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Does anyone know if the commandos made any kills during order 66 or if they hunted any jedi down that tried to escape the order it would be interesting to find out.

Main Character - Darth Revan

Bastila Shan
Mandalore (Canderous Ordo)
Cassus Fett
Jolee Bindo
Master Vandar (Survived somehow)
Calo Nord (Survived somehow)


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lets face it han's initial capture had pretty much nothing to do with boba fett it was all about vader. don't worry though true warrior boba didn't die in the sarlacc he just lost a leg and some other major organs smile

for goodness sake get a grip. at the end of the day boba is a male just like the rest of us he has a dick and i'm sure he likes to use it he can't just think about killing 24/7.


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boba has obviously fought and killed far superior opponents so what made han so special. han is a good pilot and intelligent but boba should have been able to take him, why couldn't he?

i thought they were going to set up a battle between canderous and calo cos they hated each other yet respected each other it would have been cool better than canderous fighting that jago guy.

when i kill calo i always make sure canderous gets the final blow.


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best 3

1. Canderous Ordo
2. Calo Nord
3. Darth Revan

Worst 3

1. Kreia
2. Kreia
3. Kreia

what was she all about. I think I had her in my party about twice then all of a sudden she was the main villian she was prob only on level 3 by the end of my game.


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I think the reason that boba was such a great hunter was the early death of his father it took him out of a comfort zone and attracted boba to many dangerous people who wanted a piece of Jango's wealth.

before the age of 16

Boba had run ins with

General Grievous
Aurra Sing

thats pretty impressive


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The thing I like most about boba is darth vedar's respect for him, vedar would not let many people talk to him the way boba does.

vader also knows he would beat boba but boba would always put up a damn good fight and before luke skywalker and prince xizor boba was the closest to an equal vader had.


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oh yeah forgot the one that jango killed on geonosis coleman trebor.

yeah probably got most of the council forget the council then just any jedi lets see how many deaths we can all come up with and how many boba is responsible for.


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just wanting to put a different angle on the matter.

I think we can agree that jango's death is the most gruesome and conclusive of all star wars film deaths.

does anyone think this was done so that there could be no repeat of the boba coming back to life scenario as boba's death was inconclusive and george lucas was quite annoyed by his coming back to life.


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This is what I know if you can add to it I would be most interested to hear.

Yoda - died on dagobah
Yaddle - killed in battle b4 attack of the clones
Mace Windu - killed by sidious
Adi Gallia - killed by general grievous ?
Agen Kolar - killed by sidious
Depa Billada - fell into coma after battle with mace
Ki-Adi Mundi - killed by clone troopers on mygeeto
Plo Koon - killed by clone troopers
Yarael Poof - killed on coruscant (his murder avenged by jango fett)
Oppo Rancisis - killed by sora bulq
Kit Fisto - killed by sidious
Saesee Tinn - killed by sidious

This is a joke yoda would obviously destroy him in about 4 seconds flat.


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Yeah I suppose they weren't really bodyguards more henchman. Dooku thought that he was a sith master. although he was perfectly capable of fighting he usually chose not to thats why his death in episode 3 seems so ridicoulas to me.

i heard a rumour that he killed cassus fett. fett was given a bounty to kill calo because he got to close to some valuable information and cassus was sent after him but calo got him.

would be very interesting if true.

he could have done with shin armour in the sarlacc then he might have not lost his leg.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Dooku's death is what really troubles me however.

good shout dooku's death is an outrage. if anyone has read clone wars they will notice that dooku is so elusive over the two years that he rarely fights jedi except for a brief encounter with mace. no jedi can catch him, then all of a sudden out of the blue he decides to attack two of the most powerful jedi in the order with two battle droids.

what a joke.

I think he would have been a great hunter. he was feared and respected despite the fact that there were also thousands of sith present. I think he would give any modern bounty hunter a good go even the fetts.


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It is a very close call i give it that.

however there is one thing that i can't seem to fathom why jango fett was criticised which is being killed by mace windu.

mace is said to be the most powerful jedi of this time and if anyone says that boba would have killed mace in a one to one combat is having a laugh.

also when jango fought mace he was greatly disadvantaged, he had a broken jet pack and only one blaster after he lost if fighting obi-wan.

also open seasons is a great series i would recommend it to anyone.


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would like a game involving a history of the sith. levels with each master there apprentices and how one killed the other.

I would also like to see a game about the first mandalore.


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The Yautja wrote:

Jango's armor is all pristine and shiny, like he polishes it every night or something.  (Shows you what kind of 'man' Jango is)  Boba could care less about such trivial things, and all the pits and mars on his armor just show what a bada** he is. 

  Jangos pistols would look better on my coffee table as a centerpeice than in a cool bounty hunter's thigh-holster.  Boba has the EE3 carbine.  'Nuff said. 

  Boba also has a cape.  I mean, come on.  Jango can't touch that.

Boba didn't get killed by some jedi with a purple lightsaber.

I hope I have made my point.  If I didn't, read it again.  Maybe five more times.

Boba's armour was wrecked because it belonged to a man who died about 30 years before he got to wear it.

Have you ever seen the incredibles that shows you what happens to people who have capes.

Jango's pistols allowed him to shoot much faster than Boba allowing him to kill multiple opponents.

Yeah Boba was much better accidently being hit by a blind smuggler. I know he didn't die but I would rather have Jango's death than boba's embarrasment.

I love Boba but i just think jango was better. and as for the credits thing Jango made a hell of a lot more money than boba ever did.


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bounty hunter 2 definately but i don't know what it would be about. Enemy of the empire story would be a good story for the game we should all get a petition to lucas arts going.


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the only jedi that I have ever heard boba encountering was ferus and he says that the padawan is too difficult a bounty to take in. apart from this i have heard nothing. as for jango he fought the jedi when they were at the height of their powers he was the only survibor of the galidran massacre and killed 3 jedi by hand.

also don't say jango didn't kill vosa he left her for dead and practically gift wrapped her for dooku in a nice little bowshe was at deaths door anyway.

boba is amazing and his fight with vader was great although he did not win vader could have killed him but chose to let him escape.


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Count Dooku has had a host of bodyguards/ assassins etc mainly because he likes to delegate rather than do the job himself. who do you reckon is the best of them all.

Komari Vosa
Jango Fett
Asaj Ventress
Quinlan Vos
Sora Bulq
General Grievous

I think Asaj was the best out of that lot but I would pick Dooku to beat them all.

Also let me know if i missed anybody out.


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personally i think that jango is the better fighter. Obvioulsy they are the same person however i think jango learned more about fighting from jaster and his time with the manalorians. Also jango had better competition in the old republic, harder bounties too.

jango's kill list includes 5 jedi including komari vosa and jedi council member coleman trebor. Bobba's doesn't even begin to compare to this.