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Guess that's what a Feeorin or Nautolan Mando would look like, eh? Awesome job, like I said!

Thanks for the praise, guys, we're honored! big_smile

We are kinda working on a new one, but neither of us has had much time on his hands lately....


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Very creepy, nice concept, Curtis! big_smile I especially like his mask, and the Devaronian horns add a demonic air. Nice job.


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Very nice job she did here, your styles go well together. But I'd like the see  the lineart as well. tongue I think I preferred the helmet on Version 2, though...

How're you doing, cujo? You still wanna send me that Spiker in hi-res. big_smile


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He's not sad, he's just contemplating. And that's rather rare for the "unemotional" Gladus Tite. wink

Great job, Daenn'ika, I really like it, like I said. big_smile

If you're gonna read it, please give me some feedback per email or PM. I hate it when people read my stuff and don't get back to me.


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Since a single smiley post is probably not allow...



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BFFC Admin wrote:

But clone troopers are more Fett than anything else: Darth Vader, ewok, et cetera. This is the question at hand.

Yep, like I said in the newspost, I totally understand your point of view here. wink Sorry for my nitpicking...

I gotta say, the early first chapter of TC was totally up my alley. Reading about paratroopers from the 2nd Airborne was ori'kandosii, especially since there's been next to no other official coverage of them, and a year back or so I wrote a clone trooper fanfic about the Battle of Utapau, from the view of one of these paratrooper squads - not Parjai, but my own Prudii squad. tongue

It's moments like that that make being a Star Wars fan so damn awesome. big_smile

Take a look at my signature. wink


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Yeah, same here. The Fett question applies better for LotF.

Apart from that, TC is lookin pretty nifty so far, I received my copy today.


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Welcome back, Daenna! And with what two stunning artworks. Real nifty job on both of them, especially the GM - he looks even a bit Tom Hodges like, heh.

You're really good at shadows, the RC shows that... my only "complaint" (that word just doesn't fit at all) would be that there is no else plastic shading at all, but then again, that is just a different style, so no failure here.

Like I said, awesome job, there really is some Tom Hodges look. big_smile


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Like I told ya on DeviantArt, neat job there! big_smile


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Oh wow. I've seen your first few artworks over at Karen's NG already, but the new ones are jaw-dropping! *drool*

Very nice job on coloring Kuk's inks. Maybe you've noticed, but he's a good buddy of mine and has drawn some nifty Mandos for me. big_smile

That Mando on the swoop looks nifty, I especially like the idea of the throwing-stars bandoleers. big_smile

My favorite, however, is that blue Mando chick looking into her own helmet. It's a great idea, that has been done masterly! big_smile It's one of the best Mando arts I've seen, ever.

And I really like that last one, the "tiger" Mando, very cool armor design, her her pose is cool, too.

Damn nifty job overall, you should head right to DeviantArt.Com and put your kandosii drawings up there - you won't be getting better feedback anywhere. wink


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Woah, cool updates!

I really like your take at Garindan... very interesting! 4-LOM looks cool as well, only his pose seems a bit too "Stormtrooper"-ish.

And that Kuji V2.0 looks awesome! *applause* Veeeery original concept, way better pose, and the helmet looks better too. Great job! big_smile

Keep up the great work, bro!

And gosh, I still haven't colored that final page, have I? I promise I'll get to it as soon as wheather starts to get worse, again, because my room's hot like hell, and it's no fun to work at high temperatures, and I rather go swimming... *whistling*^^


Did you get my mail? I was thinking of a 'suspect' shot, with side-view on the left and front-view on the right, with a plate with name and number. I think if you draw your own version of the skull, there's no problem.

The skull rocks indeed, but the flames are too cheesy Ghost-Rider-ish.

Keep it up! big_smile


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@ARC Fett

The one I linked is way more up-to-date. Karen updates them quarter-yearly, IIRC, but mostly on her site only.


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There is: http://karentraviss.com/html/cont_newmandoa.htm


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Corran, all fixed.

Looks good, it's more user-friendly and more obvious now, thanks.


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So, the nominated Fan's name goes into the second part, the "Comments" section, or at the top with "Your Name"?


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Cool two new artworks. I like the Echani, cool concept, although the drawing's kinda busy and his hands were a bit hard to make out.

As for Holiday Special Boba: good job on that as well, except for the armor-plates (I wonder why you don't draw the diamond?) it looks like 1:1 from the cartoon.

How's gonna color that, if I may ask? tongue

btw, I'm sorry to have you still waiting for my next two colorings. It's a busy, test-laden week at school, but I'll really try to get at least one done by the weekend. *shy*


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green, how about you start to stop spamming?

Besides, there is no such thing as a mandorlian


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Met a handful of Fettsters, too! BIG UPDATES TO COME.

Hell yeah, I can't wait for those Mando photos! big_smile

When you release them, any chance you could release them in hi-res? Then those Mandos get the full glory they deserve, and we can drool even more. big_smile tongue


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therealmccoy wrote:

friend of mine in guilds does cartoon mando comics, ill have to email some images, theyre done like they clone wars cartoon series

Sounds cool. Any chance you could upload them to imageshack.us or photobucket.com?


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BFFC Admin wrote:

PHOTO - "Pair of Fetts"
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog - "Like father, like son. A pair of Fetts, and not the usual pair, either."

That's actually Ram Zerimar (or in RL, Ray Ramirez), not Fett. tongue