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That was awesome! Great job!

The Old Man


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From the movies: Obi Wan Kenobi
From the EU: Bardan Jusik


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I just picked up a new Fett shirt at our local Hot Topic for Ursula this weekend. an outline figure of Boba on a black tee...kinda cool!

Tim D
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Sev Fett wrote:

Mandalore is back on the market as a force to be reckoned with because of their new finding of some more Mandalorian iron buried under the planet's surface.  So they are now making Besu'liik (sound familiar?  Hint hint a certain Old Republic Mandalorian Strike Vehicle).  Boba doesn't mind that Jacen killed his daughter.  I think that's crap.  Oh yah Sintas is supposed alive, frozen in carbonite.  Traviss just threw that in as an afterthought near the end.  And I still have mixed feelings on the whole Boba thing.  I love reading about him but Traviss is slowly destroying his cold ruthless nature.  Making him into a loving father type.  Harumph.

Speaking as an Old Man (or The Old Man as it were ;-) ), I don't think that being a loving father type and being cold and ruthless are necessarily exclusive of each other. I kind of like the way that Traviss has Fett slowly incorporating himself in a larger world, learning about being Mandalorian and what it means to be part of a bigger thing. All lessons that Jango was not there to teach him.

It fits that Fett would not set out after Jacen at this point...Aiyln is kind of abstract to Fett...he doesn't feel a connnection to her as he is starting to with Mirta. The whole Sintas thing is an opportunity for Fett to deal with the ramifications of decisions made in his youth. His embracing the role of Mandalore is more chance to "man up" and work for something bigger than himself. And if Jacen isn't dealt with then all the Mando'ade will deal with him.

I'm pretty excited to see the resurgence of the Mandalorians as a force in the galaxy...lots of opportunity for good stories there!

I do think sending Han a set of Crush Gauntlets and basically telling him he'll need to kill his own son is pretty cold.

Tim D
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We've already met Mr. Bulloch so now it would be Temura Morrison.


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Hi All,

New guy on the board but thanks to Ursula I feel like I know you all for I am "The Old Man" she speaks of on occassion!

Been a SW fan since seeing the original in a theatre on opening weekend back in the day. I like the whole warrior clan aspect of the Mandalorians and think it's the best thing to come out of the Expanded Universe.

These days I'm building a 3-3/4 scale clone army and planning on some 1/1 scale Mando armor making this summer.

Gonna spend some time reading and then I'll start posting.

Tim (The Old Man or Haar Ruug'la Jag in Mando’a)