coming together


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daenna what the hell u use to make those comic like drawings please explain in detail i love to draw and thats the style ive always wanted to do but couldnt fig out how

took me like 3 hours shading his upper lip.. no ser it is wierd shading on the pc haha if u look close u can see what i mean i didnt realize how small it is due to being 6x zoomed while making it

manja fett nice work! im an artist as well ,but havent drawn tho in like a year haha due to lazyness. but i have been very into microsoft paint LOL. Haha for some reason i can draw on the pc as well heres a pic i just did in 20 min not finished but figure id let u guys take a peek should be a great pic in the end

HAHA nvm i take it its whats in ur signature ok som ur letters i couldnt make out they seemed close

renagade whats that translate into i tried to figur it out but all i got was somthin like- asiit oi's hyat haha idk fill me in i want to get a tatoo as well


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LOL guess i wanst the only one that thought of this haha


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hi, im new to the forum and im not really sure if im a hardcore fett fan. but more of a starwars fan in genral. but fett always seemed to me to be one of my fav's whether jango or boba. anyways i always thought the mythasuar skull would be a cool tatto and i was wondering what u think. i added mandalorian text above just messing around not sure if i would do the text as well. and it reads- i am my enemy's enemy . and if i wer to get the text as well not sure if thats what id have it say just picked somthin to see howd itl look