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Yeah, but I was born after the OT so they were pretty good to me. They still busted the block...however episode 3 was the best as far as acting goes and writing goes.

You mean the best in the prequel trilogy right?

Ralin Drakus wrote:

It's kinda weird.  As BAD Bad badbadbad as the writing was for 'Annie,' I always thought McGregor's line's and delivery were pretty darn good.  It was as if each actor in the prequals had their own writer, and they just mashed it all together for each scene.  For instance, everybody's lines were actually pretty decent in Ep. I, but you've got Anikan doing his own creepy little 'I'm 8 and I'm in love with a 14 year old,' and then you've got all the Gungans seemingly being written for by the Barney the Purple Dinosaur team.  Kinda weird looking back on it...

I dunno man, I'd agree with the delivery but the writing all seemed pretty terribad/cheesy in the prequels

ha who uses terribad? that is so 2005 or whenever it was made up.

also, ewan mcgregor wasn't cheesy IMO. to each his own, i like the prequels, so it's not really cheesy to me.


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No Fett is evil, they are just mercs

boba fett is nowhere near evil. he's just trying to make a buck.


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right click on the picture you want to show, select "view image location" copy and paste the address here.

like this

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak- … 2235_n.jpg


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these reports had a lot of names on them, names of people who the army had spying for them and collecting the information seen in these reports, people of all sorts of nationalities. and now their confidentiality is no more. classified is classified for a reason.

Well that's the whole controversy with master Sifo-Dyas. Originally, one of the ideas going around was that Sidious was claiming to be a Jedi and ordered the army himself using some pseudonym, and the Jedi knew that no such Jedi existed in their order. But I think the official explanation was that he and Dooku were friends, and just before Dooku left the order he convinced Sifo-Dyas to order an army, because Sidious said so. Then he killed him.


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i think it's time to move to canada


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Nah. Obi-Wan couldn't beat Dooku (twice) and got lucky enough when facing Maul.

well, the sith needed to diminish their numbers in order for their conquest of the galaxy to work, as bane realized in path of destruction. and he was absolutely right, with a bajillion jedi and sith running around the galaxy, war would never end, as both sides would continually gain more troops and it would just be a mass obliteration. also, you should definitely read the ROTS novel, it was quite enjoyable.

Ariana wrote:

I think it's entirely possible. For one thing, both factions fighting had been deceived by Count Dooku. And if Anakin hadn't been such a douche, then maybe the message to the clones would never have been sent. Obviously, Palpatine had intended to execute order 66 from the beginning, but if the clone troopers had known that the Jedi were attempting to remove him because he was a Sith, then none of that would have had to happen.

Both factions fighting were deceived by Palpatine, he was controlling the Trade Federation, Republic and Dooku, who's only real role was to help start the war. Also, the clones were made to be "shoot first, ask later" so in the fact that Lama Su explains that they take orders without question, if Palpatine said "The Jedi are traitors", the clones wouldn't doubt it. Also, Dooku was an idiot for not realizing that he was expendable from the beginning, same with Maul.


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quite a persistent spam bot lol.

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What is your second favorite droid? Because everybody knows HK is at the top of everybodys list

both R2 and HK are at my top.

the transformer pulled out his cybertron citizen card which read "Jazz." so boba

really? that took me 10 min at most.

also, i still think the jedi academy level with boba is the best boba fight so far, simply because he keeps fighting you throughout the level, and it's only at the end that you can finish him.

after blasting vin diesel's brains out, boba decided to blow up the Piggly Wiggly and search for his pants/cheesepuffs/whatever he's missing elsewhere.


buy from the local KMart.

hey would you rather have baker or temuera morrison? personally, either one is fine for me.


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wow draco is back... hallelujah lol


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ralin is right, it looks like Jango's armor.


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that is some really awesome artwork.

sounds awesome! got any pics?


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i barely post in either thread now, so it's not tied to your account.


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i gotta say aaron, i am totally digging this new layout!


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no you didn't. what ralin and i are trying to say is that church is not an essential part of the christian way.

which involved a unicycle, a rhinoceros, and a pink umbrella.


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i managed to find childhood friends who moved away on FB.