Sev Fett wrote:

Dude I love that logic. tongue

It is pretty good logic.

Thanks Im shure I'll like it around here, I mean its Boba Fett and the Internet....

So Im Hondo Kex I'm new here and I gues this is were you say that stuff. Any Star Wars name is Kex...Hondo Kex, and I RP as said person on though I might be needing a new character soon. The Mandalorians are my favorite group of people in the Star Wars universe. So I Rp as them. In RL I want to make or aquire a suit of Mandalorian Armour, colored OD Green and Rust Red, like my rp characters. Im also hoping to find some one artistically talented that would be willing to draw a pic of my mando for me as I am no good at drawing.

Also Im not to good at spelling....

Any who just saying Hello.