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Justice is good, and Fett does deal it out, but he is also criminalistic. He helps all sorts of criminals from the underworld, Jabba the Hutt being one of them.

One major problem is that in the original trilogy time period, a majority of the criminals were the good guys. The Jedi, the Rebellion, the ones fighting against evil. (Not all criminals were though, such as Jabba the Hutt.) The people who were trying to bring justice (such as the stormtroopers and such) were the bad guys in Star Wars. Was the Emporer not evil? He was no criminal. He was bringing his "justice" throughout the galaxy by wiping out the remainder of the Jedi knights. Were the Jedi evil? They were criminals to the Empire. So in a twisted society where some justice is evil and some criminals are good, what is good and what is evil?


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I think that from a Biblical standpoint, he is evil. I think from a uniformitarian standpoint, that evil is nonexistant and therefore he is not evil. I think from a normal rebellion/empire standpoint, that he is neutral. (Even though he helped the Empire, he would have helped the Rebellion had they offered.)


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The Yautja wrote:

Unless they're already your enemy.  I'm pretty sure killing/hurting your enemy doesn't make him a 'double enemy' or something.

But it does hurt the chances that he will ever end being your enemy.

And to Flash, there are some people who just like to go around hurting people. (Hence the discussions we have had...) Some people go around making enemies just for the heck of it. The thing is, instead of fighting back you can "Kill them with kindness". (Though that doesn't always work, it sometimes does and is worth a shot.)


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Agh. The problem with discussions of morality is that someone always gets offended and they always turn into violent Jihads.

But as long as you make sure it isn't you, it doesn't really turn into a problem. If everyoned thought like that, no one would turn into a "violent Jihad", nor would you have to fear them being one... Most people in todays society are very easily offended, to a point of stupidity. I saw one person was pointing out the similaritires of Anakin and Jesus, and this one guy goes on a rampage that someone would suggest such a thing. There are other ones that make more sense though, like in evolution vs creation debates... But the problem with those is that neither side knows anything about the opposing side, and they don't know much about their own side as well...

I would kill if I had to. If I didn't, the death would serve absolutely no logical purpose, and therefore be obsolete. Now, I am taking this straight into a logical discussion when it is really more of a moral discussion. Morally though still, I don't like to cause pain. You can only gain enemies by that, not lose them. But I would still kill if I had to. Anyone would.


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I was about to ask that same question... tongue (Seriously)


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Violence may be part of the male instinct, but dislike of the thought of death (whether it be your own or someone elses) is also human instinct. Also morals have to do with your oppinions on it as well. There is nothing wrong with disliking killing people.


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THE FLASH wrote:

hope this is ok KudarMubat 15


Thank you. smile


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BFett wrote:

A third battlefront and KOTOR definitely.
I wouldn't like a Bounty Hunter 2. Fett was always a mysterious character (well,until ep 2) and i think having a game all about him would take away some of that mysteriousness (Unless it had a lack of plot) . Still, i'd like it if Fett could be a secondary playable character in a future game. An important secondary character though.

I have to disagree. With all of the books on him, a video game couldn't do much more to ruin his mysteriousness, especially since books are more revealing on that kind of stuff than video games.


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I have to agree with Flash, I don't think killing someone is a beautiful thing...


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I just got this for my birthday. (Which is today. smile ) It rocks!


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Please people, start a new topic for killing and all that stuff so this topic can regain it's original purpose.


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This is getting too much out of hand... Those who speak of war, I suggest you start a new topic to carry on your conversation, instead of destroying this one.


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Thanks for the avatar comment. smile For the "Stormtrooper X" one, I don't know... I probably won't.

Congrats BFFC! Oh, and I'll make sure to add your link to my site...


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Though, in a war it is impossible to prevent people from dying. Unless you're the president or something...

But I'll just stick to video game wars myself.

I hope that is 100 episodes of the Live Action series rather than the CGI one...


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So how about if the person you're trying to kill fights back and kills you? Then you'd have died cause you were trying to kill them...

...and I am sure you wouldn't really care how your family and friends felt after that...


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Miba wrote:

You're really good at this! I like the Obi/Qui one and the Palpatine one best.

And I didn't know we had images of Kud'ar Mub'at, where'd you get it?

There is one image of Kud'ar Mub'at I have ever seen in existance, and that is that one. The source is the Essential Guide to Alien Species. (Under "Assembler", for that is his species)

And thanks by the way. (To both of byou)


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The Yautja wrote:
THE FLASH wrote:

But why in the first place do you want to kill ppl

The feeling of power over them, I suppose.

But you lose that power once they are dead.


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That, is Kud'ar Mub'at.


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Thanks! big_smile

Oh, and I have made a few more since my last update...










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Sarin Kerivor wrote:

Han Solo was a spice runner, a criminal. 'Nuff said.

Yes, but that was not why the Empire wanted him, nor was it why Jabba wanted him. Nor was it why Jabba wanted him. Jabba didn't want to give Solo justice. He wanted to punish him for failing as a smuggler. Jabba was a crime lord, and Boba was helping him. So he captures a criminal, while he is helping another criminal who gave the orders to the other criminal to commit the crime. So really, if Boba was capturing Han because he thought Han was a bad dude, he wouldn't then go give him to Jabba the Hutt, the biggest criminal in the galaxy. At least if he was trying to be a holy warrior.

But that is just if you are speaking in criminal terms. Being a criminal does not make you evil. The Jedi were criminals, were they evil? Obi-Wan was a criminal to the Empire. Was he evil? Boba's motives were what determined whether he was evil or not. He just wanted Solo because he had a large price on his head and Boba could get twice the pay for him. Not because Boba wanted to be a crime fighting warlord. Greed was his ally, and he didn't care what the criminal did. His job was just to catch him, whether he was a criminal or not. (Or at least according to the Bounty Hunter Wars. I should find that quote...)

I didn't find the exact quote I was looking for, but I did find this on page 62 of the Mandalorian Armor:
"Tracking someone down, pursuing him the width of the galaxy, capturing, transporting, killing anyone who had to be killed in order to get the job done---those things were all cold pleasures, to be savored as tests and confirmations of his own skills."

I wish I could find the other one... It made the point much more clear. But I don't want to re-read the entire trilogy to find it.


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Boba Dude wrote:
BFFC Chrys wrote:

Whoa, ARC, you've gotta wait for the Admin to approve it.  wink

Hey are you not one of Aaron's homies??
You are a mondotor ( or however you spell it) you should ask him.
I am not saying you have to. I think ARC should ask.
So ask Arc.....

Meh, ARC should ask. It is not the moderators responsibily...

(And to BUMP my question up a bit:
Does it depend on what type of artwork? Does it have to be a drawing, or can it be anything?)


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

Boba (as far as he knows) only kills people who are evil and deserve it (or people who want to die).  And when he is presented with clear evidence that his bounty is innocent or deserving of life, he lets them go.  And he doesn't take pleasure from killing, just from hunting.

Killing is not all that would make him bad. He captured Han Solo knowing the Empire would torture him. And what he takes pleasure in really doesn't affect whether he does it or not.