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it seems that it's only happening to the bf/gf and avatar request threads for me at least.

leopard-print thong


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mandolover<3 wrote:

What is it? My com wont load it...

a bounty hunter trailer



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no i have it too. but i have an idea for a t-shirt. you'll have to excuse the lack of talent, i just made this five minutes ago.


something basic like that would probably sell well. the line underneath the letters is "No good to us dead." anything here can be improved, as like i said i just did this a few minutes ago. i wasn't sure if to make the C either white or green, but i don't have a green pen anywhere around me so i left it blank for now.

his pants had been stolen


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but writing military fiction is fun! like tom clancy!


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hehe, this is hilarious



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TOR is only 300 years after the end of TSL, but this game is said to cover what would be a KOTOR 3,4,5,6, and so on.

but since this is the never-ending BOBA FETT story game, Boba rose from the dead and killed them all.


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i bet comic-con will have some gameplay footage.


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nice duds there, vod'e.

but since when could a woman kill from the kitchen?

and this time, Adeptus Astartes used his necromancy powers to bring boba back ten times stronger than before.


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That's right, for all you drivers out there, you can now get GPS directions from Star Wars characters!

http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/movie-t … s-gps.html

It appears that right now Yoda, C-3PO and Darth Vader are available. Han Solo will be available in August, but hopefully they'll add more!


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actually going to church is completely unnecessary, but if it makes people feel better, there's no need to stop them.

but by the power of the cheese puffs, boba was resurrected and killed leon kennedy.


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but you don't have to go to church every sunday for that. the purpose of the bible is to teach people to help others before they help themselves, to be as selfless as possible. that's also a part of the Jedi code.

so boba started the second mandalorian war against the republic


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i burn, but it turns into tan as well.


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that's nothing compared to the summer crowd this place was rocking a few years back.


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i had a forum account (back in 05), but forgot my username, didn't bother to make a new account, i never really visited the site so much, despite me being a huge sw fan. i guess i'm more of a fansite fan.


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i can cook sandwiches tongue

although i did actually make my own hot dogs today for the first time


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1. Untie and interrogate one of them.
2. Take the agent's offer.
3. I make an offer to the bounty hunter, if I get his/her sibling, my death will be faked before the BH could get to me.
4. I remind the Jedi of the primary objective.
5. Take a vacation, buy myself something nice, upgrade anything I can.

good thing the clone wars can't touch the films. as long as lucas didn't decide to go adding anything else into the movies.

we've been having a heat wave for the last week here, and today it finally rained. actually, it poured.

and if anyone doesn't know how to convert Celsius (C) with Fahrenheit (F), follow this formula:

F = (1.8 x C) + 32