Miba wrote:

Well, of those choices, then Zuckuss.

Are there any choices I have forgotten?

Of all the bounty hunters in the Original Trilogy, which is your favorite? To make thing interesting, since this is called the "Boba Fett Fan Club", Boba Fett shouldn't be counted because everyone would just vote for him.

In case you have forgotten, your options are Greedo, Bossk, Zuckuss, 4-lom, IG-88. EDIT: And Dengar

I really think my personal favorite is Zuckuss. I am not really sure why... I have a thing for the underdogs like him and Greedo. Things are more exciting for a wimp than a tough killer machine. Of course, I wouldn't consider Zuckuss and Greedo wimps. They are at least tough enough to even attempt to have a profession as dangerous as bounty hunting.

Ursula wrote:

Kudar, I'm with you, the Empire theme is IT.  You have to love a board that gives you these kinds of options.

Yeah, it is a good board system. It is definately better than I anticipated from the administrator's description.

The themes are cool, but the greys are a little bland in my oppinion though... On a different note, my current favorite is the Boba Fett Empire theme.