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Oh, gotcha. Entirely my bad.

And here are the others:


(The background color should be the same as the color behind your avatar, giving the effect of transparency. I couldn't give it genuine transparency (and it still look good) without the file being too large)


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Thanks, was hoping for a bit of the torso or whatever, but on second thought, thats awesome! Thanks Kudar however mine is a little big, can you help? I'm not sure what i'm doing here

Sorry, I don't understand.. What do you want me to do?
(And sure, any time. smile )


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Wow.. I haven't been to this site in ages.. I was just googling my old screen name, and came across this topic, haha.


Scroll down a few posts to see the modified versions that are the right file size. :]


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During the school year, it is definately Monday...

During summer, my worst favorite day is Thursday. (With Friday and Saturday close by.) I never see any of my friends on those days. (Whereas on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I get to go to my church.)


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Well, I am sure Jango really wants to stay after reading this topic... Over 10 posts of random nonsense about hating hippies that has nothing to do with him. I am sure he feels like a key part in this community where it seems you have forgotten he has even existed in his own introduction topic. If you have any other random comments you would like to say that have nothing to do with him, I suggest you save it for personal messaging.


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*Comes from out of the shadows*

My screen name comes from the unpopular Star Wars character (Which you should all know about) called Kud'ar Mub'at. My avatar is basically my custom logo which is supposed to resemble my interpretation of what Kud'ar Mub'at's face looks like slapped on a translucent orb.

*Goes back into the shadows*


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Is this good for you?


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I beleive I read that most of the clones died out with all of the battles happening against the Rebellion. That is why you read so much of regular human stormtroopers.


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My favorite system is the Gamecube; that and the PS2. My favorite games are Battlefront II, SSBM, and Gran Turismo 4. Those are th only games I really get into and never cease playing. (Well, not as much on GT4...)


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THE FLASH wrote:

i felt Greivous had a short death. He was built up as this unstopable killing machine, and then he is rather easily killed by Kenobi. I suppose Grevious was built up as much as he was, so that when kenobi killed him, it made obi wan look even more powerful, and his fight with Anakin seemed more a clash of the titans.

I think it showed Kenobi's intelligence more than his power. He was smart enough to pull his organs out, and fire on them. But it took 3 shots before he burned to flames, so I think it was definately not a short death.

What is your definition of a short death? It only takes a second for anyone to cease living.


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BalanceSheet wrote:

I don't mind. smile
Yes, I shaded the dark areas with Photoshop...I just sketched the body, scanned it, increased the contrast on the lines, and poured black into the areas I wanted.
Mind you, black is really the only color that works well that way...I still haven't quite figured out how to render other colors more realistically.  sad
When I have more free time (June), I'll put up some more artwork.

I don't know exactly if this is what you had in mind, but Pixel2Life has some great coloring tutorials. (As well as plenty of other great Photoshop tutorials.)


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draco fett wrote:

Finally, a sensible n00b smile .

*cough*newb*cough* (As apposed to n00b)


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I think what Miba meant was, Chrys is older, so she has a higher chance of having a boyfriends than of you having a boyfriend, not that you shouldn't have a girlfriend because you are younger. I do agree, but then, I also slightly disagree... It really depends. I know a few 10 year olds that have girlfriends, but you have to know a relationship like that won't last very long.


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Boba Dude wrote:

What do you think of mine????

I suggest you read this:

But there is one real rule. Don't request to get your avatar rated without rating at least one other person's avatar in the same post. This way we can make sure that everyone can get a fair number of ratings. smile


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Miba wrote:

There was someone else around here with an avatar of himself and Jeremy together, but I forgot his name. I think he's the same one who started the Jeremy's/Boba's birthday thread?

That was Seaco Buroc.


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According to this, I am Jamey Laatle.

But I have always found this thing pretty crazy. I don't like it that much.


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Before it was always meant to be a Bantha skull. But I think with the new insider, (as Miba said) they are changing things around...

They can't do any harm, only good. If it is a complete failure, people won't beleive in it, just as some people don't beleive in Jango. It would only add to his mystery... But then again, it would also add to his popularity, which could be good or bad. Bad for us, because there would be so many new Fett fans and we would all just become random Fett fans... But think of all the good. Perhaps a Boba Fett video game, more Fett collectibles, more Fett fans to create Fett related things. Also, more promotional images to be rendered and used in graphics.

So the sword has two edges. Personally, I prefer the edge with Boba in the series. All that merchandising is just too much to give up, even if the show stinks.


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I did not get that insider, but that is interesting... I actually had thought of Boba having a daughter before, but it wouldnb't really make sense. It is absolutely against his style. I think it would make more sense for him to clone himself as his father did if he wanted an offspring.

Oh, and the Fettidpedia sounds interesting...

More info on it (both the CGI and Live Action series):
http://www.theforce.net/topstory/story/ … _97662.asp

BFFC-Mel wrote:

Aurra Sing was Ep I briefly as a spectator at the pod racing.

I don't think that was a cemeo though... I think that is where Sing originated.


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The Yautja wrote:
KudarMubat15 wrote:

What does that have to do with anything? Why do people like Darth Maul? Or General Grievous? Or Darth Vader? Or Sith in general?

Because most of those people are, well, like me and SciFi.  But you made it clear that you're opposed to such beliefs.  And if you think Fett is evil . . . well I'm just confused.

I also said myself, "I am sticking to the video game wars myself." smile (If you are reffering to our war killing discussion)


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Boba Dude wrote:
ARC Fett wrote:

The Theme could be like Clone troopers and or Mando art

Yeah I agree clones or Mando...
We should just do the helmets.

Then everyone would just go to Star Wars Kids and copy their tutorial. (As you have did in your helmet art topic.)

I don't think we need a prize though. We will still get people to enter withought one.

I think something simply like mandalorians would be pretty cool.


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The Yautja wrote:
KudarMubat15 wrote:

I think that from a Biblical standpoint, he is evil. I think from a uniformitarian standpoint, that evil is nonexistant and therefore he is not evil. I think from a normal rebellion/empire standpoint, that he is neutral. (Even though he helped the Empire, he would have helped the Rebellion had they offered.)

So . . . Why do you like him?

What does that have to do with anything? Why do people like Darth Maul? Or General Grievous? Or Darth Vader? Or Sith in general?

To add to what Miba said, laws are made for the unjust, but give unto Caesar what is Caesar's.  So Biblically speaking, you're supposed to obey the laws unless they cause you to sin.  In this regard, Boba's motto definitely isn't Biblical.  However, I don't think Boba would be Biblically evil.  I think he's full of evil, as are all people, but he's not evil himself.  He's just extremely misguided.  To be truly evil, he would have to get a sadistic pleasure out of killing people, and he would be a bounty hunter solely for that reason.  Since he's a bounty hunter for the purposes of dealing out justice (good intentions, bad methods) and living an honorable life, I don't think he can be considered evil no matter how tremendous a sinner he may be.

I think we are really still thinking of different kinds of evil. But it is oo hard for me to go on...

BFFC Chrys wrote:

In other words, he wanted to make the new trilogy better by bringing the old trilogy down to its level.

Hardly. To bring it down to the PT's level would be to completely redo them. (But that would only bring the redone versions down, not the originals...) A few voice-changes and graphics updates do not make me like Star Wars less than I did before. If you like the old ones, just simply watch the old ones. Nothing is stopping you. The Original Trilogy is still exactly the same as it was before in that sense, but you have a few more options now.