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it's not canon at all, but they made it to "fit" the space inbetween episodes 2 and 3.

Wow, Vader just got pwn't.

Oh boy. I saw ANH when i was 4. Soo many mistakes. I dont even remember back to my first reaction. All i know is, it was good. After seeing ESB and Jedi, i thought i knew all about star wars there was to know. When episode 1 came out, i thought that the trade federation was the empire in the early stages, so this is the way i figured it.

Battle Droids= newb stormtroopers
Those huge-o landing ships that went to naboo, i figured they were star destroyers from the stone age.
And the trade federation ships were early versions of the death star.

that was what was in my book.

And then, attack of the clones came out. So then i figured it out the right way.

clone trooper= stormtrooper
republic star cruiser= stardestroyer
no death star, but its a WIP at that time.


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Lol, actually someone decided to record his cough, plus in Clone Wars, Mace Windu force crushes his chest, creating the cough. Definitely Boba ftw.

count me in


meh, that's my senior (high school) year. w/e ill come home to watch the show tongue i heard 2008, but isn't it supposed to be one live-action show, one animated?

They should definitely make a KotOR movie or make a show of that.

Doesn't this show come out in like september or october?


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Lol, look at this thingy.



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General Grievous's cough = George Lucas's cough. Pretty sad.


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Mace's death.


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Well, if you read the Episode III novelization, it clearly describes the fight much better than how you see in the movie...

As for me, Boba Fett will be the shiz forever. Sure, Jango had his day, but he died a crappy death. Plus, I think it would have been way cooler for Mace to be killed by Boba rather than the Emperor.