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There you go! I'll get to work on the other one.


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Do you know the colors you want? like Jango is purple/blue/silver or boba, gree/red/gray and do you want just the chest up or the whole mando?
We can make about anything as long as iwe know what you want.

Well, I know that a lot of his armor has been replaced over the years. He would even do work for mando armor rather than credits.

Gray=Mourning a Lost Love
Red=Honoring a Father
= Boba.

This has KT's syicky hands all over it. I can see her now thinking of other ways to make Boba into someone you would see on Dr. Phil/ Opra.

What about things like Cold, Calculating, or even Dark Heart?
I love that she wants to wrtite about Boba but some times KT makes things a little to emotional.


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lol. True.


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AZ iis not bad at all. just stay in the house when it's hot. Plus we have the most public and privet pools out of all the US states.  I live in the midle of Phoenix and there is always something to do. Ball games and what not. and in the winter it's never too cold so I love it.


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Well, he might of had surgery, seeing as he's been in quite a few scrapes.
And he also could change other things like tatoos or hair (he had long hair in ep2) maybe even piercings. Who knows! But I think he looks more or less like Jango but with slightly longer hair.

Kid Boba: He he he.


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I for one still want it.
I already have a few of them but it would be nice to have it all in one book.


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Most spiffy.


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Wow. We have a few people from AZ here (I myself included). Next time there's a event we should meet up lol.


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Sharra Fett wrote:

You're looking pretty good Alo Fett, are you a camera man?

I've been doing video work oon and off for a few years now.

That was my biggest gig so far, I was camera one at a music festival, bands like 3 Doors Down and All American Rejects.

Nothing big wink

This is the interwebs don't expect proper anything.
Plus Tatooine is not in my spell check.

Once again I haven't read all the abouve posts but this has been on my mind a lot.
The best way to make a BH2 would be a open world free running game.
Planets like Coruscant,Tatooine, Bespin, Corellia...ect Would be great to run around in scanning people and finding out that someone in the streets is wanted alive for 10,000 creds'
, then running,climbing,jumping, and flying after them, taking them down and cashing in.
You could then use your credits to but guns or a better jet pack or what ever else you wanted!
(Sorry I just drooled on my keyboard.)


Yeah. It would be the best game ever.


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Looking back on most of these I can see that they are quite bad. Thanks for the support even though telent was lacking.

I'll try and get some new stuff up soon.

I didn't read all the posts but I just bought (and LOVE) the ultimate sith edition for (get this) PC!! 
This might be what they are talking about. It's the "What if...?" storry where you go and fight Obi, luke, oh yeah and BOBA FETT!!!

I have a ASUS gaming rig with 1GB dedicated V-Ram and 8GB Ram.
(so I can't say how it plays on lower rigs. You can't change ANY of the graphics settings)

It plays like a dream and looks lovely. I love playing as Jango/Imp' gunner. (I love that big black helm.)

It's also a DLC for x-box but I'm a hard core PC gamer so... yeah.

It's on the lucas arts website if you need to check it out.

i've been gone for so long I don't know if anyone even remembers me.
It's hard to keep up sometimes.
I'm gonn'a try to be on a little more.
Might start a thread that always helps me.

BTW this has nothing to do with this thrread but, THE WHOLE SITE LOOKS NEW!!!! (sorry had to get that out.)


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Johan Kordav wrote:

im pretty sure im a guy but some days im just not sure

Just look down next time you take a shower. lol.


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Me of late. btw long time no see!


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Wow, ive been inactive...Like realy, big time...I guess ive been busy with school and my life (or lack thereof tongue) but yeah i'm going to try to post and make myself a little more active....after finals.....

What he said.


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http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w90/albenjammin/fettred-1.gif Is that good?


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Just some stuff I did.


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Update anyone?
Sorry I've been gone for soooo long. But now I'm back.

Nope it doesn't work like that sorry.


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The whole thing or just the face?  I'll work on it.