


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This is a little late... I am 18 as of Nov 1st.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Thanks vode

The helmet I'm going to get is black, and I'm SERIOUSLY considering adding gray and red in the form of my Mando helmet and colors   big_smile  And if my armor is ever secure enough to wear on a bike without flying off or such nonsense, I wouldn't hesitate to wear it when cruisin   big_smile

And yeah Reg, that's AZ.  I'm withing half an hours driving distance of the Sand Dunes, where the Sarlacc scene was filmed   big_smile   So as you can imagin, it gets a little warm around here for wearing biker leathers...  Just glad it's winter right now while I'm learning to ride, and it's not too bad wearing my jackat pictured above, and sometimes my old cowboy shot-gun style chaps.  Will have to get another pic taken with those one   big_smile

Dude! I didn't know you're from AZ too. What city/town are you in? I live in Phoenix the weather is getting nice right now eh?
Just a update of me.

Once again I see Jango haters.
I have made this argument too many times to count, but I will make it once more.

Why do you hate Jango?
If it is because you think you could have made Boba's past better your are wrong.
I would most likely hate what ever you made, and even if I didn't hate it others would. All you have to do is look at any Boba Fett story, KT's is hated by me and everyone else who thinks Boba should stay hard and tough while loved by those who want to see another side of Fett. Lucas' stories are hated by those who didn't want to know about Boba's past, while loved (or at least tolerated) by those who wanted more of his past shown.
So if you did make it "better" it would only be better for a few. You can never please everyone.

If you hate Jango because he's "week" just look at how Boba died in the movies. I have read the Bounty hunter wars and know that he comes back, but that is only because some chap wrote it, if someone wrote that it was only a clone who was killed by Windu and that is why Jango fought so bad then Jango would be alive too.

If you hate Jango because it removes the mystery of Fett all I have to say is someone would have done it sooner or later and they would have done a much worse job of it, If KT wrote it she would have started Boba off owning a flower shoppe before finding out that bounty hunting payed more but required the same skills or what not.
(sorry if this sounds harsh on KT but I thought Boba going out shopping and eating nuts was a little out of character.)

Point is that Jango is hear to stay and we are better off for it.
So please stop complaining and just enjoy what we have. Or just ignore the things you do not like rather then telling everyone that Lucas is stupid for making one thing you do not like.

(This post is not directed at anyone in particular just all the haters out there.)

As far as this new TV thing goes. I'll be happy with what I get....but I do hope I get More kick face flame'n Boba action....and no stupid smugglers to ruin it.


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Yes and no, when Lucas made Jango, he also made room for other Mandos. But even just sticking to the movies there are now 2 Fetts instead of one.


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Not quite. If you customized then NO ONE would have none who you were. Now you can customize and be true to the movies.


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Yep, Penny Arcade. A little crude at times but funny none the less. Plus I am a gamer and get most all their comics.
Yeah, I'm glad we have more options now rather then 600 Bobas running around.


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That's what the day is for right?
Same here.


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Thanks. Here is a pic I made and a comic that shows how fans can feel a lot of the time.


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Ummm. I never said I wanted to join the mercs that was everyone else.\
1. I don't see the big deal with the visor, as I said it is VERY hard to see through it. But I might change it.
2.  I did say it wasn't finished and I am working on some knee pads.
3 Gloves are also coming
Belt too.

Thanks for the tips!


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I got it from some Halloween store last year for around $80.00 but I can't find the maker.
I'm fine with the visor, you can only see through it if I look directly into a light like in the pic.


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On the 1st of this month!


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Thanks! Oh and it's all home made.
and one of my gauntlets can shoot "Wrist rockets" (Bottle rockets.)

lol I have to huge dogs and I love 'em, though they can be annoying at times and I do love video game I have to say a good dog is much better.


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That's right I finally put my money where my mouth was and made some armor.
The armor is all real metal (steal), the helm I bought a long time ago (it is the one in my av), and the blasters and duct tape. I will be adding more to it over time but that's it for now.


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Here you go man.
Tell me if that is too small.


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I know. I made it a thred so people could talk about it and not just me and A_A but I guess no one really cared lol. Next time I will im him.
ps. most of the time people's in-box is full.


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Fett_II wrote:

using this for now 'til i make up a new one.

LOL. That's all I have to say.


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Just thought you might like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdG3iC94_rk
I just found it on utube and thought I'd share it with all you all.

I have been a fan all my life so that's 18 years. It started when I saw it at my Grandma's house when I was 3-5 I can't remember it was ep5 and that is also when I became a fan of Boba.

True Warrior wrote:

Im getting the PSP version hopefully... and get this..........................they even have a BLACK LIGHTSABER! It is vicous a vicous game and I cant wait to be able to take it wherever I go. big_smile


You could do that in JK3 with a lot of mods and it was really cool tell me how it works out for you.