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ARC Fett wrote:

ok, lets do it then: Attention all fan artist's post you best work here! have the moderators and admins judge them (if the moderators and admins are cool with it I mean)

Does it depend on what type of artwork? Does it have to be a drawing, or can it be anything?


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Precisely. I actually typed up something that I find pretty interesting back in December. I didn't post it on this site though, but on another... Since it is sort of on our off topic topic, I guess I will post it here.

If someone flames you, and you retaliate, then how wrong were they to flame you? When you retaliate, you are just putting yourself on their level. If you think they are stupid for flaming you, then why flame them? Wouldn't that just make you just as stupid? A retaliation is just as bad as the flame that provoked it. If you retaliate, a flamer has succeeded in his mission. He has done more damage to you than his words could have ever done. As Boba Fett says in the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy, "The one that angers you owns you." If you retaliate, you would be warned just as he would be warned. But if you do not, the flamer will be warned but you will not.

Just replace the word "flame" with attack, and "warned" to "punished". Yes, I know it still doesn't translate to "attacking" perfectly, but you get the idea.


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The Power Puff Girls! (J/k)

Now for my real answer... It is actually a tough decision. There are so many great superheroes out there. I do really like Raven from Teen Titans... I think she is getting my vote.


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draco fett wrote:

The ONLY time that is okay is, well: "An eye for an ey. and atooth for a tooth."

Sometimes, but not always. If someone killed your friend, should you kill his? No. If you did, you would both go to jail. Retaliation is not always the answer.


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I am agreeing with Flash. There is nothing fun in hurting people.


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Miba wrote:

Actually, the ROTS novel says Palpatine set the whole fight up, that Palpatine had told Dooku to kill Obi-Wan and then fight Anakin, a sort of test for Anakin, another stepping stone into the Dark Side. What he hadn't told Dooku was that he was ok with letting Dooku die. Also, Dooku thought they should turn Obi-Wan, and not Anakin, which is why Dooku didn't outright kill Obi-Wan.

Or at least that's why my bf told me. I haven't read the novel, but he has.

Yeah, I was speaking more from the Jedi's point of veiw when I said that. Sorry for the confusion.


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jango rules wrote:
Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Dooku's death is what really troubles me however.

good shout dooku's death is an outrage. if anyone has read clone wars they will notice that dooku is so elusive over the two years that he rarely fights jedi except for a brief encounter with mace. no jedi can catch him, then all of a sudden out of the blue he decides to attack two of the most powerful jedi in the order with two battle droids.

what a joke.

Dooku didn't want the Jedi to take Palpatine. That is why they were there, and Dooku's mission was to stop them. The only way he could do it would be to fight them. He didn't just one day say, "Hm, I should have a rematch with those two losers." He had a reason for fighting them, just as they had a reason for fighting him.


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Orden Ttef wrote:

Before Attack of the Clones, Boba's real name was Jaster due to Tales of the Bounty Hunters being published. When ATOC was released it was revealed that Boba's real name was Boba after all. This created alot of tension between "Jaster" Boba fans and "Boba" Boba Fett fans. So this was solved by stating that Boba used Jaster's name during his stay on Concord Dawn to fit in better.

So calling Boba Fett, Jaster Mareel isnt so wrong. It's just not his actual name its an alias.

I hear that him being Jaster was just a rumor and the story is a story of a rumor...

Boba is not Jaster whether he can or can not be. The movies greatly outway the books in what is cannon or not. Even still, he can not be Jaster. He would be 50-60 years old in the OT, and also for ARC's reasons.


Still angry at George for doing that...the second he decides to change canon material that he (indirectly) approved of...he may declare all the novels, comics, and expanded universe that authors have been creating for years, to be "fan fiction" and replace it with his own hideous storyline.

I hear the only "cannon" material is what is in the movies... That is what I was told, anyway.


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ARC Fett wrote:

Ok so i was wondering if anyone wanted to have a Fanart contest with the admins as judges, so waht do you say???

Sounds like a good idea. smile

(BTW: Isn't there only one admin?)

I think it is because he has pockets filled with tools. That and probably the fact that shin guards didn't really help him that much. The only time it would help him is if his opponet had horrible accuracy... They probably just slowed him down.


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I think when it really started for me was in 2002 right after Episode II came out. I had not seen the movie yet, but I did see some of the toys. One of them was Jango Fett, and I said to myself, "Hey, he looks cool." I then started to grow in liking this character after I did see the movie, but I remembered Boba Fett, and said, "He looks tons cooler than Jango." So, I picked up The Mandalorian Armor. This was the first non-scholastic Star Wars book I ever read and I loved it so much. So I continued to like him more and more as I read through the trilogy, and then came where I am today.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:
Gojan Fett wrote:

Boba has that air of creepy intimidation that Jango never really captured.

Exactly. I'd actually like to see what Jango's first response would be at meeting his adult son without knowing it's him. I think he'd wet himself. Boba just oozes intimidation. Hmm, I'm getting an idea for a story...

