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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

I honestly don't think that relationships are all they have been cracked up to be. I don't see the use of them.

No matter how antisocial you are, you will need someone at some point in time. Trust me. I might very well be the least social person on the planet (to the point of garnering shrink attention), but I realized the aforementioned point and got to making myself more talkative. It's important. Besides, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is mad fun.

Sev Fett wrote:

I wonder how Wolverine could stand up to disintegrations.

From what I can gather, adamantium is almost indestructable. A magnet could own him, though. Remember what Magneto did to him in the third movie? If Magz were in a really bad mood, he could have torn that adamantium skeleton right from Wolvie's body and called it a day.

So now I have a mental image of Boba trying to lift a giant magnet. Niice. I guess a force-field would be the better choice.

Wolvie also has a load of collateral just waiting to be ransomed. Jubilee?


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Y'all know I'm messing around, right?

Apart from the humor, we all know Goku would win in a fair fight because he is, of course, a boring super-duper-unstoppable-invincible no-weaknesses type of hero. Those stink. I still think Boba could manage to run away, though. From what I remember of my sporadic 4th grade viewings of DBZ, homeboy doesn't get serious until seven episodes and several thousand deaths into the battle - at best.

The Cloner wrote:

General Grievous's Talk Show

Dude. That would be the best show ever. It would involve Grievous, an inhaler, lots of vodka, paid b!tches, post-modern epileptic camerawork, and, of course, the constant hum of his demo rap album in the background. You can catch it on VH1 every morning at 3AM.


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Fett_II wrote:

what if Boba gave Goku a disease?

GENIUS. Like...GENIUS. Boba would totally lace a plate of shrimp tempura (lol 'nother azn food joke) with the Streptococcus variant that causes necrotizing faciitis. Hurrah for flesh-eating bacteria! You so know that Goku would eat it, too - even if OMGSOSCARY Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is the one handing it to him.

draco fett wrote:

Lectures with Mr. Fett. That would be very boring.

Nuhuh! It would just be mad short. For example - the 'how to kill someone' lecture would consist of Fett picking up a gun, shooting someone in the face, and staring blankly at the camera for the remaining 25 minutes of show time. Maybe he'll whistle or throw in a 'well, that's it' for the audience. Or not.

Btw, I would just hate to watch 'The Young and the Restless' starring Padme and Anakin. Insulin, please.


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So? Boba still lived, man. And made Goku look for an invisible bowl of rice. Survival in that case can be taken as a victory (the widdle Mando commander managed to escape the walking mass of muscle and gravity-defying hair).


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Boba a thousand times over. Goku might be able to go Super Saiyan Level 24153.4, but in the end, the guy is a flaming idiot. The fight would go down as so:

Super-Duper Saiyan Goku v. 24153.4: AAAAAAAAA -
Boba Fett: Look! A...giant bowl of rice! -points-
Super-Duper Saiyan Goku v. 24153.4: REALLY? OMG WHERE?! -turns, looks-
Boba Fett: -flees!-

Fifteen minutes later...

Super-Duper Saiyan Goku v. 24153.4: Hey...there's no giant bowl of rice here at all!

Temura Morrison and Little Boba. LB far surpassed Jake Lloyd, in my opinion. Evil cackle > now THIS *cheesy grin* is pod racing.

Wooh, first post. =D