Jango didn't know where he was but it seemed to be the future. He stared at a man in a battered suit of Mandalorian Armor. A chill ran down his spine as the man turned the full weight of his stare on Jango. There was something familiar yet chillingly disturbing.

Boba Fett lifted his blaster rifle. "Hello, father."

I was actually in a roleplay similar to that, whereas I was Boba Fett. But I was horrible at playing Boba Fett at the time, so it didn't work out too good...


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Yeah, the awesome new Boba Fett ESB Master Replicas Helmet... I really want this, but it will most likely be very, very expensive... Perhaps if I save my pennies I could have one by Christmas time, but I also want the Nintendo Revolution...


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ARC Fett wrote:

but they would all be scaterd and have to find one anouther so the Fetts could take them out one by one

Oh, I see. So this question is basically, could Boba or Jango fight every bounty hunter seperately and win each time? Then there really is no choice. Boba could do it by himself even. Hence the title, "greatest bounty in the galaxy".


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SciFifreak90 wrote:
draco fett wrote:
Sarin Kerivor wrote:

I think evil entails some degree of malice, like The Yajuta said. And Boba Fett would never kill without a perfectly good reason, unlike, say, Bossk, whom we have seen kill simply because he can.

By the way, I hear there's a Bossk Lover's Club out there. I say we declare war... *grumble*

I agree, and will supply thr weapons!

You will supply the weapons? And how much do you know about them, exactly? Do you know the difference between a good assault rifle and an M16? The pros and cons of a Desert Eagle opposed to a Glock 17? Do you know the difference between a carbine and a submachine gun? Were there to be a war, and were there to be weapons in that war, The Yautja and I would be the most qualified to oversee them.

Rofl, that post was so braggy that it was hilarious. lol


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3) The Slave I, under Boba's ownership, received a cloaking device, ion cannon, proton torpedo launcher, and even a voice-activated self-healing system. Under Jango, it had a pair of low power repeaters (seems to be a theme of his, fill the air with enough weak shots and maybe you'll hit something.), some seeker rockets, and some seismic mines. Jango couldn't kill a Jedi starfighter (far from conditioned for combat), while Boba was able to kill the IG-2000 despite the fact that he was ambushed as he reached Tatooine's atmo. The better pilot is clear.

4) Boba wields an EE-3 blaster carbine, wrist lasers, kneepad rocket-darts, boot spikes, a whipcord, a flamethrower, and a high-power sonic weapon built into his armor. Jango uses two skeletal, short range, and weak Westar 34s, wrist blades, a wrist flechette launcher, and a flamethrower. Both have rockets mounted on their jetpacks, but those never really come into play. Boba's armaments are more accurate, more powerful, and more useful. Jango's did nothing to save his life at the hands of Mace (whom I thank), while Boba's killed more than his fair share of Jedi without losing his head, if you'll forgive the pun.

The reasons for these two are mainly becaus Boba ived 20 years after Jango. That is like comparing a driver in the 80's  with a driver in the 21st century based on what car they used. (But I do agree with you on the other points)


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Meh, I think the other bounty hunters would. It is like 20 against 2. And many people included in those 20 have great advantages... Aurra Sing has a lightsaber, Durge can regenerate, D'harhan has his humungeous gun... There would be too many of them.


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ARC Fett wrote:
KudarMubat15 wrote:

Dervish - Pretty good for taking only 2 minutes to make. wink

ARC Fett - I suggest adding brightness and contrast to add more depth and veiwability. (Unless your program cannot do that) A border would also be nice. 7/10

And thatnks for the compliments. smile

can someone mabey do it for me? i just used pait to do it so...



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It is unpractical and imposible to use two pistols accurately.  Boba's Carbine has more range.

Impossible? I think not. With enough practice, you can shoot two pistols accurately while hollding them with your teeth and pulling the trigger with your tongue. Impractical? Possibly. It can make your opponet run around a little more and you can fire consecutively a whole lot faster.


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Maltese Kentaiba - 10/10, but I am slightly biased...

BalanceSheet - The image quality is set really low, but other than that it is pretty good. smile


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Doesn't everyone on this board love Boba Fett?

Metroid is pretty cool, but I couldn't call myself a fan of the series. The only metroid games I have is the Metroid Prime Hunters demo and Super Smash Brothers Melee. >_< I was planning on getting the real Metroid Prime Hunters when it comes out though.


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I think if someone wanted someone else dead, and there was a good price for it, Boba would kill him. (Him being the person under bounty.) This, is what makes him evil. He will kill people, or torture people for money. He himself may not do the torturing, but that is usually what happens when he captures someone alive and he knows it. That is greed, murder, and torture. That is pretty bad.


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Yeah, I liked the Thrawn one as well, but I thought I needed a change.
I might change back in the future, but I don't know.

Miba - I think it could use a border of some sort and maby a little more contrast. (Unless you are using paint) Other than that it is pretty neat.


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Dervish - Pretty good for taking only 2 minutes to make. wink

ARC Fett - I suggest adding brightness and contrast to add more depth and veiwability. (Unless your program cannot do that) A border would also be nice. 7/10

And thatnks for the compliments. smile